Unveiling the Rich Symbolism: What Does the Ruby Stone Symbolize

Posted on September 15th, 2023 05:02 PM

Rubies, the red gemstones have been the gems of power for a long time. Centuries ago, the ruby emerged from diverse lands and very soon became an emblem of power and authority. This blood-red-hued gemstone belonging to the Corundum mineral family is known by different names over the world like Manik Ratna, Chuni Stone, Ratnaraj and King of Gemstones. 
The intense red of the gem catches the eye and since the red colour is always seen as a shade of love, precious rubies are believed to bring love and passion to its user. Because of the pigeon's blood-red hue, shine and transparency, they have been highly used to make decorative pieces and jewellery since the old days till yet. 
Although, more than their look, rubies are known for their rich symbolism, history, beliefs, healing properties and mythological legends. Let's dive in to know what rubies symbolize.

Meaning of Ruby?

Ruby is a precious gemstone of the mineral corundum family which gets its red hue from the presence of chromium. It is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide which is mined from various parts of the world. It is one of the longest known crystals with a hardness of 9 which makes them quite durable and their rarity makes them valuable. 
The most prized rubies in history as the ones with deep lustrous hues and good clarity. They have been claimed by royal people, from crowns to artefacts, jewellery to designer dresses, rubies have been used highly worldwide. Among many cultures and religions, ruby stones are a symbol of dignity, power, and protection, and have been passed onto generations. 
Love, passion, vitality, leadership and confidence have always been the Ruby meaning, because of the many beliefs on the energies of the gem. 

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What Does Ruby Symbolize?

Ruby has a rich tapestry of symbolism across history in varying cultures and religions. However, one thing in common is that it has always been considered a jewel of passion, power, vitality, and sexuality. The belief is that the stone has protective and healing energies which will be very beneficial for the betterment of the wearer’s life. 
Many people have the question - What Does Ruby Represent? Well, the ruby will represent whatever you want it to in respective of how you present it. Throughout human lives, it has been most presented as an engagement ring, a token of love and commitment. Rubies were exchanged as gifts in the form of jewellery like rings, necklaces, and tiaras to showcase affection and friendship as well. 
The red ruby is sometimes found in pinkish hues as well. Both the pink and red shades are seen as colours of love, sensibility, and compassion, marking the utmost ruby symbolism. 
However, there are other aspects, that show a different way of ruby symbolization:- 

The Royal Symbolism of Ruby

This red gemstone is not only a jewel of passion but also one of royalty, power and blood. It is also seen as a symbol of courage. It is renowned for its ability to enhance fierceness and boldness in its wearer.
It is stated that the Warriors of yore would embed these stones into their armour since they firmly believed that its protective energies would shield them in the battle, safeguarding them and providing strength. 
It was also worn as a talisman in earlier times so that it would guard the wearer against dangers like evil spirits and bad omens. 
In the Qing Dynasty, the ruby was worn as a hat pin by the governor of the Chinese province, which represented his highest-ranking mandarin. 
Some rulers have also presented rubies as a reflection of their triumph and achievement, by mounting rare ruby in their browns or thrones. 

What Does Ruby Symbolize

Astrological Symbolism of a Ruby Stone

Astrology, the study of planetary movements and gemstones also holds a very important mark of rubies. The ruby stone as per the Vedic astrology is known to be ruled by the Sun aka Surya Dev. It is also one of the Navratans, the nine gems which are the most powerful. Since the ruling planet is the Sun, it is placed in the centre when Navratans are worn, representing leadership. Therefore the ruby gemstone is also known as the King of gemstones. 
In Western astrology, it is the birthstone for July borns and is said to represent the heat of summer. It is also the traditional gift for the 40th wedding anniversary. 
Being a July birthstone, rubies perfectly complement the optimistic, fierce, bold and friendly-spirited personality of people born in this month. 

Rubies Importance - Mythological / Cultural Reverence

Whether in the ancient dynasties of India or the kingdoms of Burma, rubies have been adorned highly by the crown rulers and commoners alike. The deep crimson ruby was intrinsically linked to themes of blood, courage, and protection – qualities that mirrored the gem's inherent strength and resilience.
But there is a mythological legend about the formation of the first ruby deposits. In the ancient Vedic text of the Hindus, the Garuda Purana, there is a story depicting a powerful deity, a demon that was at war with the Gods. When God won the battle, his body got into pieces and scattered from the skies to the land and wherever his blood dropped, it became the rubies, specifically the Burmese ruby stones.

What Does Ruby Symbolize In India?

In India, rubies are given the place of highest command among Navratans, making it the gem of the highest power. People believe that since the stone is of power and leadership, offering it to Lord Krishna as a present can bring them reincarnation as a leader or emperor. 

Journey to the Origins - Healing Energies and Amplification

Burma or Myanmar is the most famous ruby deposit known as the Kand Of rubies producing high-quality pigeon blood rubies which are sold at very high prices. Some of the most notable ruby jewelry is of Burma origin. 
Other sources include Thailand, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Kanya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar. 
The link of these gems to the blood and powerful energies also states its power to heal a person. It is known that an original ruby gives boundless vitality and ignites feelings of desire and liveliness, working as a reminder to seize life with fervour. It balances the energies of the mind, body and soul, activating the base chakra energy centre which fosters a sense of security and stability. 
The ruby also heals any diseases related to the blood and heart. It stimulates the circulatory system, cures ailments related to the kidney and spleen, and reduces depression. 
Ruby Healing Energies and Amplification

Famous Rubies Throughout History - Showcasing the Power of Ruby

What does the ruby stone symbolize? The famous rubies throughout history perfectly answer this question. The stone has a deep connection with life force, vitality and the very essence of life - love. 
Some of the most famous rubies in the history are - 
  • Ruby Parurre of Elizabeth Taylor, and an 8.24-carat ruby ring by Van Cleef & Arpels which was sold in 2011 at approx. $511,000 per carat. 
  • A ruby ring, again by Van Cleef and Arpels, was given to Jackie Kennedy Onassis by her husband Aristotle Onassis in 1968 along with a necklace and pair of earrings, all of which sold at $9,00,000 at an auction in 1996. 
  • The Infamous “Sunrise Ruby”, a 25.59-carat ruby ring was sold at a price of $30 million breaking the record and being the first ever coloured gemstone to sell at a price of above 1 million dollars per carat. It was an untreated Burmese ruby, with an intense red hue, making it highly desirable. 
  • The most expensive ruby stone in the world to date is the “Estrela De Fura”. It is a 55.22-carat ruby from Mozambique and holds a value of $34.8 Million as of 2015.

To Conclude

Symbolism often speaks louder than words and the belief in the ruby is a testament of the faith and devotion of generations. The Human's innate desires come in the forms of symbols and meanings of what they represent.  The ruby is one of these representations made by humans to symbolize their love, courage and emotions. We continue to carry this legacy and so still rubies are one of the most demanding gems. 
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