8 Carat Ruby Stone

If you want to add positivity to your life, wear 8 carat ruby stone. This precious gemstone, weighing around 1.6 gms, can harmonize inner energy and promote calmness. Wearing an 8 ratti manik stone helps control your anger and encourage a positive attitude towards life. It is powerful enough to bring an energy that lifts your mood while coming in an affordable 8 carat ruby price.

    It belongs to the corundum family and features a vivid red color. The magnificent red hue is due to trace elements like chromium, iron, and titanium. Of these, the pigeon blood ruby is the most desired and rare. The 8 ct ruby stone makes for a great centerpiece of a pendant or a statement ring as this bright color instantly adds glow to your skin. This variety of manik stone is also valued astrologically. It helps to reduce depression and anxiety to a certain level. So wear an original ruby of 8 ratti to feel more optimistic, resilient, and empowered.

A ruby 8 carat stone will boost your energy and bring balance to your aura. It can make you feel relaxed even during chaos and wearing it can ease anxiety and tension. The 8 carat ruby stones also give you more conviction and self-confidence.

The gemstone quality is paramount in considering its market worth. Generally, high quality 8 carat ruby stone range starts from 1 lakh to 10 lakh and can even go higher. Here are some factors such as color, clarity, cut, and origin that contribute to its perceived value:

  • Color: Rubies with intense pigmentations known as Pigeon Blood Red are more valuable. A 8 carat gem would become even more precious.
  • Clarity: A perfect transparent red stone is rarer and more valuable.
  • Cut: Expertly cut stones increase the value of rubies by emphasizing their brilliance and increasing their sales value.
  • Origin: Rubies from Myanmar (Burma), Mozambique, or Thailand with exquisite colors and qualities are highly prized and command premium. Rubies with provenance often fetch a higher ruby stone 8 Ratti price.
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