In How Many Days Ruby Give Effects?

How Many Days Ruby Give Effects?
Posted on May 13th, 2024 05:39 PM

Ruby, also known as the “king of gemstones” or "ratnaraj,” belongs to the corundum mineral family. It features a vivid red color, which represents vitality, passion, and energy. Ruby stone, also called Manik Ratna in Hindi, is related to the planet Sun. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that individuals with weak positioning of the sun in their horoscope can wear this gem. A natural ruby benefits the individual with improved leadership qualities, confidence, and positive energy and attracts career opportunities. There are many other manikya ratna benefits, but every wearer might seem to think about the question: ruby effects in how many days? This blog provides you with the answer to the same question. 

Immediate Effects of Wearing Natural Ruby

After wearing a Ruby stone, you may experience immediate effects that can be subtle or intense. These effects can be immediate, like within 2–3 days. Wearers might feel a sudden flow of energy, creating a sense of empowerment. The power of the stone can boost your confidence and inner strength. If you are a working professional who is finding it difficult to take on new challenges, but after wearing this red gemstone, your confidence level has boosted, then this stone is working for you. The vibrant red color of the stone represents passion, joy, and love and thus helps you get stress-free. After wearing ruby, if you feel relaxed or get a sudden flow of wealth, promotion, or good health, these are positive effects of ruby stone.

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Long-Term Impact of Manik Gemstone 

If you ask about ruby effects in how many days, they can extend beyond the span of 2–3 days. These effects can be felt within a month or more. If you are suffering from health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or those related to your mental health like depression or stress, the effects can be seen slowly. Either you have worn a ruby stone in your ring finger or are meditating with it; in any case, wait for sometime, maybe a month or six months. There can be many reasons for the delay in gemstone effectiveness. For instance, the wearer’s energy, nakshatra, placement of Grah in your horoscope, quality of the stone, and more. Thus, it is said that one should wait for some time and then observe the effects.  

Factors Influencing Ruby's Effectiveness

Manik stone is believed to be ruled by the planet Surya. Wearing this stone helps the wearer gain power, name, and fame in professional life. While meditating, it promotes calm and inner peace. But while judging its efficacy, there are many factors that play an important role. 

  • Quality of the Stone 

In Vedic astrology, it is believed that stones with vivid colors and high transparency reflect more powerful energy than those with dull colors and a milky appearance. Rubies from well-known origins like Burma and Mozambique are highly valued for their rich color and clarity. Thus, if you buy top-quality manik stone from these sources, you will get instant benefits. This is because the higher the color intensity and clarity, the stronger the energy. 

  • High-Carat Weight Stone

It is said that the higher the ratti of the stone, the more it possesses energy. Though that doesn't mean that smaller-carat stones have no power, in Vedic astrology, the carat weight of the stone is suggested to an individual by evaluating the problem and horoscope. It is also believed that higher-ratti gemstones have a more profound effect. So, if you are wearing a 5-carat ruby stone, you will have more vibrational energy and will benefit in a shorter span of time. Whereas, a smaller carat might take a longer time, but it also depends on the purpose for which you are suggesting a smaller carat.

Factors influencing ruby effectiveness
  • Individual’s Energy Field 

Rubies are believed to stimulate the flow of life force energy throughout the body, promoting the overall well-being of the wearer. However, effectiveness also matters with the wearer’s energy. A person with positive vibes or a balanced energy system experiences more effective results. Manikya ratna activates the heart chakra and induces traits like love and compassion in the wearer. Thus, while meditating, an individual aligns his energy with the gem’s energy. Doing so brings desired benefits to the wearer.  

  • Intent and Purpose 

Clear your intentions, as it amplifies the gemstone's effectiveness. Your strong belief while meditating with crystals or stones aligns with your goals, emotions, and desires and their intrinsic properties. This strong alignment pushes the effects of gemstones on the human body. Thus, you are bestowed with great outcomes. Incorporating these stones into your daily life in the form of jewelry or keeping crystals in your living room or office reflects your intentions. These intentions are further activated by rituals. For instance, performing the prana prathistha ceremony before wearing any gem activates its power. Thus, if you ask about ruby effects in how many days, it will give you results if you follow the rules before wearing a Manik one like this.  

  • Consistent Wear 

It is believed that wearing gemstones regularly maintains their effectiveness. However, for any reason, if you have removed the stone, you can wear it again after performing the energization process. This will restore the energy inside the stone and benefit you the way it was doing earlier. If you are feeling uncomfortable while wearing a ruby gemstone at night, you can remove it for some time and re-wear it in the morning. Make sure you keep it for activation under moonlight. Do not wear a cracked or already-used Manikya stone, as it will not offer you any benefit. Every gemstone has a life span. For Manik Ratna, it is ten years, and after that, you should buy a new stone. This is because stones lose their energy with time. You can always buy natural ruby stones from reputed gem dealers like Navratan.

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