Benefits of Wearing Opal in Index Finger

Posted on May 25th, 2024 06:09 PM

Opal, also called “Dudhiya Pathar” in Hindi, is a fantastic stone famous for its iridescence. Apart from its captivating appearance in Vedic astrology, this gemstone is believed to have great benefits. This stone offers the wearer harmony, passion, creativity, and self-confidence. It favors zodiac signs such as Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces. Dudhiya stone, when worn with an index finger, is believed to offer you the best results. Let's see its advantages:

4 Benefits of Wearing Opal in the Index Finger

A natural opal is for the planet Shukr or Venus. It signifies happiness, romance, beauty, charm, love, creativity and attraction. According to Indian astrology, if Shukra is placed in a favorable position in your horoscope, your life is filled with prosperity and joy.  From an astrological point of view, Venus relates to marriage in one’s horoscope. If your birth chart shows weak Shukr graha, there will be conflicts in your married life. It will affect peace, harmony, issues of giving birth to a child, and more. Hence, Dudhiya pathar is suggested to strengthen this planet in your natal chart. Wearing the gemstone on the correct finger with all the rules followed while wearing it, one can get the desired results. Let's have a look at these benefits: 

Opal Stone

  • Boosting Immune System

Wearing an opal stone on your index finger can enhance your immune system. The vibrational energy of this gem is believed to resonate around your body, promoting overall health and well-being. It provides a stronger defense against infections. Australian opal benefits you immensely by treating stomach and eye ailments. Individuals suffering from blood-related issues or kidney troubles are suggested to wear this gemstone. 

  • Improved Relationships

Known as Upala in Sanskrit, Dudhiya Pathar enhances emotional well-being and promotes harmony when worn on the index finger. Since this stone is associated with the planet Venus, which is related to marital bliss, its positive energy encourages understanding between couples. The soothing energy of the gem improves communication and strengthens the bonds between loved ones. 

  • Promotes Self-Confidence 

The index finger is associated with wisdom, leadership, power, and authority. Thus, wearing the opal gemstone benefits you in your career, studies, or job. The vibrant energy of this semi-precious gem helps you take on new challenges. If you are a professional seeking a promotion but lacking in decision-making skills or motivation, wearing this ratna in your forefinger can help you achieve the same; for students wearing an opal bracelet, benefits include better learning, clarity, focus, and a positive mindset. 

  • Facilitates Spiritual awakening 

Dudhiya Ratna resonates with the crown chakra. The index finger is linked to spiritual awareness and wisdom. The gemstone's calming properties activate when worn on the index finger and unblock the crown chakra. Various types of this Shukra ratna are associated with all seven chakras. For instance, fire opal gemstones help awaken the sacral chakra. This aids in promoting self-confidence, motivation, creativity, and passion. So, if you are an artist or writer or your profession is associated with any creative profession, wearing Upala Ranta can benefit you enormously. 

Opal Stone Pendant

4 Benefits of Wearing Opal in Ring Finger 

Some astrologers suggest that this stone should be worn on the ring finger. This is because the ring finger is linked to the planet Venus, which represents beauty, love, and creativity. Let's see how advantageous it is.

  • Wearing an opal ring in Anamika finger can help you face challenges in life. It helps release negative energy and add positivity to life. The stone's calming power maintains emotional balance.
  • Adorning this gem on the ring finger enhances your creative skills. Moreover, it helps attract wealth, success, and personal growth. So, if you are struggling to achieve your career goals, wearing this semi-precious gem can help you achieve them. 
  • Since the ring finger is associated with eternal love and attraction, wearing this stone promotes mutual understanding between the couples. Moreover, it stimulates compassion, empathy, and harmony. 
  • The ring finger is linked to the root chakra. Hence, wearing a black opal in Anamika aids in stability, spiritual growth, and protection. 

How to Wear an Opal on the Correct Finger?

The decision to adorn Dudhiya Ratna in the ring or index finger can be made after a reputed astrologer analyses your birth chart. Consider these rules: 

-Silver metal is the correct choice for this stone. An opal silver ring provides you with maximum benefits. Silver is related to the planet moon, whereas Upala is linked to Shukra. Both these planets are friends and thus go well with each other. 

Wear this astrological gem on Friday early morning during Shukla Paksha. Perform all the rituals, such as energizing the stone and activating it during moonlight.

- Make sure the gemstone is not cracked or damaged from any side. This is because a cracked stone will interfere with the continuous energy flow. 


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