Healing and Spiritual Properties of Ruby Stone

Posted on September 12th, 2023 03:13 PM
Ruby is an extremely rare gemstone; high-grade rubies can charge enormous prices. Additionally, its durability means it withstands scratches very well. Rubies are corundum gems and, as with any gemstone, may contain inclusions like needle-like rutile silk inclusions or fingerprint-like growth patterns. Intersecting rutile inclusions creates an eye-catching star effect in rubies, which makes them highly prominent gems.

The Physical and Intangible Properties that Make Ruby Stone a Gemstone

Ruby's energy connects people to their inner strength, giving them energy for life's journey. It symbolizes love and passion while aiding those suffering from peptic ulcers, fever, and rheumatism. Ruby is well known to enhance blood circulation, revitalize energy levels, increase vitality and vigor, and expand learning capacities. It may aid with mental clarity, concentration, and the ability to focus in busy environments; additionally, it reduces fear while protecting against anxiety and worry and is an effective shield against psychic attacks and paranormal activity.



Separating the Spiritual Meaning Behind Ruby Stone

Spiritually, ruby helps clear energy blockages in the heart. Additionally, it may ground its wearer so passions no longer consume them but can channel them more appropriately and effectively. Finally, ruby may aid in releasing karma while helping them move towards fulfilling their destiny. 

ruby gemstone

Ruby Stone: An Iconic Gem

Ruby stones have long been prized for their exquisite red hue and timeless beauty, gorgeous gemstone lovers and jewelry connoisseurs alike. As part of mineral corundum groupings that include ruby stone, their formation requires millions of years beneath the Earth's surface and special treatment from geologists before emerging onto the surface as precious gems like Ruby.

Rubies have long been prized symbols of power and protection among monarchs and emperors of various civilizations throughout history, symbolizing power, passion, and protection. Burma culture, in particular, held them in great regard, believing them to provide invulnerability in battle. Their tales illuminate history's pages as their fiery brilliance leaves its indelible mark upon diverse cultures and civilizations around the globe.

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Rubies as Jewelry Accents: An Artful Accentuation of Adornment

Rubies have long been treasured stones due to their exquisite aesthetic. Additionally, rubies hold great symbolic and spiritual meaning, representing love, passion, vitality, and emotional bonds between individuals. Ancient folklore believed rubies contained inner fire that could kindle emotions such as courage and fearlessness that fuel individual desires and emotional bonds.

Like other red stones such as garnet, pyrite, and topaz, Ruby is often associated with the heart chakra and promotes sensuality, passion, sexuality, and romance. Furthermore, ruby effectively protects against psychic attacks or bad dreams, soothing anger and helping overcome fear. Ancients supposed that rubies' vibrant red color betrayed an inner flame, leading them to use them as amulets against plague and pestilence, warn of impending danger, and keep warm. Some cultures even believed they could boil water by emitting sparks that ignited air - hence why ancients used ruby-encrusted lamps as lighting fixtures within their home to illuminate and light the room.
According to Hindu scripture known as Mani Mala, dreaming of wearing a crown crafted with rubies portends happiness and prosperity for monarchs; its dream could also indicate good harvest results for tillers of the soil or promise a marriage with her chosen prince. Similarly, if a woman dreams of wearing rubies, it may portend future marriage - though no inclusions are high.

Uncommon and pure, transparent rubies could even fetch millions in value!

natural certified ruby stone

How Origins Can Relate Its Properties

Rough rubies can be mined worldwide, with each country of origin playing an essential part in its value. Myanmar (formerly Burma) is well known for producing striking pigeon blood rubies that exhibit exceptional color and transparency. Their pleochroic properties also make them highly sought-after jewelry makers since these stones can appear deep red from certain angles while taking on more of an orange hue from others.

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