Bizarre And Beautiful Bi-Color Sapphire Gemstone

Posted on September 8th, 2022 05:59 PM

The existence of colored crystals is as eccentric as enormous. Bi-color Sapphire is a perfect example of this fact. Bi-color Sapphire, also known as Two Tone Sapphire, is an exceptionally rare variety of the corundum mineral clan. It is a single stone that comprises two color zonings via uneven distribution. Natural Bi-color Sapphires arise from two very different colors with the presence of dramatic color zoning to two very similar colors with the presence of slightly off-color zoning. This varying diffusion of colors is caused due to irregular conditions of trace elements during the formation process of this crystal. In general, this color difference of bi-color sapphire gemstone does not alter under different conditions of light and is easily visible to the naked eye. Here in this article, let us check out this miraculous member of the sapphire family in detail. 

Types of Bi-Color Sapphire 

As the name indicates, Bicolor Sapphire or Two Tone Sapphire, or Pitambari Ratna is a blend of two or more shades. In most cases, it is a combination of yellow, blue, or white color. Stating below are some key varieties of Bicolor Sapphires (on the basis of their color) that are primarily found in nature. 

Yellow-Blue Sapphire 

Yellow-Blue Sapphire holds both yellow and blue colors and is typically called ‘Pitambari Neelam Stone’ in Hindi. Those stones that have a domination of blue proportion are known as ‘Neelambari Gemstone’. On the astrological ground, it represents the planet Jupiter and Saturn, or the karmic Shani Graha, at the same time. Therefore, this gem is used to grab the blessings of Jupiter and counter the evil eye effects of Saturn.

Blue-Green Sapphire

Blue-Green Sapphires get their hue from the presence of an iron component in the stone. Owing to the strong existence of the iron in this crystal, it carries a higher density in comparison to most of the other sapphires. Having a Moh’s Scale of hardness at 9, Blue Green Sapphire stone is measured as extremely durable for everyday uses. 

Yellow-Green Sapphire 

Yellow-Green Sapphire is a highly rare gem variety of green corundum minerals. On the account of its high iron content, this precious gemstone gets its yellowish green or greenish yellow shade. As per the science of astrology, Yellow-Green Sapphire gemstone is known to fetch financial benefits, and hence known as the ‘Stone of the Wealth’.

Violet-Blue Sapphire 

Violet-Blue Sapphire Gemstone, also renowned as ‘Indraneelam Ratna, primarily retains the bluish hue with overtones of violet color. Indian Vedic science entitles Saturn as the planet of deed’s decision and past life repentance. Thus, astrologers recommend this mesmerizing beauty to counter the malefic effects of the karmic planet Saturn.

Check out the major sources of Bi-Color Sapphire Gemstones in Origins of Bi-Color Sapphire (Pitambari) Stone.

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