13 Carat Ruby Stone

A 13 carat ruby stone weighs 2.6 gms and promotes emotional well-being, offering positivity in your life. If you are facing challenges in life or not getting results after constant efforts, wear a 13 ratti manik stone for a stress-free life. You can wear a high-quality ruby of 13 carat in jewelry that you find comfortable with. Since the weight and size(depending on the cut) are more, wearing it as a ring can uncomfortable. Wear this 13 carat stone in a pendant or a bracelet for maximum astrological benefits.

A raw ruby is the crystalline form of aluminum oxide and gets its color from chromium. The refractive index of this red gemstone is 1.76-1.77 which is comparatively high making a natural 13 ratti ruby stone reflect high brilliance and shine. Wear manik stone as cocktail jewelry adding rarity and royalty to your looks. It is called the king of all gems and offers the wearer astrological benefits like health, wealth, prosperity, passion, love, and success.

Do you want to enhance your leadership qualities and add confidence to your professional life? Wrap a 13 carat ruby gemstone in a red cloth and keep it in your pocket. If you are dealing in business related to cloth or electric items you can keep the original manik stone in your safe attracting more wealth. Buy 13 ratti manik stones from a reputed gem dealer like Navratan ensuring you get the original gemstone for maximum benefits.

The quality of an original manik stone 13 carat depends upon its origin, treated or not, and the 4C’s. The ruby stone 13 carat price starts from INR 72,000 and can extend up to lakhs or even more.

  • Color:The highly prized ruby stone are the ones with pigeon blood red color. This is the rare hue found in all ruby varieties. The more intense the red color, the higher the 13 ct manik stone price. These gemstones are also found with secondary overtones like pink, orange, blue, and yellow

  • Buying Tip: If any of these secondary hues surpass the amount of primary color (red) in the gemstone, it is of low quality.

  • Clarity: Clarity in a stone is marked by the presence or absence of inclusions. Rubies with few or no inclusions command high prices. However, finding an inclusion-free original 13 carat manik stone price is higher due to its rarity.
  • Cut: A precise and symmetrical cut is the key to determining the quality of a stone. Whatever the cut, a flawless finish reflecting a vivid red color commands high prices.
  • Carat Weight: A 13 ratti ruby gemstone price increases with its carat weight. A manik gemstone of such a bigger size is rarer even than a diamond. Thus, buy a 13 carat manikya stone for future investment.
A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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