8 Incredible Healings That a Real Ruby (Manik) Stone Can Drive Onto Your Living

Posted on November 30th, 2021 01:18 PM

In a world dominated by meditations and surgeries, some people often overlook the healing powers of gemstones. However,  they are tremendous when it comes to your health. These supernatural healing crystals have incredible alleviating properties with them, which mark a direct effect on human health. If you are among those going through any personal, professional, or health issue in your daily living, you should certainly give it a try adding the natural incantation of real gems in your living. You may have a phenomenal range of dazzling stones to choose from for your engagement or jewelry purposes, but while discussing the health part, you should surely consult an expert because a wrong gem, cut, color, or carat weight can even lead to adverse results upon the wearer’s life.  



                  Ruby is one of such marvelous stones that comes with some amazing healings with it. The light pink to charismatic crimson color, when tangled with the dazzling cuts gives it an eternal eye-catching mien. Besides the beauty, Natural Ruby holds a direct association with the planet Sun that makes this stone counted amongst one of the strongest stones out there. Real rubies, renowned as Manik Stone, is highly eulogized by global astrologers. Not just the breathtaking dazzle grabs everyone's attention around the world, but also the prodigious metaphysical vibes of this red gem spot prominent place in the arena of western as well as Vedic astrology. Today, we are here to together explore the incredible healing effects that one will attain by carrying this red gem for sure. 

8 Amazing Healing Benefits of Wearing a Manik Gem


Ruby symbolizes power, passion, unity, and authority. It ensures tremendous success for the people operating in professions such as the army, police, and defense. Ruby tends to bring a path of potential for those students who are preparing for authoritative examinations like civil services.


Ruby, aka Manik, is said to be the stone of love and friendship. By renewing passion and harmony into the couple’s lives, this July Birthstone adds to your marital harmony and is considered extremely promising for a healthy marital relationship. 


It is believed that Sun is associated with the Manipura or Navel Chakra of the human body, which, in actuality, is the source of personal power. The navel chakra is responsible for your confidence level, willpower, warmth, and personality. Ruby, the stone of the Sun, thereby enhances the working of this chakra and removes the thoughts of depression and self-doubt from your mind. 

Note:- While exploring buying options for your ruby stone, you can buy it both from your local market as well as online. With the rapidly growing technologies, today we can buy anything with just a few clicks. However, you should be prudent while making such purchases. Read out the entire Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Ruby Gemstone online. 


Natural Ruby is measured to be a boon for your personal relations, especially your paternal bond. It does not just eliminate all sorts of misunderstandings and heal your relationship with your father but also nourishes this bond with more affection and better mutual understanding. 


Individuals with weak eyesight, fragile bone system, irregular heartbeat, poor blood circulation, and lack of Vitamin D are advised to adorn a certified Ruby gemstone in gold. This supernatural stone also provides relief in diarrhea, hemorrhages, indigestion, cardiac problems, and backbone problems. 


With the blessings of the strongest planet Sun, Rubies are known to wards off all the evil eye effects. They offer the owners respite from negativities and fetch fortune to their lives. By placing a piece of real Manik stone under your sleeping pillow, you get rid of nightmares and evil spirits. It imparts you to have a tranquil and restful sleep. 


Natural Manik stone also manages your mood well. In its natural and pure form, it works wonders for your mental health. Wearing ruby ring aids you to handles anger, helplessness, bad mood, depressed feelings, and other psychological issues. 


The majestic Ruby stone is not just a magical stone, but also an evergreen luxury to own. Together with good health, it brings immense name and fame to its wearer. A natural Manik stone bestows you with the blessings of Lord Sun, and eventually with extreme prosperity in personal and professional life. 

Apart from the striking and appealing charm, real rubies are a lot more. Where the whole wide jewelry world celebrates this charming crimson beauty, Vedic astrology looks forward to its extraordinary healings. For the best and desired results, Vedic science prescribes a specific way of wearing every astrological stone. The same is the case with Manik gem, read out the entire process in our previous write-ups, How to Wear a Ruby Gemstone

The key point to be taken into consideration:- Be it Manik, be it Neelam, or any other astrological gemstone, one should wear them only after duly consulting an expert astrologist. In order to get conferred benefits in your life, you must abide by the prescribed method. A wrong stone, in inappropriate cut, color, or carat/Ratti weight, when worn without recommendation, can even lead to several complications and mishaps rather than bringing prosperity. 

Buy Natural Manik Online 

Another point that needs to be considered while looking at the gem is the quality of the stone. No matter you are buying it for yourself or for your loved ones, for jewelry purposes, or for astrological aspects, you should only wear an original ruby stone. However, for a normal layman, it is extremely tough to distinguish between a real ruby and a synthetic one. Henceforth, one should always opt to make the purchase via an authentic source. To buy certified ruby gemstones online, you may explore Navratan.      

          Navratan, the online gem Bazar is amongst the most trusted gemstone stores in the market. It gives you an access to explore the widest segment of real rubies online at a reasonable cost. You also get an authenticity certificate from leading gemstones testing laboratories of the world such as SSEF, IGI, GRS, GIA, Gubelin, etc. Besides providing an insured shipping option all around the world, Navratan facilitates you with an easy return facility. Visit the website now or call us at +91 9982805500 for the ongoing festive discounts. Have a Safe Purchase..!

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