Emerald Gemstone:- The Zenith of Magnificence

Posted on November 22nd, 2022 06:26 PM

Stunning lush green beauty is the first expression that arrives in our mind when we hear the word, ‘Emerald’. Natural Emeralds are fascinating green-colored gemstones with a rich history across numerous cultures and provinces. Being an epitome of the royalty, they are cherished worldwide. In the midst of a trendy revival and everyday vogue, this precious member of the Beryl mineral family makes excessively appealing engagement rings. Here in this section, today we are breaking down to you a vast exploration of emeralds gems. Check out some interesting facts about emerald, aka Panna Stone, while you plan to buy it. 

Interesting Facts About Emeralds

Numerous Names 

Emerald gemstone is popularly renowned as Panna Stone or Panna Ratna in Hindi. Owing to its association with the planet Mercury or Budh Grah, it is also known as Budh Ratna. In different languages, Emerald is also recognized by the name of Pachu Stone or pachu emerald and Maragatham or Markat Stone in Sanskrit. 

Sources of Emerald Stone

Emerald mines are found at various locations in the world including America, Brazil, Columbia, and Zimbabwe. However, premium quality emeralds are sourced from Afganistan, Columbia, Ethiopia, and Zambia. Where Columbia being the leader in emerald production, Panjshir region of Afganistan is known for supplying some of the finest quality emerald gems to the world.  Zambian and Ethopian Emeralds are also measured to be one of the best varieties of emeralds. While untreated emeralds are said to be the best ones for astrological pursuit, Columbian Emeralds are majorly used in jewelry purposes.

Check out more about the different sources of emerald gems.

King of Beryl  Although emeralds command the domination in the group, beryl is also found in other colors ranging from pink, red, yellow, light green, light blue, and dark blue to even colorless. Besides maragatham stone (emerald), Aquamarine, Morganite, Heliodor, and Red Beryl are some of the popular varieties of the Beryl clan but emerald always holds peak in terms of price, demand, and value.

Perfect Engagement Ring  

Diamonds and diamond rings are a talk of past. Today is the time to explore the core of colors. With endless soothing properties and perks for the love life, these days Emerald Rings are emerging as a preferred choice among young couples for tying the lifetime bond on their engagement ceremonies. 

Color Collaboration

Emeralds occur in a wide range of the green shade from greenish-blue to greenish-yellow. Where the primary color being green, blue and yellow are the commonly encountered secondary hues in emeralds. The presence of chromium and vanadium in the mineral beryl, gives the emeralds their intense green hue. On the contrary, the existence of the iron component gives an emerald a tint of bluish color.

Astrologically Auspicious  On the astrological ground, emerald or Panna Stone associate with the planet Mercury or Buddha Grah, which is believed to regulates wisdom and intellect. Thus, wearing emerald gem is considered helpful in bringing the positive traits of this auspicious planet into the life of its owner. Besides bestowing intelligence and brilliance, a Panna ring is also said to furnish sharp memory, clarity of thoughts, and improved communication skills to its wearer. 

  Magical May Birthstone 

Together with standing as an excellent an fashion accessary, emerald is widely used in gifting purposes. For the reason being the birthstone of May month, emerald rings or other pieces of jewelry make a perfect gift for those individuals who are born in the month of May. 


There is no denying that Real Emeralds are one of the most desired gemstones around the world. Thanks to their earthy beauty and incredible astrological advantages. You can read out the detailed benefits of sporting this soothing gem in our previous piece Amazing Benefits of Wearing Panna Stone.

Buy Certified Emerald (Panna) Gemstone Online  

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