Five Interesting Facts About Tiger Eye: The Stone of Liberty.

Posted on July 3rd, 2023 04:35 PM

Imagine what would happen if you looked directly into a tiger's eye?

You will find a sense of superiority, bravery, and strength.

The tiger's eye, with its exquisite appearance reminiscent of a tiger's eye, is a gemstone that holds immense potential and intrigue. It is believed to nurture good fortune. This unique crystal has effects on emotional and physical well-being. This chatoyant gemstone is a golden to reddish-brown rock with a smooth and silky appearance. It's heavenly, beautiful enough to be worn as a soothing necklace, bracelet, or even a pair of earrings. However, for decades, the Tiger Eye ring has been the irresistible choice for men and women.

What Is A Tiger Eye?

Tiger Eye is a natural gem with an intriguing name. It is known as a variety of quartz that implies variation in its composition, because of the climatic and geological conditions over millions of years. It is made from two significant elements: earth and fire, and works on two main chakras: the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Since ancient times, the tiger's eye has been valued for its gorgeous brown and golden reflections.

Tiger eye stone


Let’s read five interesting facts about this gorgeous stone.

Forming Of A Tiger Eye

Made from metamorphic rock known for displaying ethereal beauty in a rainbow of colours. It is a type of quartz or chalcedony and has an opaque appearance. Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that grows above other minerals, such as crocidolite. The northern Cape province of South Africa is the world's primary source of tiger's eye. The South African deposits are so huge that they are largely responsible for making yellow, red, and brown more accessible to consumers on a budget.

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Unique Styling With Tiger Eye

The tiger's eye jewelry can add a calming sparkle to any jewellery collection, blinded by healing and protective properties. It's a fabulous choice for any event, creating intrinsic meaning for any ensemble. As a truly one-of-a-kind gemstone, Tiger's Eye demands attention, however it is displayed. These many distinctive patterns are available to you. If you're wanting to unleash your passion for ring collection or want to unleash a thoughtful gift for the special lady in your life. Get it packaged in a beautiful gift box with a string purse, making it a contemporary gift for any special occasion.

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Spiritual Healing With Tiger Eye

Yes, the Tiger's Eye has a great deal of spiritual meaning. Tiger's Eye is known for its healing properties. The yellow color of the brown Tiger's Eye and the honey tiger's eye enables vibrant thinking and determination, resolving complex matters in your personal life. Many people choose a Tiger's Eye, not depending on variety, to detoxify the blood and stimulate good fortune, courage, self-assurance, and emotional benefits.

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Tiger Eye As Powerful Jewelry

Indeed, Tiger's Eye stone jewelry is not just simple jewelry, but much more than that. It is full of magnetism and dynamism, which give us a feeling of joy and harmony, which are needed on a daily basis. The Tiger Eye stone jewelry has meaning and stimulates growth. To access information about the product, simply click on the provided link : Cat's Eye (Lehsunia) Gemstone
To access information about the product, simply click on the provided link :
 Cat's Eye (Lehsunia) Gemstone

It especially benefits the psyche of the wearer that the Tiger's Eye stone has formed a solid reputation among lithotherapy enthusiasts. This extraordinary gemstone has impressive protective virtues. It defends us from negative ideas or bad vibes when worn as an accessory. It stimulates virtuous waves, multiplying courage. It enhances bravery and creativity. It builds self-confidence and nurtures inner harmony. According to Asian tradition, a better balance of energies is significant for a better emotional perspective. Thus, this stone makes it possible to harmonize the balance between Yin and Yang. It protects us from negative vibes by removing energy imbalances. The tiger's eye stone is an extremely powerful gemstone; it protects its wearer just like a shield from direct negative vibes from the environment.

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Cost Of A Tiger Eye

Tiger's Eye can be both affordable and expensive. Although this may sound counterintuitive, numerous triumphant varieties of Tiger's Eye stones exist, some are rarer than others. For instance, the ethereal Blue tiger's eye is extremely rare and, as a result, exceedingly expensive. Honey Tiger's Eye, on the other hand, is just as rare and valuable because of it. However, other colours, such as red tiger's eye, are more frequent than the original brown stone that gave rise to the term. Because of the abundance of these stones in mines all over the world, their prices tend to be more reasonable regardless of their application.

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 Final Thought

Navratan is the perfect destination if you are looking for unique designs with a focus on antique patterns blended with vintage heritage appearances. We ensure to meet the endless possibilities of craftsmanship tradition. For lithotherapy enthusiasts, we recommend Tiger Eye gemstones, as these stones are perfect in expressing energies. We offer a wide range of Tiger Eye jewelry to intensify and purify energy radiation for its wearer. We are sure that tiger stones will definitely stimulate you to experience its virtues.


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