In Which Finger to Wear Alexandrite Gemstone

In Which Finger to Wear Alexandrite Gemstone
Posted on May 7th, 2024 11:07 AM

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone known for its striking color changing properties. When exposed to daylight, it shows a greenish-blue color, whereas under candlelight, it changes its color to purplish red. This magical property is found in only this type of chrysoberyl mineral. Thus, it is called emerald by day and ruby by night. In Western astrology, it is the birthstone of June, whereas in Vedic astrology, it is the stone for the zodiac signs Gemini and Aries. These rashis can wear this rare gem to get various benefits. Alex stone benefits an individual with positive energy, improved creativity, good health, and fortune. These benefits are maximum when it is worn on the right finger. So, this blog gives information about in which finger to wear Alexandrite gemstone

Top 5 Alexandrite Stone Benefits

Being one of the rarest gems in the world, natural Alex has many uses other than just a piece of jewelry. This June birthstone can be used in meditation or as jewelry to get access to all these benefits. Lets have a look at these:

  • Enhanced Emotional Stability 

It promotes emotional stability and inner peace, thus helping individuals to face challenges in their personal and professional lives. The soothing color of the stone aids in a stress-free life, maintaining emotional balance. 

  • Spiritual Benefits of Alex Stone 

This rare gem activates the heart, throat, and third eye chakra. Wearing alexandrite means spiritual growth and transformation. It enhances intuition, self-discovery, a deeper connection to self, and divine power.

Top 5 Alexandrite Stone Benefits

  • Protection from Negative Energy 

Natural Alex is a protective stone that protects the wearer from negative energy and psychic attacks in the office and home. Keep alexandrite crystal in your office or home, removing the stagnant energy and overfilling you with positive energy. 

  • Enhanced Relationship and Communication 

Wearing this magical gemstone strengthens bonds with your loved ones. It promotes communication and empathy between you and your partner. Thus, if you are going through a bad relationship, wearing alexandrite can help you remove conflicts and induce love and compassion. 

  • Promotes mental Clarity and Focus 

If you are a working professional or a student who is unable to focus on work or studies, you should wear alex stone. It clears confusion and self-doubt and aids in clear thinking and decision-making. Thus, it enhances concentration, so you work more for better results.

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In Which Finger to Wear Alexandrite Gemstone

As per Vedic astrology, this rare gemstone is worn in the little finger of the right hand. It is related to the planet Mercury, which represents intelligence, wisdom, and good communication skills. Since the little finger is also associated with this planet, wearing a natural alexandrite stone in the finger gives beneficial results. It is believed that wearing a gemstone ring on this finger stimulates the power of the planet, which resonates around the wearer. For females, it is suggested that Alex stone should be worn on the little finger of either hand. For males, this gem should be worn on the same finger of the right hand. Alexandrite stone benefits for females include boosting confidence, protection from negative energy, and spiritual connection. This gemstone inspires males to open up communication in their professional and personal lives. Thus strengthening your bond with your peer group and partner.

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How to Wear an Alex Stone in Astrology?

Apart from adorning the gemstone in the correct finger it must be worn with all the rituals. Lets see what all needs to be considered:

- The correct day and time to wear this rare stone is Wednesday early morning between 5-7 AM during Shukla Paksha. 

- It is recommended that for maximum astrological benefits, this stone should be crafted in silver, platinum, or white gold. The calming energy of the silver metal combined with the powerful energy of the center stone aids the wearer in getting the desired results. 

- Energize the Alex gemstone first. This is a mandatory step as stones obtained from the earth’s surface need to restore their energy to give maximum output. You can easily perform the prana pratishtha ritual at home. For this, dip the alex ratna in a bowl filled with a mixture of raw milk, gangajal, honey, and tulsi. Rinse the ornament with clean water and then wear it at the suggested time and day. Remember, the day should be auspicious, as this will amplify the effectiveness of the gem. 

- You can either wear Alex stone as a ring or a pendant. Alexander stone ring is commonly called, but it is actually an alexandrite stone ring that should touch directly to the skin. This will help in the flow of energy around the entire body, offering mental, physical, and spiritual harmony. 

- An Alexandrite pendant should be worn close to your heart, awakening your chakras so that you are blessed with good health and mental peace. 

Where to Buy the Original Alex Stone?

- Astrology is all about natural gemstones that are obtained deep inside the earth's surface. Lab-created alexandrite gemstones are not suitable for Vedic astrology. 

- Buy only natural stones from reputed gem dealers like Navratan. Select the best origin from which you can purchase this stone. The finest varieties are from Russia. 

- Look for the vibrant color. The best original Alexandrite stone color is bluish green to red. Choose transparent gems for maximum flow of energy. 

- Along with which finger to wear, Alexandrite gemstone also considers the right carat weight. For optimum benefits wear this precious rare stone of 3-5 carat weight.

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