How Gomed Stone Transforms Lives

Posted on June 25th, 2024 05:47 PM

Gomed is known as hessonite in English. It is often referred to as cinnamon stone due to its resemblance to the yellow-brown-red color of a cinnamon stick. Hessonite stone is linked to the planet Rahu, a shadow planet in Vedic astrology, which is responsible for giving harsh results if present in a weak position. However, the effects of Gomedhikam Ratna are not always negative. One needs a proper analysis of the birth chart from an astrologer and then concludes whether to wear the stone or not. This is because hessonite is a powerful gemstone, and individuals can see significant improvements in their personal and professional lives after wearing it. Let's see how Gomed stone transforms lives: 

4 Positive Effects of Gomed Stone

In Vedic astrology, this Rahu Ratna is worn by the zodiac signs Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. It is believed that if Rahu is the Lord of the good house of an individual’s birth chart or Rahu Mahadasha and Shani Antardasha is going on, then it is suggested to wear a hessonite gemstone. Let's see what are the positive effects of wearing this stone:

  • Gomed Spiritual Benefits

The Gomedhikam stone is associated with the sacral and root chakra. Activating these chakras helps a person to improve mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It removes misunderstandings between couples, peers, friends, and family members, hence allowing healthy relationships. It supports decision-making skills and helps the wearer to explore the spirituality of happiness.  Wearing a hessonite stone ring on the middle finger of the right hand helps in maintaining a balance between body, mind, and soul. 

  • Gomed for Success

This gemstone is associated with the planet Rahu, which itself is the powerful Graha that brings a sudden increase in fame, wealth, and other gains. Hence, adorning it as a piece of jewelry can help you in attaining professional success. Gomed stone benefits for a career include removing challenges that a person faces during professional growth. If you are seeking a promotion but even after much hard work you are not able to get success, hessonite stone can transform your life. It will help attract opportunities, improve your decision-making skills, boost your confidence, and allow you to achieve your professional goals. 

  • Strengthens Relationships 

Gomedhikam Ratna, if worn on the ring finger, is said to influence relationships positively. It resolves conflicts and opens up communication thus making a healthy environment for couples to interact.  Gomed stone benefits for marriage include building trust and loyalty. Since it is connected to the root chakra, it balances emotions so you are more deeply connected with your partner and respect the other person’s feelings.  

  • Improves Health and Well Being 

Wearing a Rahu stone ring on the middle finger brings various health benefits to an individual. It improves the digestive system and offers relief from metabolic ailments. Gomed energy is calming and helps reduce stress and anxiety. So, if your productivity is decreasing because of emotional instability or mental stress, you can wear a hessonite gemstone. Panna and Gomedhikam stones can be worn together as they bring relief from skin diseases. This is one of the most powerful gemstone combinations that one can wear for good health. 

Gomed Stone Ring

4 Negative Effects of Gomed Stone

While Gomed transforms life, it should also be noted that there are certain negative effects that one can observe after wearing this gem. It is suggested that one can see the negative effects of hessonite if Rahu is placed in combination with Moon, Sun, Shani, and Mangal Graha. Zodiacs such as Sinha rashi (Leo), Kark (Cancer), Mesh (Aries), Vrischika (Taurus), Dhanu (Sagittarius) should not wear rahu stone. This is because the Lord of these Rashis is the enemy of Rahu. 

  • Increased Anxiety and Stress 

One of the side effects of wearing Gomed stone is that it influences the mental peace of the wearer. If the planet related to this gem is situated along with other Graha, such as the Moon, it leads to heightened depression and emotional instability. 

  • Impact on Health 

If an individual's birth chart shows a combination of Rahu and Mars, one should not wear this stone as it can have negative impacts on health. Thus, if you are facing side effects such as skin irritations or digestive issues you should remove it. 

  • Influence on Relationships 

If you are observing the negative effects of wearing a hessonite stone, such as emotional disturbance or misunderstandings in a relationship, you should remove the stone for some time. Consult a reputed astrologer first and ask for the perfect solution. Thus we can see Gomed stone transforms lives if worn incorrectly as well. 

  • Psychic Disturbances 

You can sleep with a Gomed stone but in case you are facing sleep disturbances like bad dreams or fear, you should remove it. Other than this, if wearing this stone is leading to headaches or insomnia then also you should remove this Ratna. It is a clear indication that hessonite stone doesn't suit you. Analyze the process of wearing, it might be that you have skipped the energization process. If that is the case, you should energize the gem first. In case you have gone through all the rules of wearing a gemstone you should consult an astrologer for the right suggestion. 

How to use Gomed 

-Buy a natural gem only. Siloni Gomed from Sri Lanka is the best stone for reducing the malefic effects of Rahu in astrology.

-You can wear this original gemstone in a rung or a pendant.

-Make sure whatever ornament you wear should be crafted in panchdhatu and ashtadhatu. However, you can also wear it in silver, but the maximum benefits are with the above-mentioned metals. 

-The gemstone should touch your skin, allowing maximum transfer of vibrational energy. 

-The best day and time for wearing hessonite stone is Saturday morning during Shukla Paksha. 

-Wear the Rahu stone ring on your middle finger as it is the finger of Saturn planet, which is compatible with it and thus brings effective results to an individual.  

-Activate the gemstone before wearing it. Know more about the energization process in our blog: How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones

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