Benefits of Wearing Red Coral and Ruby Together

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral and Ruby Together
Posted on June 22nd, 2024 05:58 PM

Astrological gemstones bring amazing benefits to the wearer when worn alone. Each stone is linked to a specific planet. Its energy interacts with the wearer’s energy to give potential benefits. These gems when worn together enhance each other's qualities bestwing great benefits to an individual. One such powerful gemstone combination is ruby stone and red coral. Both these Ratnas hold great importance in Vedic astrology.

Red coral, called Laal Moonga in Hindi, is linked to the planet Mars, the planet of energy and vitality. Moonga Ratna benefits include providing individuals with confidence, good health and happy realtionship. Ruby stone, also known as Manikya in Hindi, is associated with the planet Sun. Ruby stone benefits a person with success in professional life and maintains good relationships with loved ones. When worn together, the energy of both these gemstones is combined and works together to boost the wearer’s life. Let's see what these benefits are and how different energies combine.

5 Benefits of Wearing Red Coral and Ruby Together

Gemstone combinations are a great way to double up astrological benefits. But do all gems work together, or can every stone be worn with the other? No, it is not true. In Vedic astrology, these combinations are only suitable if their related planets are friendly to each other. Thus, one should always consult an astrologer before wearing two or more gems together. So, if you say that Manik and Moonga can be worn together, the answer is yes. This is because their related planets, the Sun and Mars, are friends with each other. Let's explore the benefits of wearing red coral and ruby together in astrology.

5 Benefits of Wearing Red Coral and Ruby Together

  • Enhanced Energy and Vitality

Both Laal Munga and Manik stone display red color which signifies energy and passion. For individuals who have active lifestyles or are a part of strenuous professions, such as athletes, firefighters, salespersons, and more, wearing this stone on the ring finger of the right hand is auspicious. On the other hand, Ruby stone is linked to the planet Sun and infuses the wearer with enthusiasm and self-confidence. Since both planets are friends of each other in Vedic astrology, their energies are compatible with each other. Hence, you feel more energetic throughout and are able to handle daily challenges.

  • Stimulate Emotional Stability

Balancing chakras influences various aspects of an individual's life. Red Coral Stone and Ruby are both associated with the root chakra. This energy center is the foundation of emotional and mental balance. Activation of this chakra provides you with relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, if you are in a broken relationship, activation of the root chakra frees you up with mental stress and gives you the courage to move forward in life. Since both these gemstones harness the energy of the same chakra, they are a perfect combination to wear. The benefits of wearing red coral and ruby together include bringing in positive energy and enhanced ability to cope with stress and depression. Thus, this combination provides the wearer with inner peace and courage to handle difficult situations.

  • Financial and Career Benefits

Munga and Manik combination helps you enhance your traits for professional success. This enables you to stay motivated and take challenges, which leads to increased productivity and better performance in your career. Manikya Ratna is linked to the planet Sun, which enhances leadership skills and confidence. Wearing a ruby ring on the ring finger of the right-hand helps gents to take up opportunities in business and career. When worn with red coral, the energy of this stone amplifies and strengthens you to achieve your goals. Thus, if you are aiming for a promotion or starting a business venture, wearing Munga and Manikya instills the courage to take risks and remove obstacles in your path.

  • Increasing Confidence and Courage

Wearing a powerful combination of these red gemstones boosts your confidence and courage. It helps you overcome fears and face challenges. Manik is ruled by the planet Sun, which signifies confidence and strength. Since this gemstone is ruled by one of the powerful Graha that is Surya, adorning this Ratna enhances your leadership qualities and allows you to gain professional success. When worn with Laal Munga, the energies of the two create a powerful synergy, encouraging the wearer to grab opportunities that come their way actively. So, if you are a woman looking for career success, there are ample benefits of wearing red coral and ruby together.

  • Relationship and Social Benefits

Ruby's stone meaning relates to love and compassion. Ruled by the planet Sun, it induces the feeling of warmth and vitality. You are able to connect at deeper levels with your loved ones. Wearing an original Manik on the ring finger of your left hand encourages mutual understanding between partners and enhances attractiveness. Thus, it maintains love in a relationship forever. Red coral gemstone is associated with Mars and is a favorable stone for a happy married life. If you are facing delays in getting married, this gem is recommended. Wearing a combination of both, however, helps you to get emotional balance. Thus allowing you to overcome bad relationships.

When to Wear Munga and Manik Together?

Wear Munga and Manik Together

You can wear the Moonga and Manikya stone combination if the planets Surya and Mangal are weak and are the Lord of a debilitated house in your birth chart. You can also wear a yellow sapphire, ruby, and coral combination if Guru is also weak in your birth chart, along with the other two gemstones ruling the planet.

How to Wear Ruby and Red Coral Together?

-Both these gemstones are worn on the ring finger. Also called Anamika in Hindi, the ring finger is governed by the planet Surya. Since Sun and Mangal are both friends, they can share the same finger. So, both Manikya and Munga are worn on the ring finger.

-Wear ruby stone on the ring finger of the right hand, whereas coral should be worn on the same finger of the left hand.

-You can either wear both gems in copper or gold. The maximum benefits of gold are that it amplifies the power of the stones, and you get results within the time frame.

-Activate the red coral and ruby combination ring before the wearing process. Follow our blog to learn more about this process: How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones? (

-The best day and time to wear Manik or Surya Ratna is Sunday early morning, whereas, for coral, it's on Tuesday morning. So, both these gems will be adorned on different days. You can either do the energization process of both gems on the same day and wear them on their respective days.

The mantra for ruby stone activation is “Om Surya Namah.” The mantra for coral stone activation is “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroom Sah Bhomay Namah.”

-You can also wear both the gems in the pendant.

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