2 Carat Ruby Stone

Are you seeking for name, fame, and success in your life? Wear 2 carat ruby stone. It weighs 0.4 gms and radiates positivity and energy in the wearer. The 2 carat natural ruby is associated with the Sun which blessed the wearer with self-confidence, courage, and good health. The ‘king of gems’ has the power to transform your life into a luxurious one.

    The weight complemented by the precise cut of the stone defines your destiny and beauty in one frame. If your birth chart features the associated planet Sun in right position, you can always prefer wearing an original 2 carat ruby stone, for that extra luck. Though the weight of the stone may not be high it can bring numerous benefits.

It is considered one of the precious gems. The value of this red stone is well expressed by its astrological benefits. If you are facing health issues wearing a 2ct ruby stone can be beneficial. Many astrologers believe that this gemstone helps aid relief in blood-related diseases.

Purchasing a precious gemstone is fruitful if it is original and has good quality. The worth of rubies is defined by various factors. These factors are termed the 4 C’s and also determine the 2 carat ruby cost.

  • Color: A two carat ruby with a vibrant red color commands for higher price. Gemstones with high overtones like pink, orange, yellow, or blue degrade their value.
  • Clarity: 2 ct ruby value increases with the ones displaying high transparency. Inclusions are normal to natural gemstones, but finding an inclusion-free stone is rare.
  • Cut: A perfect cut is the king. Ruby stone featuring a finished cut makes it radiate more shine.
  • Carat Weight: If the weight of the gem is your priority, you can pick 2.5 carat ruby. This precious stone is perfect for your jewelry centerpiece and astrological purposes too.

  • Expert Advice:The common treatment done in rubies is heat treatment. These gemstones are available largely in the market. Treated 2 carat ruby stone price is lower compared to the ones with no treatment.

    Where to Buy Natural Rubies? You can buy the original 2 ct ruby stone from Navratan.com. We are trusted gemstone sellers in India. We are known to offer a wide range of high-quality gemstone collections.

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A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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