Changes After Wearing Blue Sapphire

Changes After Wearing Blue Sapphire
Posted on May 11th, 2024 06:19 PM

Blue sapphire is a precious member of the corundum mineral family. It features a vibrant blue colour, representing serenity and calmness. Thus, if you are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, wearing this blue gemstone can be beneficial. Blue sapphire stone, also called Neelam in Hindi in Vedic astrology, is related to the planet Saturn.

If Shani is placed in the weak position of your birth chart, this precious gem protects you from its ill effects. Neel Mani benefits you in many ways. It helps you get a career, financial stability, mental clarity, increased focus and health benefits. As per Indian astrology, not every gemstone suits you. Hence, consulting an astrologer is always advised. Observe the changes after wearing the blue sapphire; if it's positive, congrats; this is the lucky stone for you. If Neelam doesn't suit you, you either remove it or get advice from your astrologer. But what changes should one look for? Let's know more about these:

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5 Positive Changes after wearing Neeli stone

Natural Neelam stone brings good luck and wealth. It should be worn by a zodiac sign, such as  

Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. The ruling planet Saturn is compatible with these rashis. Hence, whatever problems you are facing, this blue gemstone is a perfect remedy for the same. It also brings relief from the most powerful Sade Sati Dosha, who can make your life miserable. Let's see what other positive changes there are after wearing blue sapphire. 

1. Improvement in Mental Clarity 

If you are a working professional finding it difficult to focus on your work or a student preparing for government exams, Nilam Ratna is for you. It aids in memorizing things, increasing focus and concentration. Thus, you achieve your goals with ease. 

2. Enhanced Communication Skills

Wearing a Neel mani can positively impact your communication skills. It helps the wearer express themselves confidently and craft innovative thoughts and ideas. If you are a public speaker, politician, lecturer, or salesperson, wearing this blue gemstone enhances your communication skills. 

3. Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem 

Whether you are looking for a job but low confidence is hindering your growth, wear a Neela stone. This natural gem instils self-assurance and inner strength in individuals. Thus, individuals seeking challenges in their careers can wear Nilam. It empowers you to follow your dreams without any difficulty.

5 positive changes after wearing

4. Spiritual Changes After Wearing Blue Sapphire

Many cultures connected the stone's blue colour to divine powers. In the modern scenario, this stone stimulates the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Meditating with this precious gem alleviates mental tension and depression. It provides a soothing effect and relaxes your mind so that you can make informed decisions. 

5. Increased Wealth and Prosperity

It is a positive sign if you get wealth from sources you expected after wearing this stone. This means it is working for you, and thus, you should wear it even after your purpose is solved. However, one precaution after wearing Neelam one should consider is to change the gemstone every five years. This is because stones lose their energy after some time. 

5 Negative Changes After Wearing Blue Sapphire

Ratnas give you benefits if they are worn correctly after analysis of your birth chart. They give negative results if worn incorrectly or do not suit you. Let's see what are neeli stone side effects that you should observe:

1. Bad Dreams After Wearing Neelam 

If you encounter bad dreams after wearing this gemstone, remove it. This is actually not a neeli stone's side effect, but if you are feeling uncomfortable after adorning it, you can remove it for some time. Observe the changes. If it continues, you may consult the doctor, but if, after removing the stone, you feel fine, then it might be because of the stone. Wear it after six months or when your birth chart suits it. If you observe no dreams after wearing blue sapphire, adorn it again. 

2. Headache After Wearing Neelam 

Some individuals might feel headaches or migraines after wearing this stone. This is because the gemstone's energy might not match yours. Look for the carat weight you have been advised for. Try wearing a low-carat weight gem for some time. For instance, you can wear 2 Ratti Neelam Ratna instead of 5 Ratti and observe. Let your body adapt the gem's energy. 

3. Blue Sapphire Effects on Relationship

If you see conflicts or misunderstandings in your married life or with your boss or peer group, remove the stone. Did you activate your gem initially? If not, re-energize your stone with all rituals. The best day and time to wear neel mani is Saturday morning between 5 AM and 7 AM and in the evening between 5 PM and 7 PM. On the contrary, if you have energized the ratna initially, you can do it again. 

4. Feeling Sleepy After Wearing Blue Sapphire

If you feel lazy or tired after adorning this precious stone, there might be other side effects of the Neelam stone. It can be due to health issues, so consulting a doctor should be a priority. If everything is fine, observe for a few days. Neel mani is known to bring calmness and relaxation. Thus, before adorning it, you should go for a test. Place the stone in a blue cloth and keep it in your pocket. If you feel depressed or uncomfortable, remove it. Try not wearing it as jewellery; you can meditate with it. It will help you feel relaxed, and if you have insomnia, it will be a great way to get rid of it. 

5. Loss of Wealth 

The disadvantage of wearing a blue sapphire stone is the sudden loss of wealth. If, after wearing this gem, you find financial instability, business setbacks, or job loss, the stone doesn't suit you. In this case, you should consult an astrologer first. If you have been wearing Neel Mani for a long time but now it is showing you no results or negative results like this, you should buy a new one. Observe the color of the stone, if its turning white, wearing it now is not good for you. 

Besides this, make sure you buy Nilam Ratna only from reputed gem dealers like Navratna.

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