Zambian Emerald vs Colombian Emerald

Zambian Emerald vs Colombian Emerald
Posted on May 15th, 2023 06:13 PM

Emeralds (Panna Stones) are one of the longest-known gemstones in the world. These green gems have been loved and desired for centuries for their exceptional transparency, shine, lustre, and deep hue. Belonging to the beryl mineral family, Emeralds are also fairly durable, with a hardness of 7.5 - 8 on Moh's scale. 

Although these gems are sourced from various locations around the world, the two major origins of emerald stones are Columbia and Zambia. Both of these countries of origin are well known for producing the best quality Panna Stone. But if you are confused about which one you should go for, you must decide only after getting to know the difference between Colombian and Zambian emeralds. 

Knowing the distinctiveness will help you make an informed decision, so here we have come up with - Zambian vs Colombian emerald.

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Colombian Emerald Stone

Colombian Emerald Stone

Colombia is the world's largest producer of emerald gemstones. The green Panna stones found in this region are well known for their best quality, and hence, these gems are sold at very high prices. 

It is one of the world's first emerald deposits, giving high-value gemstones. Colombian emeralds have a long and rich history. Some of the well-known, famous, historic and most expensive emerald gems are from the mines of Columbia. The most prominent mine is the Muzo mine, from which the stones found are sold in millions. Even the price per carat rate has been in millions of particularly rare and premium quality Colombian Panna. 

These finest stones, representing nature and spring, have brilliant shine, a vibrant green hue, intense tones and saturation, and good transparency. They are also rare and exceptional. 

There is a legend in Colombian mythology that the god Ares created a man and woman named Tena and Fura to create humankind and granted them immortality in exchange for their loyalty to each other. However, Fura showed disloyalty and started to age. Tena didn't want to live without his partner, so he killed himself in front of her. When Fura cried for her partner, her tears became Colombian emeralds. 

Zambian Emerald Stone

Zambian Emerald Stone

Zambia became the second-largest producer of good-quality emeralds in 2014, though it had been a significant producer since the 1970s. Zambian emeralds are found in bluish-green tones and are of mixed grade, including very high-quality gems with excellent transparency, luster, and saturation. The rich green color in which the gems are found is often described as Forest green. 

The largest emerald mine is in Zambia which is named Kagem, in the mining area of Kafubu. It was in 2008 when a large-scale corporate mining company began operating in this mine, that made Zambia the second biggest producer of these precious green gems. 

Difference - Colombian Emerald vs Zambian Zmerald

Here are some of the major differences between Zambian emeralds and Colombian emeralds:

Zambian Emerald Stone

Colombian Vs Zambian Emerald - Color

The color characteristics of these two gems of different origins differ. Columbian gems are known for their saturation while the Zambian ones are known for their deep green colour. 

Because of its deep green tone and hue, the Zambian Panna stone's hue is also called bottle green or forest green. They sometimes have a bluish or yellowish overtone. The stones are darker and more vibrant than the Columbian Emeralds.

On the other hand, Colombian emeralds are mostly uniformly distributed with green tones. Sometimes they have a yellowish tone and are sold at lower prices. Their color quality is exceptional as they look more natural and gentle. 


The clarity of a gemstone highly decides the price. It is the lack of inclusions, fractures, or flaws in a gemstone. Colombian emeralds with less or no inclusions are very rare. Because of their vibrant hue, the growth structure and frequent inclusions are pretty visible. 

Naturally formed due to geological conditions, inclusions present in emeralds are particularly called Jardins. These fractures can be needle-like shapes, bubbles, etc. Sometimes, the inclusions can be a combination of solid, liquid, and gas, which are called phases. The combination of two matters is called two phases, while the combination of three is called three phases. 

Mostly, two phases are found in the Zambian Emeralds. But they still have higher clarity than the Colombian ones. Three-phase inclusions can be seen in the Colombian emeralds. 

Colombian Emerald vs Zambian -Cut

Mainly, cutting depends on the worker but the quality of the raw gem material can also affect it. Zambian and Colombian emeralds can be cut into different shapes in both faceted and non-faceted cuts. 

While cutting a stone it is essential to ensure that there is less wastage of the gemstones and the look becomes elegant. A cut is specifically given to a gemstone to enhance its color and improve its clarity. The Zambian emeralds are typically given cuts to optimize their weight and give them a thin and elongated look. 

On the other hand, Colombian emeralds are often cut in less conventional ways. To reduce the blemishes, highlight the gem's hues, and bring out the brilliance, it is mostly cut in classic Emerald cut or the square and rectangle forms. 


The durability of a gemstone depends on its hardness, and the hardness of an emerald gemstone is between 7.5 and 8, which makes it fairly durable. 

Zambian emeralds are slightly more durable than Colombian emeralds because of their crystal structure. They are fortified by the presence of iron in them. If they have multiple inclusions or internal fractures, then only they are more brittle and susceptible to chipping. 

Colombian emeralds are more soft and prone to scratches because their crystal structure is weaker.

However, it is essential to care well for your gemstones to maintain their beauty and preserve them if you want them to last. 


All the factors mentioned above, including color, clarity, and cut, are the major factors that affect the price of a gemstone. The cost of an emerald depends highly on its quality.

Generally, Colombian emeralds are more expensive than Zambian emeralds. They are of good quality and larger in size, so they have higher prices. However, some rare gems with exceptional quality from any source can cost very high. 

Recently, the price of Zambian emeralds has risen in the industry because of their better clarity and vivid dark green hue. 

The Colombian Emerald price ranges between $500 and $15,000 per carat. And the Zambian Emerald price ranges from $1000 to $10,000 per carat.

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