All You Need To Know About Iolite (Neeli) Gemstone

Posted on February 8th, 2022 04:06 PM

Gemstones arise in an endless era of colors. From blue to black and multi-color to colorless, you will find crystals in almost all hues. Blue gemstones are prized for their excellency, wisdom, and devotion symbolism. Blue sapphire is the most costly of the dark blue gemstones, but iolite is a great substitute since it is less expensive than sapphire. It is important to note that Iolite stones have their special worth because of their spiritual significance and therapeutic capabilities. 

                           Iolite, also known as the Neeli’ gemstone, is recognized for its color are cosmic powers. The stone conveys a spirit of adventure, intuition, travel, dreams, and enlightenment. Many people consider iolite to be a guide stone that aids in the transition from one world to another, both physically and spiritually. The energies of this stone effectively encourage you to find the most feasible solutions while you are going through a difficult situation in your life and discover the best version of yourself. Here in this article, we have summarized all that you need to know about this stunning blue gem. You can give a quick glance at the world of this beautiful semi-precious stone from perks to price. Let us get started with the properties part. 


Since iolite belongs to the Cordierite mineral family, it has magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate in it. With a crystal system of Orthorhombic, the chemical formula of iolite rough is Mg₂Al₄Si₅O₁₈. Iolite gem ranks at 7 – 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale and carries a refractive index of 1.55 – 1.62. With vitreous luster, Neeli stone has translucent to transparent transparency. 

                     Iolite is a kind of cordierite that is used as a gem. It is found in blue, purple, and grey colors. Blue Iolite (Neeli) is a transparent stone with a mesmerizing blue-violet hue, similar to sapphire but with a purple tinge. Pleochroism is one of the iolite's most remarkable properties. With pleochroism, a crystal may show varied colors depending on the angle of view. The stone's color may change depending on the light and angle it is seen in.


Cordierite, the parent mineral of iolite stone, was first discovered in the year 1813, in Almería, Spain. It was named after the famous French geologist Louis Cordier (1777–1861). Today many nations throughout the globe have Iolite mines, such as India and Brazil as well as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and China. In different places, Iolite has a different look and quality. Indian and Madagascar Iolite are thought to be the best quality since high metaphysical characteristics and an ethereal radiance are attributed to them. 


In the jewelry business, the 4 c’s are one of the most important criteria in determining the stone's worth and price. Here are 4 c’s of iolite stone. 

Color: Iolite's most delicate and valuable hues range from vivid violet to blue. In general, it has Bluish purple, Bluish purple, and yellowish-grey shades at different angles. Iolite has a variety of colors when seen from various angles, which is why it is prized for its ability to shimmer and shine. Most of the natural iolite gemstones come with a dark and light blue color with purple and violet undertones. A grey hue tint is also accessible in a few iolites.

ClarityIolite is available in Type II clarity, which includes some metal and crystal inclusions. A good Iolite with minimal inclusions and stains on the surface is highly valued. The most natural iolite stone is usually eye-clean, although the presence of certain kinds of inclusions in the proper orientation may produce cat's-eye or aventurescent gemstones. Collectors value phenomenal iolite for its rarity.

Cut: As you may be aware, Iolite has a pretty pleochroic quality and a perfect cleavage orientation in one direction, which causes distinct color beams to appear at various angles. These characteristics might make the fashioning process difficult. A good cutter may bring out iolite's natural beauty. So the cutter must carefully arrange the stone to reveal the best color. 

Carat Weight: On the market, styled iolites weighing between one and ten carats may be found in various shapes and sizes. Finely faceted iolites exceeding 5 carats, on the other hand, are relatively uncommon.

Spiritual Meaning of Iolite 

As per ancient Vedic astrology, Iolite (Neeli Ratna), is associated with the planet Saturn or Shani. It is thus also known as Shani Priya in Hindi. Iolite crystals are utilized to re-establish a feeling of equilibrium that has been lost. They are often prescribed to those who are feeling disoriented or unmotivated. This healing stone gives us a feeling of security and endurance. It also helps us accept new duties and fulfill them appropriately. 

Benefits of Wearing Iolite (Neeli) Stone

Because of its fascinating look and supernatural astrological powers, iolite has particular importance in both the jewelry businesses and the world of astrology. According to legend, this stone has a metaphysical characteristic that bestows mental calm and well health onto a person, alleviating all despair, anxiety, and disorientation. You should certainly opt to wear a Certified Iolite stone if you wish to accomplish more in life since it benefits significantly and fills your life with wealth and new prospects.

                           In addition, it effectively improves blood flow and regulates the blood pressure of the wearer. Vein insufficiency may benefit from this kind of therapy, among other things. Detoxification is one of the most well-known advantages of this natural healing stone. It assists you to overcome a particular kind of addiction in some instances. This genuine supernatural gem also assists in the physical removal of toxins and fatty deposits from the body. It is also beneficial to keep on hand if you are trying to slim down. Additionally, this stone may be utilized to cure different digestive ailments, including indigestion, vomiting, and bloating, among other bowel and stomach difficulties. Explore the detailed benefits of wearing an Iolite gemstone in Wearing Benefits of Iolite

Who Should Wear Iolite or Neeli 

Since Iolite, aka Neeli, is related to the planet Saturn according to Vedic science, it is best recommended by astrologers to enhance the position of Saturn (Shani) in a person's house of horoscope. It is considered immensely helpful to individuals who are undergoing the tiring phase of ‘Shani Mahadasha’, ‘Shani-Saadsaati’, Saadsaati Maha Dasha, or ‘Shani Ki Dhasa’. 

                       Where Indian astrology recommends Neeli Ratna for Makar and Kumbh Rashi i.e., Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs respectively; Western astrology prescribes it as the birthstone for Virgo sun sign. However, ascendants of Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo are also measured to be driving benefits by wearing a Nili stone. 


In general, the price of Neeli gemstone in India ranges from Rs 350 to Rs 4,000 per carat and $5 to $50 approx. in the international gem market. Although this segment may vary depending upon the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the stone. Furthermore, they are a beautiful and beneficial stone that can be used in jewelry items for a lower cost because of their affordability and abundance of advantages. 


Original Iolite crystals are an incredible compliment to any jewelry or gemstone collection. They have extraordinary healing abilities to heal a person on all grounds. Nevertheless, not all stones are equally advantageous for everyone. Where a right gem can bring you strength, stability, and positivity; a wrong stone can lead to adverse results in your living at the same time. Thus, when you are particularly wearing a cosmic stone for astrological purposes, firstly make sure to consult an expert astrologist along with your birth chart so that he or she can suggest you with your suitable stone depending upon the position of stars and planets in your house of horoscope. 

Buy Certified Iolite (Neeli) Gemstone Online 

In order to avail of the maximum health and astrological benefits, always pick to only buy a real Neeli stone from a trusted gemstone store. You can also explore Navratan, the online gem Bazar for the best assortment of authentic iolite stones online. It is the most reliable gemstone website where you will find a wide range of certified colored gemstones online at the most reasonable price segment. 

                     All the stones here are genuine and verified by international gem testing agencies such as GRS, GIA, Gubelin, SSEF, and IGI. Besides the most premium collection of certified Iolite gemstones online, avail yourself of an insured shipping facility all across the globe together with an easy return option. Moreover, regardless of what stone you are buying, it is highly recommended to visit a learned astrologer prior. Connect now..!!

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