Are Emeralds More Expensive than Rubies?

Are Emeralds More Expensive than Rubies
Posted on May 22nd, 2024 04:18 PM

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are the most expensive gemstones in the world. Their use goes beyond perfect jewelry. They hold great importance in astrology. In the gemstone marketplace, these big four are considered precious and are pierced for their beauty, color, and rarity. Diamonds were and are considered valuable, but with time, the price of precious colored gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires has also increased.

Each of these is purchased to make expensive jewelry. These precious gemstones and their benefits have mesmerized people for centuries; even today, they are preferred. Individuals use them to gain prosperity, wealth, and good health. With time, these fantastic gems are considered a potential investment, too. So, several factors highlight why the prices of colored gemstones have increased. When we talk about ruby vs emerald, both are known for their incredible beauty. The cost of these gems is based on different factors. Let's see the comparison. 

Ruby vs Sapphire vs Emerald: Gemstone Comparison  

Knowing the difference between the big three will help you understand the difference between these gemstone properties. 

Ruby Stone: This precious red gem comes from the corundum mineral family. Its hardness is nine, making it perfect for jewelry. 

Sapphire stone: This precious stone, which comes from the corundum mineral family, is also available in various colors except red. Its fair hardness makes it suitable for all forms of jewelry. 

Emerald stone: This stone's vivid green color is mesmerizing. It has fair hardness, though not as good as sapphires and rubies. Emeralds are perfect for everyday wear. 

Ruby vs Emerald: Uses and popularity 

Ruby vs Emerald Uses and popularity

Red Ruby Gemstone: This beautiful gem has been popular in various cultures since ancient times. In Indian culture, it was known as the “king of gemstones” or ratnaraj and was believed to bring good fortune to the kings. It symbolized power and authority, thus making it gain a prestigious place in the world of gems. The fantastic red color of this stone is a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts. Whether set in earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets, it makes jewelry look great.

 Ruby, also known as Manik in Hindi, plays a significant role in Vedic and Western astrology. In Vedic astrology, Manik ratna benefits in offering passion, energy, enhanced decision-making skills, wealth, and good health. Manikya stone is ruled by the planet Sun. Thus, individuals with weak placement of the Sun in their horoscope are suggested to wear this stone. In Western astrology, ruby is the birthstone of July, a perfect stone for your loved ones. 

Green Emerald Stone: Known as Panna in Hindi, the emerald has been famous for its medicinal properties. Many cultures believed it to be a savior from diseases like cholera and malaria. It was considered a truth teller, as legends believed that keeping it in the mouth made the person speak the truth. This green gemstone was thought to bring relief from labor pain during childbirth. In Vedic astrology, panna ratna is related to the planet Mercury, which symbolizes intellect, communication, and self-expression. Original emerald stone benefits the wearer with love in a relationship, improved physical health, enhanced creativity, and balanced energy. Thus, those whose horoscope shows the weak placement of Budh Grah are suggested to wear this ratna. 

Are Emeralds more Expensive than Rubies?: Factors Affecting Prices

No, rubies are more expensive. However, both come in the category of precious stones; ruby takes the lead regarding price. There are many factors governing the higher cost. Let's see Ruby vs Emerald what price factors need to be compared:

  • Color: When it comes to deciding about the price of natural gemstones, 4C’s are considered. Color is the most important of the 4C’s. For ruby vs emerald, the former features a vivid red color, whereas the latter showcases a lush green hue. Pigeon blood red rubies are the most expensive and top-quality gems. They have gained a strong identity in the gemstone marketplace due to the vivid red color with a slight blue tint and exceptional clarity. Meanwhile, Emeralds have a solid green color reminiscent of lush forests and landscapes. 
  • Clarity: Well, with all gemstones, the clarity factor remains the same, and accordingly, they are priced. High clarity with few or no inclusions has more cost. However, the types of inclusions (which determine the clarity) are different. Ruby inclusions are called rutile needles, whereas, in panna ratna, inclusions are termed jardin. Two kinds of inclusions come with distinct appearance and characteristics. Pigeon Blood Ruby has higher clarity and is the most sought-after gemstone. Thus, they are priced higher. Colombian emeralds also possess high transparency. 
  • Cut: A well-defined cut in a gemstone marks a higher cost. A top-quality ruby with well-cut edges and a smooth finish is expensive. The same goes for Panna Ratna as well. Ruby vs. Emerald: When talking about which one is expensive, it depends upon the final stone that comes out after the cutting process. Moreover, color and clarity are other factors one must consider. A well-cut stone that showcases eye-clean transparency and vibrant color is priced higher. 
  • Carat Weight: Emerald vs Ruby, when compared in terms of carat weight, depends upon the crystal structure. For instance, Manik Ratna has a hexagonal crystal structure with densely packed atoms. Thus, a 1 carat Manikya ratna physically looks smaller than 1 carat panna ratna. However, there is no difference in the price because stones of high carat weight and good quality are priced higher. 
  • Origins: The best red gemstones are found in Burma, Mozambique, and Madagascar. The most renowned are pigeon blood Burmese rubies, which have splendid red color and high clarity. Colombia is the popular origin for Budh Ratna, famous for its striking lush green hue and high transparency. 

Ruby vs Emerald Price: A Comparison 

Ruby vs Emerald Price a Comparison

An original Manik stone from the best sources like Burma accounts for higher prices ranging from INR 5,000 and can extend upto INR 50,000 and more. Colombian emerald, on the contrary, accounts for a slightly less value. Other sources of panna gemstones include Brazil and Zambia, which are relatively low-priced compared to Burma rubies. Market trends for both these gems have flourished with time. This trend is increasing due to the rarity and demand for colored gemstones in the market. Old Burma Ruby stones sourced from Mogok Valley are rare owing to their exclusive color and limited availability. Colombian emeralds, on the other hand, produce a finite production of gems, adding to their excellent supply. 

What Should You opt for? 

Choosing any one of these gems depends upon personal taste and preferences. Both these stones are perfect for high investment and astrological purposes. Other than this, they make wonderful high-end jewelry. One should buy natural certified gems from reputed dealers like Navratan

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