7 Gemstones Gift for Mother's Day

A precious stone for the most precious gift herself
Posted on May 9th, 2024 06:20 PM

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you might be searching for the best gift that can make this day more special for her. Accessories, outfits, taking her out for dinner or lunch, or just spending time with her-all these gift plans might be going on in your mind. Mothers are a true gem. Their guidance, motivation, love, sacrifice and trust are irreplaceable, and just a gift cannot balance their contribution to our lives. So, what is the best Mother's Day gift that is unique and beneficial for her? Whether it's your sister, mother, grandmother, aunt or anyone who has played an essential role in your life and you want to dedicate this day to her, nothing can be better than a beautiful gemstone. "A gem for a gem". 

So this Mother's Day, give your mom the precious stones from the earth. 

Best Gemstones for Mother 

Nature Earth has given us so many things, and original gems are one of these. These stones are not just loved for their explicit colour but also for their astrological advantages. Thus, presenting your mom with something that enhances her beauty and benefits her is the best thing you can do. Let's see what Ratnas you can opt for:

Green Emerald

It's May, and we don't want to take advantage of this valuable green gemstone from the list. Also called Panna stone in Hindi, emerald is one of the most precious stones in the world. It comes from the beryl mineral family and features an exclusive lush green colour reminiscent of the landscape. Panna stone benefits females in several ways. It represents love, hope, growth and prosperity. 

This beryl stone also helps relieve common health issues like the common cold, fever, or headache. Can I give my mom an emerald stone? You might want to ask this question. Yes, as a jewellery piece, this stone is one of the best gemstone gifts for Mother's Day. An emerald solitaire pendant is perfect for saying, "Thank you, Mom, for everything you are doing for us."  

Pink Sapphire 

Nothing can replace the love for pink, and for women, this love is forever. If your mom is also a pink lover, this sapphire is your best choice for her. This Gulabi Neelam symbolizes love, compassion, and trust. Thank you, Mom, for the immense love and care she has always poured over you or the trust you have shown that she is the one who will protect you from all the negative forces with a pair of pink sapphire stud earrings. 

Thanks to sapphires' amazing durability, these accessories are for everyday wear. Moreover, the colour of these stones is so subtle that it goes well with every outfit of hers. 

Red Ruby 

All mothers are superwomen. They balance their personal and professional duties well. Whenever you felt demotivated, she was there to support you. For that unconditional love and support, plus saluting the energy and courage she has consistently shown that she can handle everything, Ruby justifies being the best gift for her. 

Make this day more special for her with a Manik Ratna heart-shaped pendant. Customize this accessory by adding diamonds as a halo to add more shine to the piece. The red ruby gemstone benefits the wearer with good health, especially those related to the blood. Thus, this accessory comes with benefits, making it a more valuable gift. 


Remember when you found peace and comfort in your mother's arms? When you were stuck, her cool talks made you think that life is not that tough and that there is always a way out. Thank your mom for the motivation she always gave you by gifting her an aquamarine and diamond pendant.

The soothing colour of this beautiful stone complements the sparkling diamonds, which represent your relationship with your mother. The halo of diamonds signifies her sparkling guidance, which enlightens your soul, like the center blue gemstone. 

Yellow Sapphire 

Gift her a Pukhraj Ratna, which brings good fortune and prosperity. This auspicious stone's bright and subtle hues make her feel spiritually enlightened. A Yellow Sapphire Gold Ring is the best adornment that expresses her simplicity. It defines how she is bright, like the Sun's rays, which spread joy and warmth whenever she is around. 

Pushkaraj Ratna's benefits include good health, longevity, wisdom, and protection. It is also an ideal gem for motherhood, so if your sister or someone in your family who you think is no less than a motherly figure for you, Yellow Pukhraj can be a thoughtful gift. 


Another ideal gem that will make your mother feel special is moonstone. This stone exhibits a soothing energy and is also known as Chandra Mani in Hindi. Gift her a moonstone crystal or a bracelet to say, "Mom, you are my support system. You taught me that women are strong and have incredible energy. So, everything is possible for them." 

Thus, this stone represents the same, a token of love that highlights her traits, such as her inner strength. The beautiful aldurascence phenomenon of moonstone is captivating, making the jewellery piece look more stunning. A moonstone bracelet in silver is the simplest yet eye-catching jewellery your mom will love as it offers her freshness the whole day. 

Blue Sapphire 

This famous blue variety of sapphire doesn't need any introduction. According to colour therapy, blue is the colour of serenity and calmness. The depth of the colour signifies your love for your mother. A Neelam Ratna pendant in silver or gold is an ideal choice. It brings immense wealth and success. A two-carat Nilam Stone is enough for a simple and budget-friendly accessory. 

Make this Mother's Day memorable with these fantastic gemstone gifts. Shop natural gems from Navratan. We have a vast collection of certified stones. You can also opt for customized jewellery. Earrings, pendant necklaces, bracelets, and rings—choose any of these with your favourite gem that matches your mom's taste and preferences.

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