11 Carat Ruby Stone

A ruby stone of 11 carat weighs 2.2 gms and helps increase vitality, confidence, and leadership qualities. If you are a professional who wants to attract career opportunities, 11 carat ruby is perfect for you. This red gemstone brings creativity to your work, enhances your decision-making skills, and thus brings you success and fame.

Natural Ruby stone belongs to the corundum family with a chemical composition of Al2O3. An 11 carat ruby gemstone features a vivid red color that makes it the most popular from the astrological aspect. The red color is due to the presence of trace elements mainly chromium. Manik stones have a specific gravity of 4.00 and are dense in comparison to other gems. Thus, an 11 ct ruby is heavier than a glass of the same size. So, if you are planning to buy original ruby make sure you feel the heaviness of the gem. This rules out the possibility of glass-filled substitutes.

Natural gemstones are loved for their original color, hardness, and uses. On the Mohs hardness scale, 11 carat ruby gemstone ranks nine. This makes it a viable gem for jewelry of all forms. Use it as a focus point of your necklace. A heart-shaped ruby of 11 carat weight fits as a great gift for your loved ones.

Since finding an 11 ratti manik stone is rare, invest in this as a heirloom gem that can be treasured for a long. They are pure astrological bliss. It symbolizes wealth, good health, love, and protection. Those seeking instant prosperity and wealth can wear manik stone. You can keep 11 carat ruby stone in your cupboard’s safe or locker or the place where you keep your money. This will help in attracting more wealth.

The more natural it is, the higher the chance of good quality. However, there are other factors to consider as well. The higher the quality higher the price. A ruby stone 11 carat price starts from INR 60,000 and may extend up to lakhs. The factors that decide the cost of 11 carat manik stone are:

  • Color: Rubies are loved for their vivid red color. An 11 ratti ruby featuring ‘pigeon blood’ red color is the most expensive one. Of this, the Burma Ruby showcases this amazing color and thus is prized for the same. Finding a stone of this much ratti is rare and hence accounts for a higher cost.
  • Clarity: The common inclusions in original rubies are fissures, fingerprints, cavities, fractures, gas and liquid inclusions. The Manik stone 11 carat price is high when they are inclusion-free.
  • Cut: Oval, marquise, cushion, round, square, and octagon, natural ruby looks beautiful in all shapes. A fine cut makes the original gemstone reflect great color and brilliance. For astrological purposes, an oval-shaped manik stone is preferred as there is less stone waste during the process and the deep red color of stone comes out perfectly.
  • Carat Weight: The higher the carat weight or ratti of the stone higher the price. Astrologically, the higher the weight of the stone instant you get the result. Buy 11 carat ruby stone from Navratan to get the best solutions for your life problems

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