Origins of Bi-Color Sapphire (Pitambari Neelam) Stone

Posted on September 14th, 2022 01:07 PM

With extraordinary capabilities of exhibiting multiple shades of colors, Bi-Color Sapphire, also known as Pitambari Neelam, is truly a priceless gem to behold. Original Bi-color Sapphires is one of the most sought-after crystals by lapidaries and gem lovers around the globe. This rare gem is known by various names in the market, such as Yellow Blue Sapphire, Parti Sapphire, and Pitambari Neelam Stone. 

                      When it comes to Bicolor Sapphire Origin, Asia dominates the world. Following Asia, Africa comes second in the lane of producing Bi-color sapphire. Different regions of Australia, Bangkok, Burma, China, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Thailand, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Montana in the United States are known for producing different color varieties of bi-color sapphires. With this article, let us explore the primary locations where this rare gem is found on the earth. 

Sources of Bi-Color Sapphire 

Origins of Yellow-Blue Bi-color Sapphire Gemstone 

Fine-quality Yellow Blue Sapphire Gemstones are mainly sourced from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Burma (now Myanmar) also produces this variety of bi-color sapphire stones. However, Natural Ceylon Bi-Color Sapphires have measured the finest quality.  

Origins of Blue Green Bi-color Sapphire Gemstone 

In general, original Bluish Green Sapphire gems are found in India, Australia, Burma, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka,  Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, and the USA. Montana mines of the USA are known for delivering very few yet exceptional quality Blue Green Bi-color Sapphires. 

Origins of Violet Blue Bi-color Sapphire Gemstone 

Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) is the primary source of Natural Violet Blue Bi-color Sapphire Crystal. Though it is found in a few other locations pure Violet hue is not apparently witnessed in most of the origins. 

Origins of Yellow Green Bi-color Sapphire 

Yellow Green Bi-color Sapphire is found in Australia, Bangkok, Burma, and United States. However, the finest grade of these yellowish-green sapphires arrives from Sri Lanka aka Ceylon. 

With this, we can state that the availability of Bi-color sapphire crystals is caught in a variety of locations, but the regions of Ceylon, Madagascar, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Thailand produce the most sought-after versions of this precious crystal. 

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