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Posted on December 3rd, 2022 06:32 PM

Emerald is one of the most valuable stones and is a very delicate stone. According to its color, appearance, brightness, weight, and transparency, its pricing is established. Original Zambian Emerald aids in improving heart and brain strength, resulting in a serene, satisfying life. 

The Mercury planet's benefits are generally enhanced and strengthened by the Zambian Emerald gemstone. Intuition, education, speech, teaching, learning, communication, self-assurance, writing, sketching, trade, humor, wit, discrimination, diplomacy, intellect, and commerce are some of the areas which are affected positively due to this gemstone.


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Zambian Emeralds are in high demand because of their distinctive hue and other distinguishing characteristics. The price of Zambian Panna is very reasonable, and it is anticipated that its worth will increase going forward. Zambian Emeralds account for 20% of the world's emerald production and are also referred to as the "green treasure" of southern Africa. In reality, Zambia is the world's second-most valued emerald producer after Colombia. Additionally, Zambian Emeralds are a preferred option for exquisite jewelry items like earrings, brooches, necklaces, and engagement rings. Emeralds make the most stunning engagement rings.

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What makes them so precious?

  • High Quality

The demand for emeralds from Zambia has increased recently. This is due to their exceptional quality and distinctive appearance. Real Zambian Emerald stones typically have superior clarity and light reflection, which enhances their color and makes them more aesthetically pleasing overall.

  • Clarity

The differentiating feature of Zambian Emeralds is their color. These emeralds contain iron, which gives them their much-desired bluish undertone. 

  • Strength

Zambian Emeralds typically rank between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them inherently stronger than others. This places them slightly behind diamonds, which are a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale, and stones like rubies and sapphires, which also are a score of 9. Emeralds from Zambia are also less fragile and porous than those from other parts of the world. 

  • Color

The most desirable, Zambian Panna has a bluish-green color that is slightly different. This color difference in emeralds found in Zambia is higher due to the content of iron embedded within the stones. The blue undertone in the natural Zambian Emerald gems gives them more depth. If you see a hue of blue or yellowish in the stone, then it is not a real Zambian Emerald. It is actually another variety of beryl, and its value drops accordingly. So, buy natural Zambian Emeralds from reliable gemstone sellers who can provide the necessary documentation or certification of their authenticity. 

  • Cut

When cutting priceless gems like Zambian Emeralds, gem cutters always opt for a reduction that saves the most carat weight without compromising the gem's beauty. Some of the more popular reducing styles for emeralds include the emerald cut, square reduce, square octagonal reduce, and oval reduce. Because fancy cuts like the princess and trillion reduce waste stone, they are less common and more expensive.

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Benefits of natural Zambian Panna stone

Zambian Panna is a powerful astrological gemstone that has been prized and loved throughout history by monarchs, conquerors, moguls, and pharaohs. According to the Vedic texts, wearing a fine, high-quality Zambian Emerald gemstone causes exceptional results in those who are mercury-effected. Astrologers highly recommend Zambian Panna due to its typical smoothness and vivid green color.

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  • The planet Mercury, the karaka of the mind, is represented by the emerald or Panna stone, which enhances intelligence, creativity, and finances. 

  • Carrying a good, pleasant, authentic Zambian Panna stone is therefore said to be beneficial for one's memory, creative thinking, and knowledge expansion. 

  • The Zambian Emerald gemstone is highly regarded by astrologers for enhancing the wearer's verbal communication skills and self-confidence. 

  • The high-quality energies of emeralds encourage the wearer's aptitude for wondering and consequently enhance mental expression. 

  • In alternative treatment modalities, emerald gemstone is thought to be especially beneficial for people with conditions affecting the skin or nerves. 

  • Additionally, it enables the resolution of a variety of mental issues, including anxiety, fear, and sadness. in a responsible manner.

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Final thoughts 

Never purchase a gemstone, including a Zambian Emerald, only because of its "name." Even though that name typically carries some reputation and value, it is still necessary to examine each stone individually and make sure it is the appropriate one for you. The shape, price, quality, color, and size must all be exactly what you want. 

It is advised that you purchase natural Zambian Panna stones from licensed merchants who can offer the necessary certifications and paperwork to demonstrate the stone's authenticity. Navratan, the online gem bazar, has a large selection of Zambian Emerald stones at the most affordable prices. To know more, check our website.

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