Different Shapes of Pink Sapphire Gemstones

Posted on May 1st, 2024 06:16 PM

Sapphires have always captivated the minds of humans. Their wide colors add a stunning appearance to any jewelry. Out of these various types of sapphires, pink-colored gemstones have their elegance. The color chart of this sapphire ranges from soft pastels to vivid shades. They are prized for their aesthetic appeal and are also renowned for their astrological significance. It is related to the planet Sun, which represents passion, vitality, and energy. Pink sapphire benefits in astrology relate to building harmonious relationships between couples, enhancing feelings of compassion, and promoting peace and harmony. 

Beyond their significant importance in Vedic astrology, they are loved as beautiful jewelry designs. Since they come in a lovely pink color, giving them different shapes makes them incredibly beautiful. Each shape has a special meaning, adding a unique touch to your jewelry designs. Let us know more about the various shapes of pink sapphire gemstones. 

7 Gemstone Cuts for Pink color Stone 

A well-cut stone reflects and refracts light effectively, enhancing brilliance, clarity, depth, and color. Cut is also one of the 4C’s determining the gem's price. Skilled lapidaries give a beautiful shape to the stone, making the adornment worth its cost. Moreover, each shape holds a specific symbolism and meaning that makes them a popular choice for engagement rings. You can buy loose gemstone from Navratan for customized rings and jewelry and make your adornment look classy. 

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Let's have a look at all these cuts:

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  • Round Pink sapphires 

The round cut, also known as the brilliant cut, is one of the most popular shapes initially designed for diamonds only. It is a classic cut that reflects more light and sparkle, making the accessory catch everyone’s attention. The critical advantage of the round-shaped Gulabi Neelam is its versatility. They can be used as center stones for jewelry such as rings, pendants, or earrings. A pink sapphire solitaire ring with a round-cut center stone holds many meanings. Pink relates to compassion, love, and beauty, whereas round shape signifies unity. Thus, this adornment captivates your heart with its timeless beauty and symbolism. 

  • Oval pink sapphires 

The oval shape is another popular cut. It gives a more extensive look to your jewelry. The oval cut symbolizes harmony and balance. It's a variation of a round cut with 57 facets and reflects sparkle and brilliance. Astrologically, oval shapes are preferred more as the gemstone energy is believed to be equally distributed within this shape. So, if your zodiac signs are any of these: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Taurus, an oval pink sapphire is your best fit. This pink stone in the center, accompanied by an array of diamonds, is a perfect choice for halo ring designs. 

  • Emerald-Cut Sapphires

 Emerald cut is a stunning choice if you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated jewelry collection. This cut features 57 facets and resembles a rectangular shape with trimmed corners. The Emerald cut gives the gem a unique brilliance that stands out. The popularity of this cut has increased with time as colored gemstones like natural pink sapphire look incredibly flawless with this shape. This cut goes well with pendants, earrings, and rings. 

7 gemstone cuts for pink color stone

  • Heart cut pink sapphires 

The heart shape symbolizes love, passion, and romance for centuries, making it a popular choice for sentimental jewelry. This cut looks great with any gemstone, but with gulabi neelam ratna, its beauty gets a different dimension. The pink color stone represents love and affection. Thus, a pink sapphire heart ring or pendant is a cherished gift for your loved ones. An impressive pick is a well cut heart shape pink sapphire stone with balanced and pleasing proportions. This pink gemstone comes in a wide range of colors, with pink being the primary hue and purple, orange, and red as secondary hues. Whatever color you choose, make sure that the stone is given a perfect finish. Since there is a lot of stone wastage, confirming the actual carat weight when you buy it is essential. 

  • Pear cut pink sapphire 

Also known as teardrop cut, it is characterized by a rounded bottom and tapering point. These cuts are versatile and have timeless appeal. This fantastic shape goes well with everyday wear, from rings to earrings or pendant necklaces. These gems are highly sought-after, and shaping them in this cut exudes mesmerizing allure. Teardrop cut represents tears of joy and thus adds meaning to your jewelry collection. 

  • Cushion cut pink stone 

A cushion cut is a square cut with curved corners, just like a cushion. This cut showcases the color of the stone very well. Thus, for gulabi neelam ratna, this shape is another best way to show the exquisite hue. These are pretty popular cuts and have been on the trend for centuries. A vintage accessory with a cushion cut sapphire in the center makes it an excellent choice for jewelry enthusiasts. 

  • Marquise shaped gemstone 

Marquise cut is one of the finest shapes in the 18th century. It features an elongated shape with pointed ends called a “navette” cut. The beautiful gulabi pukhraj looks more impressive with this cut. The pastel hues of the gemstone reflect more sharply with the pointed ends and elongated surface. Marquise cut makes the finger look more slender, making it a perfect option for modern wedding rings. Moreover, it also serves as an ideal side stone, adding more beauty to the center stone. 

Where to buy the original pink sapphire stone?

-Buy pink color stones from reputed gem dealers like Navratan, the best online gem bazaar in Jaipur.

- Choose a well-defined cut that makes a perfect centerpiece for your jewelry. Moreover, a well-cut gem with a smooth finish is desirable for astrology. This is because it allows an easy flow of energy inside the stone. 

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