How to Energize Emerald Gemstone

How to Energize Emerald Gemstone
Posted on June 24th, 2024 05:41 PM

Original Panna Ratna is also known as emerald in English. It is a wonderful astrological gemstone from the beryl mineral family. Green emerald stone benefits the wearer with intelligence, growth, and prosperity. These and many other benefits of the stone are well received by the wearer only if it is properly energized. In Vedic astrology, the energization process or the Prana Prathistha ritual of the gemstones is important in many ways. Let's see what these benefits are and the procedure for how to energize emerald gemstone:

Benefits of Energizing Emerald Stone

The power of Panna stone is strong enough to influence all aspects of your life. For instance, wearing a Pachu stone enhances the communication skills of the wearer. Thus, working professionals, politicians, and orators who need more of these skills should wear this green gemstone. Let's see what are the other key advantages:

  • Activation of the Panna amplifies the benefits of the stone, allowing you to sharpen your mental focus, concentrate on tasks, and improve productivity.

  • Since every stone is associated with chakras, wearing the stone on a specific finger unblocks the chakras and benefits the individual with spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of life. Emerald is linked to the heart chakra, and its activation induces traits of love, empathy, and compassion. It balances the energy within you and your surroundings, allowing you to maintain peace within yourself and the people around you. Energizing this stone helps you better receive these benefits.

  • After wearing Panna Ratna, if you observe changes like sudden increases in wealth, solved relationship issues, or success in the profession, it's a clear indication that this gemstone is working for you. So, if you think knowing how to energize emerald gemstones is important, this gives you the answer. Activating the gem makes it work more effectively.

  • Pachu stone is linked to the planet Mercury and is also called Budh Ratna. It takes 2-3 days for this stone to work. The energization process holds significance here. If the stone is fully activated it harnesses more energy from the concerned planet and transmits the same to the wearer.

How to Energize an Emerald Before Wearing it?

How to Energize an Emerald Before Wearing It

Here are the activation rituals that one should perform to get the maximum benefits of Panna stone.

-Consult with an astrologer before wearing any gem. Panna is not everyone when it comes to wearing it for astrological purposes. It is preferable for zodiac signs such as Taurus, Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, and Virgo. So, make sure you are wearing this stone after analysis of your natal chart.

-Before performing emerald gemstone rituals, take a bath early in the morning and keep yourself free from negative thoughts throughout the day. Keeping yourself positive the whole day will aid in harnessing more positive energy from the gem as well. 

-Keep the sacred place like a temple in which you will perform the energization process clean.

-Perform the ritual on the selected day and time. As to activating Panna, the suggested day and time is Wednesday early morning.

-First, cleanse the stone and dip it in a mixture of raw milk, honey, holy water, and tulsi leaves. Light incense sticks beside you to get more positive vibes. Keep the Pachu stone ring or pendant in the mixture for sometime and then rinse in clean water. You can keep all these necessary things beside you prior to this Vedic puja, as it will enhance your concentration and belief.

-After cleaning the ornament in water, keep it in a bowl and chant the mantra. The preferred mantra for amplifying emerald stone energy is “Om! Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhai Namah” or “Om Budh Budhaya Namah.” Chant any of these mantras 108 times with rudraksha mala.

-These mantras are specific to Lord Mercury or Budh, who is the ruling planet of Panna stone. Worshipping the divine planet allows the energy to be transferred to the gemstone. After you are done with chanting the mantras offer roli and rice to the ornament and some flowers as well.

-Pray to the Lord and keep your intentions beside them, like if you want benefits in terms of business, job, relationship, or more.

-After all this process, wear the Panna stone ring in gold on the index finger of the right hand for males and working women. Non-working females can wear them on the same finger of the left hand.

-Make sure you believe in these rituals and Vedic astrology, as this is all about your belief that will bring positive results in your life.

-During the whole process, make sure you do not eat non-veg or consume alcohol as it is a sacred pooja vidhi.

How to Cleanse and Charge an Emerald?

How to Cleanse and Charge an Emerald

Cleansing and charging stones are two different things. Cleansing refers to removing the negative energy from the gem while charging is aligning the gemstone’s energy with a specific intention. Cleansing Panna Ratna with holy water, raw milk, honey, and tulsi leaves is the best way you can also perform at home. Before energizing the process, you can charge Budh Ratna by keeping it in direct sunlight or moonlight for ten minutes. It's better to place Pachu stone in moonlight since these gems are brittle in nature, and direct sunlight may damage their surface. You can cleanse your gemstone after every six months. This will help in restoring its powerful energy.

How to Reactivate Panna Stone?

Reactivating the stone is a different process. It is performed in case you have removed the gem and not worn it for a long time. In this situation, you need to perform the same techniques to activate emerald stone as given above. Follow the energization process the way you performed it for the first time. Do not wear a used panna worn by anyone prior to you. This is because it will not benefit you in any case. Used gemstones carry the negative energy of the wearer who has already worn them. Thus, always buy a new stone to get maximum astrological benefits.

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