Which Finger to Wear Yellow Sapphire?

Posted on June 10th, 2024 06:02 PM

Yellow sapphire is referred to as Pukhraj in Hindi and is for the planet Jupiter. If your birth chart shows weak placement of the Jupiter planet or you are devoid of any of these aspects in your life, you can wear the Pukhraj stone. In Vedic astrology, it is said that one should follow the proper process and method to wear the gemstone. However, it's always a dilemma to understand which finger to wear yellow sapphire in astrology to get maximum benefits. Let's explore more about this:

Wearing Yellow Sapphire as per Astrology

Choosing the correct finger in Vedic astrology is crucial for harnessing maximum astrological powers. The right finger to wear the Guru Nag ring is the index finger of the right hand. This is because the index finger is related to the planet Jupiter, and wearing the ring amplifies the power of the stone. Wearing a peela pukhraj ring in the index finger offers you enhanced leadership, confidence and intelligence which are the must qualities for career advancement. 

In Indian astrology, the index or tarjnee finger is suggested for wearing this Guru Ratna. The choice of wearing the stone differs depending on your purpose and personal preferences. For instance, in Western astrology, yellow sapphire is considered a desirable gem for engagements and weddings. Thus, it is worn in the ring finger. Moreover, since this ring or Anamika's finger is linked to the planet Sun, it induces traits like vitality and creativity. Individuals in the creative profession can wear a Pukhraj Ratna ring on this finger. However, one should always consult an astrologer before wearing an astrological gem, as birth chart analysis is equally important. 

Yellow Sapphire Ring

Significance of Wearing Yellow Sapphire on the Right or Left-Hand

Which finger to wear yellow sapphire also takes into account the correct choice of hand. Each hand carries a significant astrological symbolism. 

Right-hand Symbolism 

The right hand is the working or active hand for most of us. Wearing Guru Ratna in the right hand aligns with the power of the planet Guru planet. As the name implies, this planet shows the right path to success. Thus, wearing a Pukhraj stone ring in the right hand for male brings professional success. It promotes self-confidence and leadership qualities.

Moreover, it brings luck and prosperity to people in all sectors, such as those who have their businesses or are working in a corporate field. Students who are preparing for government exams should wear a natural sapphire in the index finger of the right hand. This will enhance their focus and concentration towards their studies, allowing them to get good results. 

Left-hand Symbolism 

In Vedic astrology, the left hand is considered suitable for females. Wearing pukhraj on the left-hand index finger for females is beneficial in many ways. It helps them to find a suitable groom and induces prosperity in their married life. The left hand receives positive energy from the Jupiter planet, offering the person inner wisdom, peace, and harmony. The soothing energy of this yellow gemstone helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Thus, pukhraj on the index finger for ladies is suggested. Adorning it in the left-hand benefits them even more. 

Benefits of Wearing Guru Nag in the Index Finger 

The planet Jupiter rules the index finger.  When yellow sapphire stone is worn on this finger, it amplifies its power and influences the wearer with positive things. It boosts the career prospects of individuals, making it an excellent choice for those who want good opportunities, promotion, and growth in their careers. So, if you ask which finger to wear yellow sapphire, the Tarjnee (index) finger is the best choice. For males who want to profit from their business in terms of wealth and expansion, Guru Stone is an excellent choice. It helps you with monetary gains and recover from financial losses. 

Benefits of Wearing Pukhraj in the Ring Finger 

The ring finger is linked to the planet Sun, which is again a powerful planet like Jupiter. In Indian astrology, both the Sun and Jupiter are friends and complement each other's energies. Combining the energies of both yields numerous benefits. Artists, writers, or those in creative fields are suggested to wear this stone in the ring finger. Moreover, it brings fame and success to the wearer. It also strengthens love and mutual respect between couples. Thus, a ring finger is an ideal choice for those who want good communication, emotional balance, and love in their married life. 

Wearing Pukhraj in the Ring Finger

How to Wear Yellow Sapphire in Astrology? 

Adorn this beautiful gem correctly on your finger. You can also wear it as a gold pendant. Let's see what the rules are for wearing this gemstone. 

-Craft the stone in gold metal. Kanakapushyaragam Stone in gold gives maximum benefit to the wearer as this metal is connected to the planet Sun, which is friends with Jupiter. Make sure the gem touches your skin directly. 

-At least 3 to 6 carat weight Pukraj should be worn. This will help provide you with the desired results. The best cut for the stone is oval, as it represents wholeness, and the energy is evenly distributed. 

-Activate your original Guru Ratna ring or pendant before wearing it. You can read our blog How to Do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones?

- It is essential to adorn the stone correctly, or else one can bear the side effects. It said that Pushkaraj stone should not be worn by people under zodiac signs such as Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo. 

-If you experience health issues such as headaches, sleep disorders, sudden loss of wealth, or things not happening as per your expectations, the yellow sapphire doesn't suit you. If this happens, consult an astrologer. 

-If you have removed your Pushkaraj ring or pendant for some reason, you can wear it again.  Activate it again as you did it the first time. 

-You should not wear an old Pukhraj as gemstones have a life span. It can be worn for 5 years; after that, you should remove it and buy a new one. This is because gems lose their energy after some time. If you are wearing a used stone, it's not suitable astrologically. The Ratna used contains the energy of the previous wearer and will not give you the results you desire.  

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