Discover Your Ideal Gemstone Based on Vedic Astrology

Posted on October 12th, 2023 01:41 PM

The cosmic forces surrounding our lives explore various facets of our existence. Vedic astrology, a time-honored tradition rooted in ancient India, offers a profound insight into our destinies through the positions of celestial bodies. Among its many applications, Vedic astrology guides us in selecting gemstones that resonate with our personal and professional profiles. These gemstones enhance our strengths, mitigate challenges, and unlock hidden potentials. In this blog, we delve into the fascinating world of Vedic astrology and gemstones, inviting you to discover your ideal gemstone companion. This celestial ally may illuminate your path to a harmonious life. But before embarking on the journey, let's know more about Vedic astrology. 

What Is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is the ancient Indian science that refers to planetary movements and their effects on humans. The history of Vedic astrology is ancient. It was practiced from 5000 to 10,000 BC and is rooted in the Hindu religion and philosophy, the Vedas, which means knowledge. The three main branches of Vedic astrology are Siddhanta, Samitha, and Hora. Likewise, Vedic astrology, there is also Western astrology, which uses the tropical zodiac calendar. The difference between Vedic and Western birth charts is a point of consideration. The Vedic astrology birth chart uses a sidereal system that calculates planet position changes. The Vedic astrology includes twelve zodiac signs, each associated with a gemstone

Ideal Gemstone Based on Vedic Astrology

How Are Gemstones and Astrology Related?

Gemstones and astrology are closely related. Gemstones are believed to influence an individual's astrological destiny significantly. According to Vedic astrology, the positions of planets at the time of an individual's birth are closely related. In all aspects of life, whether financial status, success, failure, or health, the planet's energies impact each of these. Gemstones harness the powers of these planets and provide related benefits to individuals. You might be curious about the gem and its subsequent world benefiting the wearer. Let's explore the same in the further section:

How Are Gemstones and Astrology Related


As per the Vedic astrology birth chart, Aries or Mesha, born between April 13 and May 14, have courageous and determined personality traits. The suggested gemstone for people with the Aries zodiac sign is Coral. This stone comes in two varieties: white and red. The planet Mars rules the Moonga stone. A natural Moonga stone benefits an individual if Mars is in the birth chart's 7th, 9th, and 10th houses. The Red Coral gemstone is a powerful stone that signifies energy, ambition, courage, and confidence. Besides this, the gem helps relieve health issues related to the bones and eyes. 


The zodiac sign Taurus or Vrishaba is for individuals born between May 15 to June 14. Venus is the planet that rules this zodiac and the individuals with positive traits such as generosity, trustworthiness, loyalty, and kindness. They are suggested to wear opal and diamond. Wearing an opal stone or a diamond ignites love and attracts luxury.


Individuals with zodiac signs Gemini or Mithuna are suggested to wear an emerald stone. As per the Vedic astrology birth chart, those born between June 15 and July 14 are assigned this zodiac sign. Panna stone signifies growth and calmness. 


The fourth astrological sign, Cancer or Karkata, is for individuals born between July 15 and August 14. The ruling planet of this Karka Rashi is the Moon. As per Vedic astrology, pearl is the suggested gemstone for the Cancer sign. This gem helps absorb negative energy and provides calm and peace to the wearer. 


The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo's zodiac sign. The individuals born between August 15 and September 15 are under the influence of the Singh sign. As per the Vedic astrology birth chart, the ruby stone is the right gemstone. Wearing a natural ruby gemstone is believed to improve the individual's health and professional and personal life.

Libra or Tula Raashi:

Ruled by the planet Venus, individuals born in the timeline between October 16 and November 14 are suggested to wear a diamond. This sparkling gemstone helps in offering good luck and prosperity to the wearer. 


The ascendants of Vrishchik Rashi are ruled by the planet Mars. According to the Vedic astrology birth chart, those born between November 15 and December 14 benefit from wearing a red coral gemstone.


Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Dhanus Rashi ascendants are suggested to wear yellow sapphire gemstones. Pukhraj, the wisdom stone, bestows the wearer with mental peace, courage, and happiness.


Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn or Makar, Rashi is for those born between January 14 and February 11. The ascendants are suggested to wear a blue sapphire gemstone. This beautiful blue-hued gemstone is believed to offer popularity, wealth, and prosperity. As per the Vedic astrology birth chart, wearing a natural Neelam stone protects the wearer from negative influences. Individuals suffering from rheumatism, bronchitis, knee ailments, or other body parts should wear blue sapphires. Natural blue sapphire stone is recommended to remove the malefic effects of Saturn (Shani). 


The ultimate gemstone for Kumbh Rashi or Aquarius is Neelamani. As per Western astrology, amethyst stone is considered suitable for Aquarius birth. In the previous section, we considered the difference between Western and Vedic astrology birth charts. So, we can infer that the gemstones also differ according to the different astrological types. 


The Meen Rashi is for individuals born between March 13 and April 12. The suggested gemstone for the zodiac sign Pisces is the Pukhraj stone. 

In the realm of Vedic astrology, the search to discover your ideal gemstone transcends mere adornment; it becomes a profound journey of self-alignment. As a conclusion for this blog, it can be said that the cosmos and their powerful energy leave an indelible imprint on our lives. As per Vedic astrology, harnessing the vibrational energies of gemstones aligned with the birth charts of individuals, one can seek to enhance strengths, mitigate challenges, and foster holistic well-being. According to the Vedic astrology birth chart, each gemstone is related to a particular zodiac sign, and one should choose as per the same. 

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