12 Carat Ruby Stone

A natural 12 carat ruby stone weighs 2.4 gms and signifies passion, love, and success. If you are suffering from blood-related issues, or indigestion, or want to improve your eyesight, ruby gemstone 12 ratti is excellent to alleviate them. Place a red ruby stone on your hand and meditate with it. The powerful energy of a 12 ct manik stone with your strong belief will help you get rid of health issues to an extent.

An original ruby stone belongs to the mineral family corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum. The presence of chromium gives it a red color making it a stunning gem. A 12 ratti manik stone sourced from Burma features an intensive red color and along with few inclusions these are regarded as rare. Buy 12 ct ruby stone if you want to add rare gems to your collection.

A 12 ratti ruby stone is beneficial if you seek instant transformation in your life like wealth, mental peace, and professional and personal excellence. For maximum ruby benefits wear it on the ring finger. Manik stone strengthens relationships maintaining deep connection with others and self. Ruby can be a life-changing treasure if worn correctly, energized properly, and is of high quality.

The quality of a gemstone can be roughly understood by its fine color and high clarity. The price of good-quality 12 carat ruby is determined by the 4C’s.

  • Color: Vivid red color rubies with high saturation and medium tone are considered high quality. The finest colored 12 ratti manik stone price starts from INR 70,000 and can range to lakhs
  • Clarity: Inclusions are internal imperfections and their presence interferes with the brilliance and shine. Rubies with few or no inclusions command higher prices. Those with black spots are considered low-quality manik stones
  • Cut: In crystalline form, manik stone is hexagonal in structure. When given a shape it turns out to be perfect for jewelry as it can go in any shape, oval, octagon, cushion, brilliant round, or pear. A 12-ct ruby stone price increases with its perfect cut showing fine color and clarity
  • Carat Weight: The 12 carat ruby stone price is high. High carat weight rubies with bright red color are rare, even rarer than diamonds highlighting that rubies are worth buying.
  • Origin: Original Manik stones sourced from countries such as Burma, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka are considered the finest. A 12 carat Burma ruby with pigeon blood red color is prized higher. It is considered the best ruby as per origin.
A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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