Everything You Should Know Before Buying The Ruby Stone

Ruby stone ring made with yellow gold
Posted on December 15th, 2022 05:55 PM

The most beloved gemstone in the world, the Ruby stone has a connection with wealth and success. It is the stone that has been worn by kings and queens to movie stars, as it helps them to attain bravery, success in their professional life, and protection in every phase of their life. Commonly it is known by the name Manik in Hindi. The intense red blood color stone also brings the energy of love along with it. Today this gemstone is worn for healing advantages and as well as for its ultimate beauty. Ruby comes straight from mother earth's blood. Read the complete blog and understand everything you are eager to know about this gemstone.

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Meaning And Properties Of Ruby Stone The word Ruby comes from the Latin word Ruber, whose meaning derives from the red color of the stone. The natural Ruby stone belongs to the corundum mineral family, ranging from pinkish-red to blood-red color, as it is the result of aluminum oxide. It is a strong stone that has been used in many traditions. The Indian Vedic suggests wearing this gemstone to attain growth and success in life. Rubies are one of the most expensive gemstones and are always priced for their intense red color. These gemstones are graded according to their clarity, cut, color, and carat weight; these factors determine the price of the stone.

Certified Ruby Stone with diamond stone ring

Benefits Of Wearing The Ruby Stone The Red Ruby stone holds a lot of emotions in them as they have been the choice of the people for centuries. Ruby stone provides endless Benefits, boosting the energy level of those who want to turn up the volume of their life. This rare gemstone has the power, confidence, and strength that will help the person to illuminate their world. This gemstone has a unique property that goes beyond the straightforward concept of touch and desire. Ruby is specially made for the one who belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign, and ones born in the month of July should also wear this gemstone as it is their birthstone. It helps a person to brighten their thoughts and passion, allowing them to become very successful in their life. The stone possesses an intense energy that will make life more joyful as the stone is the symbol of protection representing peace and balance in life. The real Manik Stone brings confidence and sharpness and processes the quality of growth. The stone helps the students to work hard in their academic life, as the stone enhances the focus ability to understand and learn. Apart from that, the stone also improves the depressive conditions in life, helping those who are suffering from major issues in life-related to finance, family, or personal.



Taking Care Of The Ruby Consider yourself very lucky if you are able to buy the Ruby gemstone, but at the same time, it is essential to take care of this gemstone. The authentic Ruby gemstone needs care to work in the long run. However, this stone rates at 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, but maintenance is essential. There are a few points that you need to take care of while wearing the Ruby stone. Always remember to put up makeup products, perfumes, skin care products, and lotions before wearing the Ruby jewelry. You should clean your Ruby stone with a soft toothbrush and mild soap, then clean it with water and wipe it with a soft cloth. It is recommended to keep your stone away from hash cleaning agents and chemicals to protect the originality of the surface. While talking about the storage of the stone, you should keep the stone in a separate box so that it does not get scratched with other gemstones; you should keep your natural Ruby stone covered in soft cotton and then in a box.

Ruby stone on the transparent Stone

Where Do These Rubies Come From? The oldest Rubies are deposited in Burma, which is now known as Myanmar. This place has had Ruby mines for more than five centuries; the Rubies which come from Burma are the world's most sought-after and rare rubies. They are the treasure that everybody in the world wants; they are found in many places of the world like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, India, America, and many other parts of the world. They are even located on the border of Thailand and Cambodia, which are actually an example of the great stone having a significant and beautiful appearance that can steal the heart of the people. Styling With The Ruby The original Ruby is one of the most alluring gemstones that can be matched with any kind of outfit. From western to traditional, it looks amazing, enhancing the personality of the wearer. From red carpet events to black tie events to wedding ceremonies and engagement parties, this gemstone which is set into gold or platinum metal, makes the person stand out. People would be turning their heads and would be staring at the jewelry pieces. The sheer perfection stone catches the attention of everyone at the event. Moreover, you can flaunt at your parties and later over social media as well, gaining lots of likes, comments, and followers.

Real Ruby Stone

Where To Buy These Stones From? You can buy these natural Ruby Gems from Navratan, the online gem Bazaar. It is one of the most famous and renowned websites that sells gemstones with a certificate. Ruby certificates of authentication make the person sure about the stone they are buying. You will always be sure about the price you have paid as this is a gemstone company that has had a hold in the offline market for 80 years. Now with time, they are offering the gemstones through online websites, which helps the customers save their time and explore the different stones while sitting at their place. We would recommend you to check out the website to check the varieties of gemstones found in different shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges. Place your order and become a happy customer.

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