Best Gemstones That Suits Your Personality

Posted on September 28th, 2021 03:09 PM

Alike our fingerprints, we all have different persona and personalities. Furthermore, every personality has a different set of specifications, traits, and requirements. When we talk about the beautiful colored gemstones, there is a distinct gemstone to match different personalities. Natural Healing Gemstones have high cosmic powers with them that not only benefit the mental and physical health of a person but also improves the entire personality of a wearer. There lies deep meaning behind every gemstone. Thus while making the choice about the gem, rather than just going for looks, one should consider the metaphysical properties of the stone that utmost suit his or her mindset because what may be beneficial for one, may not be equally advantageous for another one. 

                         The beauty and impacts of an astrological stone are believed to last for a lifetime and hence they should be selected with extreme care. The right gem can bring joy, beauty, and love to your life while a wrong stone can lead several personal and professional problems into your life and end up buried at the bottom of your jewelry casket. Thus if you are also on the track of planning to buy gemstones online or offline, take some time out to do a bit of research and understand the overall context behind each gem to know which one suits your personality the perfectly the best. Listed below are some of the highly praised pieces of gems. So if you are also wondering what is your gemstone personality, give this article a thorough read. 

Pick The Right Gemstone That Fits Your Personality


Ruby, aka Manik Stone, is the birthstone for the month of July borns. It is known to help promote the power of love, thus highly recommended as a perfect gemstone for a new newly wedded couple. This red gem is also endorsed as a traditional gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Rubies are considered to be a shield against evil eye effects, and misfortune in the life. Owing to the charismatic beauty and amazing astrological powers, Ruby is regarded as the king of all gems. This pure stone of Sun display some elegant and softer color thin inclusions that exhibits a needle phenomenon, which is called ‘silk’ and enables the beam to scatter beautifully across the facets of the stone. This birthstone of July month also offers protection against poor health and physical pain. 

                      Ruby is best recommended for those individuals who have a weakly placed Sun in the house of the horoscope of their birth chart. Since eternity, Manik symbolizes energy, intensity, and compassion. Real Rubies of red color denote love, passion, power, and desire. These rich gems represent both friendship and love hence can be given as a gift. They can be a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day as well as Christmas. Being an activator for passion and a prominent source of courage, confidence, and determination, Natural Manik encourages enthusiasm and renewed vitality in its owner. It not only influences the romantic vibes in the life of its wearer but also bestows fortitude to see things in the pursuit of professional goals. So those who are lacking a tint of zeal in their day-to-day personality should certainly give it a try wearing real Manik stone


Aligned with insight, peace, and happiness, stunning sapphires can be the perfect choice for those who tend to seek a sense of positive inspiration or freedom from negative vibes. Sapphires arise in a variety of different colors like, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, peach, and white. Among all, blue and yellow colored sapphires are the most common ones. In the blue range, Kashmir Neelam and Cornflower Blue Sapphire are considered to be the best versions of their assortment. Kashmir blue sapphires are indeed ranked as the highest valued stones in the whole wide sapphire clan. While the owner of the most extraordinary and premium hue, Padparadscha sapphire is another extremely exclusive type of sapphires out there. It occurs in pale pinkish-brown to vivid-reddish overtones to goes up to a deep orange shade. 

                   As per Vedic astrology, almost all the different colors of this gem are associated with different planets of the universe. Where blue is believed to bring peace, harmony, and confidence, Pink sends signals for love, romance, and friendship. White is said to be the color of youth, peace, and goodness, whereas Yellow on the other hand promotes hope, health, happiness, and imagination. These magical gems are linked to wealth, success, prosperity, and abundance and are said to promote insight, intuition, mental focus, and psychic awareness. In general, Sapphires are expressed as the September birthstones, however, one can pick his or her suitable shade according to his or her personal preference and position of stars and planets in their birth chart. Moreover, sapphires are a traditional gift for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. 


Diamonds are the most classic, timeless, and most revered of all gemstones. The natural diamond, aka Heera, stands out as a premium source of purity and clarity in life. By restoring an impatient mind, it endorses balance and patience to its wearer. Diamond is a symbol of prosperity and is considered a traditional gift for those who are having their 10th and 60th wedding anniversaries. Wearing of a real Heera Ring is highly believed to attract success, wealth, and abundance. As Diamonds specifically are linked to prosperity, success, wealth, and abundance, since ancient times they were believed to grant the ability of good decision making and self-confidence to their wearer. So if you are also looking for clarity and prosperity altogether, try a natural diamond. 

         Diamonds are among the hardest gem material on earth and are said to be scratched only by another diamond. They are named out of a Greek that means ‘unbreakable’ so it is highly recommended for those individuals who are looking out for a sustainable harbinger of strength in their living. Diamonds possess the highest shine of all-natural transparent gemstones and reflect light in a unique way that makes them dazzle the most. In general, natural Heera is commonly colorless but this super beauty also arises in several different shades such as red, black, yellow, and blue. The original white diamonds represent peace, goodness, and reverence, while the black color in this stone symbolizes elegance, power, and wealth. Where Blue stands for harmony, confidence, and protection, while yellow, on the other hand, is denotes hope, joy, and imagination. Red Diamonds are one of the rarest and expensive stones in the world. 


Since time immemorial, Pearl is worn as a harbinger symbol of class and elegance around the globe. Pearl, aka Moti, is a supernatural gem that holds a strong, centuries-old reputation for its soothing beauty and high healing abilities. When it comes to excessive rage issues, the pearl is your go-to stone. Moti is said to be among one of the best remedies to control anger. In Vedic astrology, this white to bluish-grey colored organic marine gem holds strong astrological significance. On account of its aesthetics vibes and mesmerizing beauty, the pearl is regarded as ‘The Queen of Gems’ throughout the centuries. Basra Pearl is the most premium range of pearls available out there. 

            Owing to its association with the calmest planet moon, Moti is also known by several different names such as ‘Chandra Ratna, ‘Tarak Ratna’, ‘Mukta’, and ‘Margarita stone’ in different languages and cultures. It is primarily worn to pacify planet Moon in the birth chart of the wearer. According to astrologers, Moon is believed to manage the temperaments of a person, so is the pearl. Pearl carries unique cosmic powers and abundant metaphysical properties that tend to calm a furious mind. Therefore, this birthstone of June month is highly advisable for people who are having a furious mind. Thus, if you, or any of your loved ones, are having an irate or resentful personality,  give it a try to a natural Moti ring or any other jewelry. 


For ages, Green is believed to promotes generosity, fertility, vigor, and renewal. So is the gorgeous green-colored emerald has a strong association with fertility and wellbeing. Emerald, aka Panna stone, is said to be the birthstone of May month and hence excessively serviceable for the people born in this hot month. It is a traditional stone, which is aligned with growth and fertility. So, despite all the efforts if you are also feeling like stuck on the road to success and seeking growth, you should opt for wearing this engrossing green gem. Though emerald is not just the name of a stone, but also the name of a shape or cut. Therefore, other precious gems such as diamonds, ruby, and yellow sapphires can be cut and are accessible in emerald shape.

                 While emeralds are always green in color, they, in common, range from a light and airy seafoam to a dark pine with some inbuilt inclusions. Since green is regarded as the color of nature and the environment, emeralds are said to be the symbol of health, youth, prosperity, and good luck. This gemstone is believed to be a boon for your health. It not only calms skin, improves eyesight, and enhances senses but also relaxes the mind and relieves insomnia. By bestowing immense psychic powers to the wearer, emeralds effectively treat nervous disorders and certain allergies. Besides, shielding from several skin-related ailments, emerald is known to lift depression and heal heartbreak. It also brings learning, wisdom, and self-knowledge and inculcates patience and balance in its owner. 

Best Gemstones For Your Personality 

Mentioned above are some of the best-rated gemstones for human personalities. So you can pick anyone as per your personality and give it a try to enhance the being. Though these mystical gems are not confined up to a certain age or gender group; you should consult an expert astrologer regarding the suitability before buying or wearing any of them. However, before buying any piece of astrological gemstone, make sure the seller is authentic and reliable because any gem delivers its best result only when it is real and worn naturally. 

            You can also explore the widest range of certified natural gemstones online with Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Besides premium quality precious stones, you will get the credibility of purity and originality via a certificate of authenticity from renowned international gemstones testing laboratories such as GIS, GRS, IGI, and Gubelin. Visit the website for the latest assortment of stunning pieces of genuine gemstones to ensure that you end up with the perfect stone. You can also ring +91 9982805500 for the best festive offers. Enjoy Your Traits To The Fullest. 

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