What is a Longido Ruby? Unique Rubies from Tanzania

Posted on July 10th, 2024 05:55 PM

The alluring red rubies (Manik Stone) symbolizing love and passion are the elegance of life. These red gems capture the heart, and if you are a fashion enthusiast who loves colored gemstones, this stone should definitely be in your collection. A fine-quality gem like the Longido ruby will add elegance and sophistication to your look and will also be a great investment. It's a special variety of corundum crystal that is quintessential and unique.  

What is a Longido Ruby?

Longido Rubies have gotten their name from their region of origin. Between a geographical region of South Africa with vast planes called Serengeti and the town of Arusha, which lies at the foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro, there is a region where beautiful gemstones are found. Some of the world's most renowned gems have been found in this region. Nestled within this valley is the Longido district, known to produce some of the finest ruby stones in the world. 

The hues of the corundum crystals found in this district range from red to purple, but Manik is not the only stone that occurs here. A green zoisite is in composition with the ruby along with Black amphibole spots, which are scattered. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs in nature. This phenomenal occurrence is called Longido Ruby and ruby-in-zoisite.  

Longido Ruby Meaning & History 

Ruby have gotten its name from the Latin word Ruber, which means red. These rubies from Tanzania are found in shades of crimson red from medium to dark tones. They are one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. Tanzania ruby stones have been found recently in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Long known as Ruby Zoisite, these were found by English prospectors who were on an adventure. They found this hidden treasure after many days of searching. The sharp edges of the hexagonal ruby crystals were latched with the green crystals. 

Specifications / Physical Properties of Longido Ruby

Origin - Longido District 

Hardness - 09

Chemical Composition - Longido Manik stones of the corundum mineral family are rich in Chromium and low Iron.

Refractive Index - 1.76 - 1.77

Relative Density - 3.97 - 4.05

Specific Gravity - 4.00

Type - Type II gemstone (Few or no inclusions)

Longido Ruby

Benefits of Longido Ruby 

As per the astrological experts, the Manik stone is ruled by the planet Sun. Sun is the planet of individuality and boldness, it will bring you its blessings when you wear a Manikya gem. 

Here are the best Longido ruby benefits that you will get after wearing this stone with proper procedure:-

Authority - The Sun is the center of our universe, it's a leader. Hence it is said that wearing an original Manik stone will encourage you to be at a position of power. It will bring you to authoritativeness and enhance your management skills. 

Fierceness - The gem is known to increase the self-confidence and courage of its wearer. It enhances fierceness and boldness which will also help the person lead without any self-doubt and reach success. 

Vital Energies - Rubies are known to boost the vital energy levels of their wearer, making them more active and lively. 

Love & Passion - These red stones symbolize love, passion, and friendship. They are known to bring love into people’s life. It is believed that the gem’s energies strengthen the father-son bond. It also attracts potential partners to those who are looking for their soul mate. 

Spiritual Growth - It will connect you to the higher powers of the universe. Also, will shield you from harm like evil spirits, bad omens, and negative influences. 

Physical Health Benefits - Natural Longido ruby will also aid in healing the wearer physically. It will detoxify the body, remove all toxic substances, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the heart. 

Emotional Healing - It will promote your emotional well-being, helping you be more calm and composed. Regulating your mood swings and hormones, it will assist you to handle panic, stress, or anxiety better. 

Quality & Price of Longido Ruby 

The price of Longido ruby ranges between INR 1000 to INR 2,00,000 per carat, based on the quality of the gems. Rubies found in Tanzania show great variation in their quality. They can be from low grade to rarer high grade. 

Major quality factors that affect the cost of a gem are:- 
Cut - They are cut to improve their clarity and color and mostly faceted gems with fine and precise cuts are more costly. 
Color - Rubies from Tanzania, of the Longido district, are known to have bluish or purplish overtones. The ones with dark shades and less undertones are mostly in demand. 
Clarity - Longido ruby stones are Type II gemstones which means they are of good clarity with few inclusions, and less visible to the naked eye. 
Carat Weight - Larger sizes of these gems are very rare and hence are sold at higher amounts. 
Origin - Origins of the stone also affect the price as they have their own characteristics and are known in history for their distinctive properties. The Tanzanian rubies are known for their deep red hues and good quality. 


Longido Rubies are a rare type which were found by some English prospectors who were residing in Kenya for many years. It is also known as ruby-in-zoisite because these rubies are not found alone. It is composed of ruby crystal, green zoisite, and black hornblende. 
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