How to Choose the Perfect Moonstone Jewelry: A Complete Guide

Posted on July 26th, 2023 10:54 AM

Moonstone is a white gemstone that carries yin energy and is said to have therapeutic properties derived from the moon. Moonstone, or feldspar, has a remarkable optical effect known as adularescence.

Moonstone is opalescent and may range in color from blue to white to peach to grey. A rainbow moonstone is also available, and unearthed in places like Sri Lanka and India. Because of its mysterious allure and brilliant sheen, moonstone has won the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts all over the globe.



Moonstone has been treasured for thousands of years. Every civilization has its own fascinating gemstone history . The Romans thought that adorning themselves with moonstones brought them closer to their moon goddess since they were made from moonlight. Moonstone was thought to have prophetic powers by the ancient Greeks. The Greeks and the Romans both attribute the moonstone to the lunar gods. Moonstone is a potent healing gemstone and the bringer of good fortune and health. According to Asians, it is carried by the tide every 21 years.

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The finest examples of the mysterious moonstone are found in Sri Lanka and India. The rainbow-colored moonstones discovered in this region are among the most sought-after gems in the world. Beautiful examples of this kind of diamond may be discovered in Madagascar, Tanzania, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Myanmar, and even the United States.

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Clarity and Color

Moonstones are valued similarly to diamonds in terms of clarity and cut, commanding a greater price. The color play in the clearer moonstones is more even, and the inclusions don't detract from their beauty. Moonstones with inclusions and a green hue are less valuable than those without. You may get a moonstone to suit your budget, with prices ranging from minimal to maximum range.

Moonstone cut

Each item of jewelry is given its own distinct appearance, like moonstones can be carved into a variety of forms. Raw moonstone, however, has found extensive usage in contemporary and modern usage. Moonstone rings and bracelets are designed beautifully when they are set within the rings.

Jewelry Moonstone

Men and women alike are admiring the moonstone for its striking beauty. Moonstone rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants are all lovely, whether set in sterling silver or one of the other metals used to create the jewelry, such as rose gold or brass. When paired with other jewels, their beauty is amplified as well. The versatility of moonstone jewelry means it can be worn with a wide variety of dresses and still look great.

Moonstone ring

Moonstone is the most desirable moonstone for jewelry because of its milky white look and iridescent tint. Moonstone rings are universally admired pieces of jewelry that can be worn to any event and guarantee to make you the center of attention. Moonstone rings are popular among modern couples as engagement rings due to their allure and sparkle. It can't resist giving them their charms.

It's important to keep in mind that moonstones aren't conventional and durable gemstones like diamonds and sapphires before making a purchase. They are quite soft, with a Mohs scale hardness rating of 6.5.

Moonstone Pendant

In addition to magnificent rings, moonstone also produces lovely pendants. Large and tiny faceted cabochons are used for the pendants. They complement cocktail dresses as well as suits and ties. In addition to being useful as jewelry, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

Moonstone Pendant

Moonstone Necklace

Necklaces crafted from moonstone, with their shimmering splendor, are rare and eye-catching. Moonstone necklaces are the most sophisticated pieces of jewelry a lady may wear on a first date or to a cocktail party. These necklaces are very versatile, and can be worn with any outfit!

Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone Bracelet  

Moonstones are used to make enchanting bracelets that shine like the moon. These bracelets may be found in a variety of sizes, and their focal points can be used as a string of beads. They look well with both dressy and more relaxed outfits, and they're fit for a queen.

Moonstone Jewelry: Dos and Don'ts

  • Because of its fragility, this beautiful moonstone requires special attention.
  • Since the bezel setting might come loose, you shouldn't wear your moonstone while doing dishes or swimming.
  • Keep your moonstone jewelry away from moisture, since this might cause the sterling silver or other setting to tarnish.
  • Moonstones are easily scratched; therefore, it's important to store your jewelry in a soft cloth or a felt-lined box to prevent damage.
  •  Moonstone jewelry cleaned with an ultrasonic or steam cleaner might damage the gemstone and cause it to become brittle.
  • Moonstone jewelry should be cleaned with a gentle, dry cloth to prevent scratching.

Moonstone Jewellary

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