What does wearing a ring on each finger symbolize?

Posted on January 24th, 2024 02:58 PM

Everything in this world is seen as a symbol, your body moves, posture, expressions everything is analyzed and defines something about you. This applies to the jewellery you wear as well. The rings specifically are seen as a symbol of personal commitments. Like the ring finger placement meaning have always been of love and commitment by your partner.

From marital status to career commitments and the astrological belief of wearing gemstone rings to remove the malefic effects of any planet, there’s a ring symbolism for each finger. Even expert astrologers always recommend wearing a particular gem on the finger associated with the ruling planet of the gem. 

Each finger choice, a chapter; each band, a sentence. Let's dive into the tales the rings on each finger tell, the beans they spill about you and your personality. 

Ring Placement Meaning by Finger and Hand

Decoding the Language of Ring Placement will be very easy once you know your choice of picking a finger for your ring crafts your personality or is dependent on traditional beliefs. It is more often a self-expression or a style statement but it can be seen as your signature affirmation. 

Both the choice of hand and finger matters. Mostly the left hand is for commitments while the right one is for bold statements. 

Astrologically, both the hands and all fingers are in association with strong powerful planetary bodies and so they give messages in volumes about your life. 

Lets unlock these secrets together, the meaning of ring on each finger:- 

Left Hand Little Finger 

In ancient times, the pinky finger of the left hand represented the bond of union. Men used to wear two rings on this finger. One was their wedding ring and the second used to be a signet ring showing how they themselves describe them as a symbol. Sometimes, as per some people, it is believed that wearing a ring on it can showcase connections with the mafia. 

Ring Finger of Left Hand 

The ring finger of the left hand is for the commitment of love and pure promises. It is believed that the vein of this finger directly goes to the heart. Hence engagement rings in Western cultures are worn on the left ring finger as a promise of marriage. 

It is a token of love as well and so nowadays wedding rings are also worn on the ring finger of the left hand, echoing love, virtue, faithfulness and purity. 

Middle Finger of Left Hand 

In earlier times, kings and queens used to wear large gemstones on the middle finger to showcase their status and royalty. People would kneel down and kiss their ring to show their respect. Sometimes these rings were worn on the Index finger as well. 

Since the middle finger is the centre and catches the attention at once, today it communicates individuality, purpose, ambition and mission. It is a sign of authority, reminding the person of their capacity to achieve everything. 

Left Hand Index Finger 

Even though there is no specific index finger ring meaning as per history and no predetermined symbolism, it is believed that it can show Who you are and what is your identity; purely because you can flaunt any ring on this finger, experiment and wear any stylish ring you want without sending a specific message and Just being you.

It can be a classic or a cocktail ring, whichever you want, a personal non-judgemental styling option, expressing your boldest self. 

Thumb of Left Hand

A ring on the thumb does not show any tradition, belief or culture, and has no interpretation. Though, it is a bold statement of confidence and freedom of thought. 

Although, in earlier times, it was seen as a symbol of richness because it took more money to create a thumb ring. 

Ring Placement

Right Pinky Finger 

Some believe that the right little finger also represents the connection with the Mafia. However, it is widely believed that this finger of the right hand symbolises the intellect. It shows professional pride and signifies achievement in studies or research like in engineering or ecology, acting as a badge of honour for accomplishing expertise in their field. 

Right Hand Ring Finger 

The ring finger is always an expression of how you feel so in some cultures, a wedding ring can go on this hand as well. However, this tradition is only in a few places while others see no meaning of commitment to this finger. They wear stylish jewels on this finger showing their personal choices. It is a blank canvas for you to show your creativity and free spirit. 

Middle Finger of the Right Hand 

The middle finger catches the attention, so it is often seen as the first interpretation of you. It signifies your individuality, and how you want to show yourself to the world and communicate with others. It's your way of telling the world your story yourself. 

Ring Hand Index Finger 

The ring on index finger meaning is leadership and ambition. It shows your intentions and desires as well as your determination and dreams. 

In Jewish culture, the wedding band is worn on the index finger of the right hand, simply of gold or silver, marking the bride as taken and showing eternal bond and love. 

Thumb of Right Hand 

Similar to the story of the left thumb, the right-hand thumb also represents wealth and confidence. 

What Does Each Finger Represent - As Per Palmistry

Little Finger - Communication, Intuition, Adaptability, Persuasion

Ring Finger - Relationship, Love, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence

Middle Finger - Responsibility, Balance, Discipline, Soul-Searching

Index Finger - Self-confidence, Authority, Spirituality, Humbleness

Thumb - Willpower, Determination, Self-Assertion, Reserved Nature

Which Finger To Wear Gemstone Ring In?

Every gemstone is advised to be worn on a particular ring because each finger is believed to have a connection with the planets. Here we have mentioned which gemstone is advised to wear on which finger. Please note that women are advised to wear these Navratn rings in their left hand while men are advised to wear them in their right hand. 

Navratan Gemstones
Ruling Planet
Wearing Finger
Diamond (Heera)
Venus - Sukr
Middle finger
Blue Sapphire (Neelam
Saturn - Shani
Middle finger
Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)
Jupiter - Brahaspati/Guru Grah
Index finger
Emerald (Panna)
Mercury - Budh
Little finger
Ruby (Manik)
Sun - Surya
Ring finger
Pearl (Moti Stone)
Moon - Chandra
Little finger
Red Coral (Moonga)
Mars - Mangal
Ring finger
Hessonite (Gomed)
Middle finger
Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia)
Middle finger

Note - Even though the ring finger gemstone is fixed sometimes according to the birth chart it is advised by astrologer to wear a gem on a different finger and that is fine. For example, sometimes women are seen wearing emerald in left hand ring finger while Emeralds are worn on the little finger. 

So, before wearing a gemstone, do consult with an astrologer and ensure that you are wearing the correct gem in the correct finger as per your birth chart. 

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