Which Gemstone is Good to Heal Diabetes?

Which Gemstone is Good for Diabetes?
Posted on July 1st, 2024 06:20 PM

Diabetes is a chronic condition affecting people worldwide. High blood sugar levels characterize it. Managing diabetes requires a specific approach like proper medication, regular monitoring and lifestyle changes. So, if you are suffering from this chronic ailment and want to add more to these gemstones can be an option. However, these are not medically proven treatments but serve as a natural aid that can help you in some way. For instance, gemstone properties like their vibrational energy combined with the celestial energy help the individual to get some relief from such ailments. Let's see which gemstone is good for diabetes.

Gemstone Healing Properties

Gems and the human body have a close association. For instance, the human body is believed to have five traditional elements: earth, water, air, fire, and space. Natural gems are also made of these elements, resonating well with the human body. Their relative association with planets heightens the power of gemstones. Moreover, the colors of these stones also impact the body in different ways; some colors, emerald green stone, soothe the eyes, whereas the blue sapphire hue calms the mind. Since each original gem is formed inside the earth’s surface and there are various atoms involved in the formation, they, along with the metal in which they are crafted, bring changes in the body. So, you see, the effects of gemstones on the human body are broad. This powerful energy forms the base of these stones to influence various health aspects of an individual.

4 Gemstones to Heal Diabetes

Gemstones for Diabetes

All precious or semi-precious gems possess unique energies that aid in diabetes. Let's explore these:


Panna in English is called Emerald and has been believed to cure serious diseases. People in ancient civilizations believed that this green gemstone effectively lowered threatening fevers. Moreover, it was considered the best cure for ailments including liver diseases, insomnia, diabetes, kidney stones, and heart-related diseases. In many cultures, it has been believed that gemstones contain specific elements like chromium, which is also responsible for combating diabetes. Thus, their effectiveness in relieving such body disorders is highly admired. Emerald stone, also called Zumurrud in Arabic, also has particular reference in the Unani system of medicine. These gems are believed to have great medical uses, healing properties, and health benefits. So, if you say which gemstone is good for diabetes? The answer is Panna Ratna. You can wear it on the little finger of the right hand to get maximum health benefits.

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Yellow Sapphire

When discussing the gemstone for diabetes, Kanakpushparagam, also called yellow sapphire stone in English, comes to mind. It is a vivid yellow-colored gem which, in Vedic astrology, is worn to bring wealth, prosperity, and good health. In terms of diabetes management, Kanakpushparagam is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, also called Manipura Chakra in Sanskrit. This energy center, when blocked, results in various health issues, such as those related to the digestive system and even diabetes. It is believed that gemstones are also associated with chakras, and they help activate them. Wearing a yellow sapphire stone in this context is said to be effective. For maximum health benefits, wear this gem on the index finger of your right hand in gold. This will help unblock the related energy center and relieve high or low blood sugar levels.

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Manikya Ratna, also called ruby stone in English, is a gemstone for health and healing. It was believed that since it features a red color, it is effective in getting rid of heart ailments. This red-hued stone stimulates the adrenals, spleen, and kidneys and provides adequate blood flow. Manikya ratna is believed to be a helpful gem in weight regulation, a beneficial factor in maintaining diabetes. Moreover, this gem also symbolizes energy and vitality, thus helping the individual to have an active lifestyle, which is also an important factor in diabetes management. For maximum benefits you can wear a ruby stone pendant in gold.

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Red Coral

Which gemstone is good for diabetes? Vedic astrology gives you the answer. According to this astrology, planetary association plays an important role. It is believed that if planets such as Mars, Rahu, Sun, Ketu, and Sun are positioned weak in the sixth house of your birth chart, the probability of getting this disease is high. The sixth house is related to the house of diseases. Since red coral stone is ruled by the planet Mars, wearing the stone can reduce the effects of diabetes.

Similarly, if Jupiter is in a debilitated sign and is placed in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house of an individual's horoscope, one can develop diabetes. Thus, if both are the case, a person can wear a yellow sapphire and red coral combination in gold. However, as per the astrologer’s suggestion, one can wear it individually as well.

How to Use Gemstone for Diabetes

How to Use Gemstones for Managing Diabetes

So, after you have chosen your stone for diabetes, you should also know the correct procedure for wearing it. Let's see what are the easiest ways you can incorporate it into your life.

  • Wearing them as Jewelry

Wear them as rings, bracelets, or necklace pendants that touch the skin directly.  Every stone possesses vibrational energy that is well resonated throughout the wearer only if it is in direct contact with the wearer. Make sure you wear them with the correct metal. Metals also have great relevance in healing and intensify the power of the stone.

  • Meditation

Place the gem in your left hand and meditate with it for 15 minutes to half an hour. The left hand is believed to be the correct one to receive energy, so it gets the maximum healing energy from the gems when meditated. Doing this as a regular practice will also help relieve stress and anxiety, which are some of the factors that lead to diabetes.

  • Carry Gemstone

You can keep these gems in your purse or pocket to get positive vibes throughout the day. This will make you feel relaxed and will aid in maintaining an active lifestyle.

In conclusion, natural gems do really work in astrology and influence many aspects of your life. They are helpful in treating disease or, in some cases, providing relief. However, they are not a substitute for medication, and a doctor’s consultation is a must. 

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