3 Carat Ruby Stone

A ruby stone of 3 carat weighs 0.6 gms and stimulates love, peace, and harmony in a marriage. If you are seeking a healthy relationship, we’ve got you a stone of romance and renewing relationships that also strengthen your bond. Gift a natural ruby stone and signify the depth of your love and passion to your loved ones.

    Belonging to the Corundum mineral family, ruby stone is the second hardest gem after diamond. It also ranks nine on Mohs hardness scale, signifying why it has excellent toughness and lacks stone cleavage. A gemstone with this much weight poses a dramatic look that is ideal for an engagement ring. If it is a 3 carat ruby, it's an amazing combination for jewelry. So, if you are planning to marry and want it to be the happiest one you can try our 3 carat ruby engagement ring. That’s like wearing beauty and benefits wherever you go.

At Navratan.com we offer original gems that empower beauty and enrich lives. And this red natural gemstone is a powerhouse of beauty with benefits. Wear a 3.25 carat ruby stone to add confidence and vitality to your life. It eliminates negative energy and induces courage, self-confidence, and passion in the wearer. This beautiful gemstone is believed to bring luck, wealth, and success. 3 carat ruby stone value increases with its weight and benefits.

It makes this red gem perfect for daily wear.

The quality of any gemstone is assessed by its authenticity. Navratan brings the collection of authenticated gemstones with a certificate. They assure you that you will get the original quality worth its value. A manik ratna 3 carat price starts from INR 10,000 to INR 60,000 and can extend even more. The factors that decide the cost of 3 carat ruby are:

  • Color: Rubies are described by their vibrant red color. A 3 carat ruby featuring ‘pigeon blood’ red color is the most expensive one. Finding a 3 ratti manik is rare and hence accounts for a higher cost.
  • Clarity: The common inclusions in original gemstones are fingerprints, cavities, fractures, and liquid inclusions. The manik stone 3 carat price is high for inclusion-free gems.
  • Cut: Oval, marquise, cushion, round, square, and octagon, Ruby looks beautiful in all shapes. A fine cut makes the gemstone reflect great color and brilliance.
  • Carat Weight: Astrologically, 3 carat ruby stone is an ideal wear for those with the body weight of the wearer ranging from 39-42. A high ratti stone comes with instant benefits. The 3 ratti manik price increases with its weight provided it features the right color and clarity.

  • Expert Tip:Color zoning is common in red gems. This means the concentration of primary color is in different parts of the stone. They have secondary overtones of yellow, blue, pink, and orange that might impact the clarity. So select the original gemstones with an even distribution of primary (red in rubies) color.

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