Effects of Yellow Sapphire Stone in Relationship

Posted on June 21st, 2024 06:24 PM

Relationships are essential to our lives, and strengthening them is often challenging for some. Have you ever wondered if a gemstone could change your life and enhance your relationships? Yes, these natural wonders can impact your life positively in many ways. Yellow sapphire is called Pushparagam in Telugu and is one of the powerful gemstones that, with its soothing energy, can bring prosperity to your life. Sapphire stone means a lot in a relationship. They signify love and romance and, as an epitome of the same, people give them to their loved ones. But do you know the effects of yellow sapphire stone cover many relationships? Let's explore some of these:

Positive Effects of Pushparagam in Relationship

Natural yellow sapphire stone, called Pukhraj in Hindi, enhances married life. It is linked to the planet Jupiter, which signifies prosperity and good fortune. Thus, wearing a Pukhraj Ratna by any spouse can bring love to the relationship. However, wearing Jupiter stones should be strictly done under the guidance of an astrologer. This is because every zodiac sign has its gem, and analysis of the birth chart is equally important. Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer, and Pisces are the zodiac signs that should wear an original yellow sapphire.  Let's see how this powerful stone helps deal with significant relationship issues. 

Yellow Sapphire Stone

  • For a Blissful Married Life 

Marriage is a beautiful institution that requires love and mutual understanding to succeed. Those seeking a strong marital bond, wearing a Pushparagam can help. Pukhraj is for the planet Jupiter or Guru, which plays a significant role in strengthening relationships. A well-placed Guru Graha in the birth chart of ladies means they will be blessed with a good husband and a prosperous married life. Wearing a Jupiter stone in the ring finger of the left hand allows women to express their feelings openly which helps them maintain a healthy relationship. It helps reduce stress and anxiety in coping with challenges in married life. Pukhraj stone benefits female in finding a suitable life partner. 

  • Effects of Yellow Sapphire Stone for Better Relations with Elders 

Those seeking harmonious relationships with elders, such as parents or siblings, can wear this Guru Ratna. As the name suggests, the gemstone is associated with Guru Graha, which signifies wisdom and intelligence. The positive energy of the stone resonates around the wearer and induces traits like respect, communication, and understanding. Wearing a Pukhraj Ratna ring in the index finger of the right hand for males helps them cultivate empathy towards their elders. It provides individuals calmness, especially during heated arguments with family members. Thus, they give a sense of mutual respect and build emotional connections. 

  • Kanakpushparagam and Relations with Children

Kanakpushparagam is the Tamil word for Pukhraj. The positive energy of this stone influences relationships with children. In today's era, when parents need to be friends, building strong bonds with them is essential. Wearing this yellow gemstone benefits you immensely as a parent. It promotes positivity and emotional balance, maintaining harmonious relationships with children. This natural gemstone deepens understanding within you so that you can connect with your children emotionally. Yellow sapphires activate the Solar Plexus chakra, which is responsible for inducing fertility. Thus, for married couples who are seeking a child, this gemstone is auspicious. 

  • Jupiter Stone and Love Life 

This stone is your perfect companion for those seeking to improve their love life. For individuals suffering from past relationship trauma, wearing this stone can help attract positive energy. It provides you with emotional balance so that you can focus on other positive things and move on in life. This Guru stone helps reduce misunderstandings between couples and build trust, loyalty, and commitment. Wearing it as a pendant in gold allows you to restore love for your partner forever. It removes all fears, and one can enjoy and have a stable love life.  

Yellow Sapphire Stone

How to Wear Pukhraj for Relationships?

-Yellow sapphire to wear the index finger of the right hand for males and the same finger of the left hand for females. The index finger is also associated with the same planet, Jupiter; hence, wearing a Pushparagam ring on this finger amplifies the stone's power.

-Activate the gemstone before wearing it. The energization process is simple and can be performed at home. Dip the ring, pendant, or bracelet in a mixture of holy water, tulsi leaves, and raw milk. Read our blog to learn what to do before and after the energization process. How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones? (navratan.com)

-The best day and time to wear Guru Ratna is Thursday in the early morning. The gemstone should touch the skin so that the positive effects of the yellow sapphire stone are better transmitted to the individual. 

-Yes, you can sleep with the Pukhraj stone if you are comfortable with the metal in which it is crafted. However, you can also place it under your pillow to check whether it suits you or not. If you are feeling relaxed and have had a good sleep, you can wear the stone without any doubt. 

-The thumb rule of astrology is that the gemstone you wear should be worn regularly, as this allows continuous harnessing of the celestial energy. 

-Jupiter stone should be worn in gold for maximum benefits. Since gold is linked to the planet Sun, which is friends with Jupiter, wearing it in gold increases the power of Pukhraj. One also gets the benefits of Surya Graha, such as enhanced decision-making skills, divine power, and traits like empathy and understanding. 

-It takes 2-4 days for reflecting the effects of yellow sapphire stone in relationship. However, it also depends upon the wearer's energy. So, patience is the key. Be patient and wait for the positive results. 

-If Guru is debilitated and located in the 7th house of your birth chart or if the 7th house is the enemy of Guru, one should not wear Pukhraj Ratna.

If the Guru is situated in your natal chart's 6th, 8th, or 12th house, you should not wear a Ratna for it.

Buy natural yellow sapphire stone from a reputed gem store like Navratan and get maximum benefits in all aspects of your life. 

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