Alexandrite Stone: How the Color Change Phenomenon Impact the Stone Price?

Posted on July 18th, 2023 05:57 PM

An exceptional variety of gemstones, Alexandrite has been the love of many gem collectors. This gemstone is one of nature's wonders known for its unique color-changing property. In this blog, we explore everything about this enticing gemstone. 

Alexandrite Stone and its Origin 

Alexandrite belongs to the chrysoberyl family, a rare beryllium aluminum oxide mineral. This distinctive gemstone is considered highly rare and desirable due to its color-changing phenomenon. Apart from this fantastic property, the gemstone has a phenomenal origin. These high-quality alexandrites were first discovered in 1830 in Russia's Ural Mountains. This beautiful color-changing stone was named after Alexander II. The birthday of this Russian emperor fell on the same day as the gem's discovery. Though small deposits of the stone have been found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Brazil, the stone is still considered rare. But what makes this magical gemstone so rare? Let's check out the features that make Alexandrite stone a rare one. 

Alexandrite Gemstone Origin

A Perfect Combination of Beauty and Rarity 

The rarity of Alexandrite is very well evident starting from the day it got discovered. As mentioned above, this rare stone was named after the then-future Czar of Russia, Alexander II. The connection of the stone with the royals has helped in gaining popularity to the stone. This mystic gemstone joined the list of popular birthstones in 1950. Alexandrite stone is also June's birthstone, along with pearl. This stone is also the gem for the 55th wedding anniversary. 

Alexandrite's Color Change: An Unusual yet eye-catching phenomenon 

Apart from the name and discovery that adds popularity to the gemstone, one property sets it apart from the crowd of other gemstones- the color changing phenomenon. The finest gem with chameleon like qualities makes it a preferable choice among the gem collectors. This rare gemstone features a green hue in daylight or fluorescent light that changes to brownish-purple red in candle or lamplight. The striking color transformation is described as "emerald by day , ruby by night'. The phenomenon is attractive and is known as 'alexandrite effect.' 

Alexandrite Gemstone

The Science Behind the Alexandrite Effect 

Every natural phenomenon carries a science behind it. For Alexandrite, the color changing property is due to the presence of elements like chromium. The presence of these trace element gives the characteristic color to the stone that changes under different light conditions. The gemstone shows a purple-grey color in uniform white light. The blue-green hue of the stone is due to the unabsorbed green and blue light. (Unabsorbed light reflected gives objects the same color) The 'warm light' as we consider incandescent or candlelight, the stone appears purple-red. This peculiar color is due to the chromium ions not absorbing much red light. 

Alexandrite stone

What leads to price difference?

After slightly exploring the science behind the dramatic color change property exhibited by the natural alexandrite stone , one must wonder why there is a price difference. The 4C's are the grading parameters on which each gemstone are evaluated. Namely, cut, clarity, color, and carat weight are the essential criteria on which the quality and price (to an extent) depend. All these factors matter if we talk about Alexandrite stone, but in this blog, we will specifically discuss the 'color'. The finest natural alexandrite stone is determined by the intensity and quality of color change it displays. 

Alexandrite stone

At Navratan, we offer a wide collection of original alexandrite. Apart from these gemstones being rarest, the prices are also governed by their color. For instance, the Alexandrite stone price of 4.22 carat is higher than the 2.91 carat. The color intensity of the stone is more elevated for high-carat-weight stones. The high-carat weight gem exhibits a substantial and remarkable color change. The prices for alexandrites with high carat weight displaying the mystical color change are high. The alexandrite color chart and the prices are correlated. The specifications of the gemstones, color, clarity, and other grading factors are well provided on our website. The most important factor that guides the price of Alexandrite stone is the ‘certification’. Each and every gemstone on Navratan is certified from the best gemstone laboratories, ensuring the customers receive authenticated stones that are treasured for long.  

If you are looking for an Alexandrite for your engagement ring (one can, of course, owing to the uniqueness of the gem and its perfect hardness), you can go for stones at high prices. On the other hand, smaller size alexandrite stones can be a good option if you are looking for customized rings. One can find these fit in their budget. 

Why do I choose Alexandrite? 

From the above discussion, one can figure out the incredible beauty of the stone and the unique color-changing property that gives it much popularity. Apart from being a good option for a unique engagement ring (of course, the rarity matters), the natural Alexandrite  

is known for offering many benefits. This rare stone is a good talisman for health and emotional healing. This rare gemstone helps boost healthy blood circulation and detoxify the body from impurities and chemicals. It helps in encouraging self-confidence and decision-making. This stone represents love and inner wealth. 

Alexandrite stones are a perfect combination of beauty and rarity. The phenomenal color-changing property displayed by this alexandrite birthstone has made it one of the enchanting gemstones. It is known to offer good luck and fortune. Besides this, many health benefits have made this stone gain wide popularity. At Navratan, you get the finest natural Alexandrite; being it the color, clarity, or cut, you get the desirable stones of your choice. 

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