4 Carat Ruby Stone

Do you wish to attract wealth? A 4 carat ruby weighing 0.8 gms, is a good option to gain financial stability. The value of this gemstone in attracting wealth and power has been evident since ancient times. The relevance is followed even in modern times with people wearing 4ct ruby to bring luck, protection, wealth, and power.

    It belongs to the Corundum mineral family which is known for offering hardest gemstones. Ruby ranks high on Mohs hardness scale and thus is fit choice for jewelry. A 4 ratti is large enough to be noticeable and thus is an ideal option for engagement rings. A 4 carat ruby engagement ring boasts an eye-catching centerpiece. It makes an impressive piece of jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear and fits every outfit.

If you think this red gemstone is only for personal benefits you are unaware of its diverse power. It helps enhance creativity, self-confidence, optimism and opens up door for opportunities. You can even wear 4ct natural ruby for professional success. You can also think of using the 4 ratti as it is a fairly big manik stone and makes for a perfect gift.

The quality of the gemstones plays an important role. It often marks the price of the stone. High-quality 4 carat ruby stone price starts from INR 50,000 and can go up to INR 1 lakh or more.

  • Color: Rubies are red and this ensures their high quality. The color spectrum of manik stone with 4 ratti varies from pale red to darker shades. Too dark or too pale shades are the least valuable. The cost of 4 ct ruby stone is more for the ones with a vivid red hue, medium tone, and high saturation.
  • Clarity: Natural ruby exhibit inclusions. These inclusions and imperfections hinder the shine of the stone. Eye-clean gems with fewer or no inclusions account for higher prices.
  • Cut: These red gemstones are hard and can be shaped into any form. Choose an original manik stone with a precise cut that reflects the finest color.
  • Carat Weight: Along with the other C’s, astrologers suggest that 4 ct ruby can be worn by an individual with a body weight of 50 Kg. Manik stone 4 carat price increases with its carat weight.
  • Treated 4 carat rubies are available in the market. These gemstones are given heat treatment to enhance their color and clarity. Glass-filled rubies are low-quality gems that are not preferred for astrological purposes. Buy untreated ruby stone from Navratan.com, a trusted brand that ensures you get what you pay for.
  • ‘Pigeon Blood’ red color rubies sourced from Burma featuring great clarity and high carat weight are difficult to find. Hence, 4 carat Burma ruby stone price is high.
  • Pay for the gemstone that has an impressive color, eye-clean clarity, precise cut along high-carat weight.
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