6 Carat Ruby Stone

Do you want to bring luck, prosperity, and abundance into your life? Pick a 6 carat ruby stone for enlightening your personal and professional life. A ruby of 6 carat weighs 1.2 gms and the perfect size of this precious stone makes it a beneficial astrological gem. A 6 ratti manik stone attracts prosperity and positive energy adding beauty and benefits together. Especially the ones with vivid red color and eye clean clarity hold a great place in astrology.

    Ruby stone has been the favorite stone of kings and queens. Many believe manik to be the stone of power and wealth. 6 carat is the ideal size for a natural ruby to offer maximum astrological benefits. It also serves as the perfect center stone for jewelry. This precious stone is a trending colored gemstone for engagement and wedding rings today. Signifying passion, love, and courage, 6 carat ruby stone is the best choice for those who want an engagement ring with meaningful significance.

It's important to remember that there are inherent powers that provide specific benefits like luck or prosperity. Here are some of the following benefits that can bring a change in your life.

  • Wealth Symbol: A 6 carat ruby represents prosperity and success in its wearer.
  • Energy Booster: It increases both your energy and enthusiasm levels.
  • Luck Attracting Color: Red color is said to draw in good fortune.
  • Emotional Stability: Rubies can help create balance and reduce stress levels in our minds and bodies.
  • Protective Shield: They create an atmosphere of security against negativity.

While you can find 6 carat rubies starting at INR 5,000, true gemstone quality typically begins around INR 50,000 and above. Consider clarity, color, origin, and treatment for informed buying.

Several major factors can affect the ruby stone 6 ratti price like:


  • Most premium: Myanmar Ruby (Burma), the best-selling rubies in the world has the highest ruby stone 6 carat price.
  • The mid-range range: Thailand (Sri Lanka), East Africa, and Sri Lanka offer great value.
  • Lower: In general, rubies from Mozambique are cheaper than those of Madagascar.


  • The color most valued: "pigeon red" deep saturation.
  • Highly Valuable: The intensity and desirable color of the red is important.


  • A perfect or almost-perfect product: Rare, most valuable, and expensive.
  • Minor inclusions: These blemishes will have minimal impact on pricing. Visible flaws lead to reduction in value.


  • High-quality cut: Maximizes fire and brilliance to boost value.
  • Excellent cut: Good but it may not command premium pricing.
  • A poor cut: It detracts both from beauty and quality.


  • Do not treat: Rare and valuable.
  • Hot: Common with moderate cost impact.
  • Fillings with fragments or glass:Decrease value.

Let the fiery energy awaken your inner strength and propel you towards success! Claim your fortune today by purchasing 6 carat ruby stone - a timeless symbol of luck and prosperity. Contact us for more details about 6 carat ruby price at this number +919982805500 or email sales@navratan.com here.

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A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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