Old Burma Ruby Stone Benefits: Exploring Beauty and Power

Posted on September 18th, 2023 05:41 PM

Rubies, the beautiful gemstones, are classified as old Burma rubies and new Burma rubies. Both these rubies showcase a beautiful color but are distinguished by their origin. The type of rubies and their origin are significantly related to each other concerning the beauty and other characteristics of the stone. For each gemstone, whether it's ruby, sapphire or emerald, the description is incomplete without mentioning their origin. Concerning this, the blog here highlights the properties of the old Burma rubies and their benefits. First, let's discover the beauty of the finest quality ruby stones.  

What are Old Burma Rubies?

Rubies, in general, are the red varieties of corundum mineral. The trace amount of elements, such as chromium, lends color to otherwise colorless corundum. The finest ruby deposits come from Burma(Myanmar). The two mines famous for these spectacular red gemstones are the Mogok and Mong Hsu mines. The finer gemstone deposits of Mogok Valley in Burma are termed the ''Old Burma Rubies.'' The term ''old'' here highlights these gemstones' features, quality, and intense hue characteristic of their origin, that is Mogok mines in Burma. Other than this, the historical significance of these Manik stones also characterizes them as ''old rubies.'' 

old burma ruby origin

How is the Extraction Process of Rubies in Mogok Mine done?  

When talking about Burma rubies, the traditional Mogok mines are not to be forgotten. Yadan Shin mine in Mogok, the largest ruby mine, is known for the largest ruby deposits. Mogok, also named ''The Valley of the Rubies', lies north in the Union of Burma. This ruby-extracted place is situated between high jungle-covered hills. The extraction of the gemstones here takes place through a series of processes and enough time. The holes are around 300 meters deep, and it takes almost an hour for the miners to climb the vertical wooden ladders going deep inside for the further extraction process. The red gemstones are brought to the surface in rubber pails via pulleys, a tedious task for the miners. The gem material is crushed, washed and sorted. It can be thus inferred how hard work shapes the beauty of precious stones making them more precious. These gemstones are not only beautiful but also exhibit a great significance.  

extraction process of old burma rubies

What is the Significance of ''Old Burma Rubies''?

The significance of natural ruby gemstones is related to the stone's color. Passion, love, and power are just a few words describing the beauty of the stone. Popular as the ''stone of kings,'' these fascinating gemstones have been referred to as the epitome of power and wealth. Owing to the mystical power of the stone, Manik stone has been worn as a talisman. The ''Old Burma ruby stone'' is associated with the ancient lore signifying protection. The ancient Burmese used to insert these beautiful gemstones into the flesh of soldiers. This placement of the stone underneath the skin prevented the soldiers from wounds. The bright color of the gemstone is captivating and has inspired many stories in the past. The stories related to the original ruby stone that had the power to boil water when placed in it reflect how the inner and outer beauty of the stone shines. 

Significance of old burma rubies

What are the Benefits of Old Burma Rubies? 

Renowned for their immense beauty and significance in ancient times, these traditional varieties of rubies possess many benefits. The incredible ruby benefits are as follows:

benefits of old burma rubies

Protection from Enemies 

Since ancient times, Ruby gemstones have been popular for protecting the wearer from enemies. There are many famous lores regarding ancient Burma cultures believing in the power of the stone. Whether placing the stone inside the flesh of the soldiers or keeping the stone close to the body done to gain victory over the enemies, ''old Burma rubies'' had been regarded as the protectors. 

Acquiring Fame and Wealth 

The fascinating red-hued gemstones help the wearer to achieve name and fame. Wearing an original chuni stone stimulates creativity and self-confidence. This indeed helps in achieving name and fame in any profession. 

Promoting Health Benefits 

Ruby stone possesses many health-related benefits. These stones help in improving blood circulation and aid in various blood-related diseases. The stone helps in regenerating skin cells and enhancing vision. 

Chakra Healing and Balancing 

This powerful gemstone is associated with the root or base chakra. The root chakra, if blocked, makes the person depressed, lethargic and disconnected from reality. Unblocking this chakra makes the wearer confident and regains strength. Concerning this chakra, the wearer has a clear mindset and can make correct decisions. 

The Stone of Love and Passion 

''Old Burma ruby stone'' is related to the Sun, which signifies success, name, and health. The wearer of the ruby stone helps increase courage and self-confidence, promoting good health and improving relationships.



How to buy Old Burma Ruby Stone?

After learning about Burma ruby's benefits, it's time to check out the factors that stimulate the buying process. Buy Burma ruby stone online, and consider the four C's factors. The intense red hue of the stone governs the Old Burma ruby stone price. This vibrant and intense color is due to the level of chromium inside the crystal lattice of the stone. The Burma rubies are prized for their exceptional ''pigeon blood red hue,'', and those from Mogok Valley are among the high-quality stones. These beautiful "pigeon blood red ruby stones exhibit high fluorescence levels even in daylight. This characteristic feature of the stone helps in determining its source of origin. Burma rubies are also durable, making them perfect stones for jewelry. However, the Old Burma ruby stone also features short, fine, rutile needles that make a difference in price. The ruby gemstones with no inclusions are rare, ultimately increasing their price. The other factors, such as cut and carat weight, directly don't impact the price of the stone but are important in determining the price of ruby stone

To conclude, the ''Old Burma Ruby ' Ruby' gemstones are highly desirable owing to their fine quality. Reflecting the place of origin that gives identity to the gemstone, these red-hued gemstones are amazing. Considering their use in jewelry or astrological benefits, the price of these adorable stones is evaluated based on the four C's. At Navratan, India's best online gem bazaar, you get the natural certified Old Burma Ruby stone. Shop it now!

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