Emerald Green: A Stone of Balance and Harmony in Feng Shui

Posted on August 14th, 2023 05:12 PM

The etymology of Feng Shui comes from the Chinese words where 'feng' refers to wind and 'shui' means water. Feng Shui entails arranging things in living spaces to create a balance with the world around us. In general, feng shui is associated with harnessing energy for the home and maintaining a balance between the environment and an individual. But it will be interesting to know that this vital energy force is also related to gemstones. Like feng shui helps improve energy flow, gemstones like emerald stone, jade, citrine, and more help stimulate personal energy. 

The most common gemstone, jade, is a fascinating stone popular in many cultures in Asia. For instance, the stone is carved into meaningful symbols such as tortoise. In many cultures, the tortoise is considered an auspicious creature that signifies wealth, luck, and longevity. Citrine, known for its yellow and orange tones, also possesses positive energy. Unlike many other stones, the emerald stone is known for resonating with one's energetic vibration. This blog entails the role of emerald green stone in Feng Shui

Exploring the Metaphysical Properties of Emerald 

Before exploring the Feng Shui properties related to the stone, let's delve into the benefits of the stone. The Panna stone has been long associated with wealth, luck, and power. The gemstone has been a precious stone throughout history, enhancing the beauty of kings and queens. Cleopatra, the Egypt queen, is the best example in this consideration. The queen perceived these green-colored gemstones as an epitome of wealth and power. Apart from this, the emerald stone is also known for promoting intellect and wisdom. 

Metaphysical Properties of Emerald

Unveiling the Chakra connection of the Emeralds 

The stone of flourishing love is well related to emeralds and helps promote love, unity, and friendship. Related to the heart chakra, this beautiful gemstone stimulates emotions. The stone perfectly balances physical, emotional, and mental harmony. Thus, the stone overall helps in adding positivity and eliminating negative thoughts. Apart from mental being, the stone helps in promoting physical health. For instance, the stone tranquilize the eyes.

 The famous author, Pliny The Elder, has mentioned the soothing effects of the stone's green color, which allowed the ancient lapidaries to find solace during the cutting process of this stone. The gemstone is related to healing properties. The mesmerizing shades of green remind us of the flourishing spring symbolizing youth and fresh starts. Concerning the same, the emerald green color is a symbol of eternity, love, and calmness. When considering Feng Shui, the significance of these stones increases by many folds. 

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Significance of Green Emerald Color in Feng Shui Bagua Map 

The Bagua Map is a powerful tool that highlights the energy map for Feng Shui. This map is octagon or square. It evaluates the energy of your surrounding environment. Whichever may be the shape, the map comprises grids, each of which stands for an element of an individual's life. The different aspects of life, like wealth, prosperity, fame, relationships, health, family, knowledge, career, and more, are also displayed on the grid.

Significance of Green Emerald Color in Feng Shui Bagua Map

Along with depicting different elements and aspects, the grid also gives a particular color to each of them. In the case of emerald stone, the feng shui bagua map works in the area of family and new beginnings. This place relates to the green color of the grid. As green color associates with vitality and growth, emerald is the best choice if you desire to activate this area. 

One can stand in front of the door facing in and locate the middle third position of the left side. You can add the stone here and memorize your intention (how you want this addition to support you). In what other ways does the stone help, and how one can use it in other aspects of life are as follows. 

How to use Panna Stone in Feng Shui? 

The mystical properties of this green-colored stone have fascinated people since ancient times. The use of these gemstones in improving health and bestowing power and wealth has been remarkably known. The stone was kept in the burials reminding them of their youth afterlife. An emerald ring in Feng Shui is quite popular. The deeper tones of the stone help in enhancing the healing power. Apart from the healing properties Feng Shui emerald ring helps bring harmony to relationships. The little finger is considered the suitable finger to wear this Feng Shui ring. The wealth corner of the Feng Shui Bagua Map is connected to wood elements. This element is connected to the green color. The steps for adding emerald stone to this is quite simple. 

panna stone

The stone can be added to the left corner of the house to increase abundance and prosperity. The wood element is connected to the green color. Wood elements, as per the principles of Feng Shui, are related to healing, growth, and kindness. The green emerald activates the wood energy and can be placed anywhere in the home. 

However, wearing emerald jewelry is the best way to cultivate the positive energy of your surroundings. Adorning the jewelry enhances your beauty, and gemstones' positive energy resonates around you.  

Cleaning and Energizing Emerald gemstone for Optimum Benefits 

Any gemstone, whether studded in a feng shui ring or a general gemstone ring, is vital to clean frequently. Cleaning and caring for the stone is essential to enhance its energy. 

Cleaning and Energizing Emerald gemstone

  • The stone must not be broken from any of the sides. Broken stones have reduced energy, and thus suitable results are not received.
  • Feng Shui rings work spiritually, and it is essential to remember intentions and actions. These actions enhance the power of the rings. 
  • Cleaning the stone with mild detergent and water is advisable. 
  • Wipe the stone or gemstone studded ring with a dry cloth.

While buying emerald stones online, it is essential to consider the stone's color, clarity, carat weight and cut. These factors broadly impact the emerald stone price. The color factor comes first when considering the optimum energy circulated from the stone. The medium to dark green color of emerald is the most remarkable one. At Navratan, the online gem bazar, one can find the best quality of certified emeralds. Certified gemstones ensure authenticity, and one gets the finest jewels. The premium quality stones help optimize maximum energy to get the desired results of feng shui. 

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