4 Eternal Gemstones For The Love of Your Life

Posted on June 10th, 2022 02:41 PM

No matter if there is any special occasion or not, your lady love always deserves to be felt special. There can be no better way to make someone feel special than gifting a precious gemstone. With the rapidly growing technologies, you have a number of options to buy gemstones online. Since time immemorial, gemstones are seen as a harbinger of stun and strength altogether. So when it comes to your life partner, rely on the beauty and purity of natural gemstones. Either it’s your engagement or wedding, a ring or any other piece of jewelry studded with a stunning gemstone is always a matter of deep warmth and fondness beyond excellence. Each of these gems is simply an epitome of eternal reminiscing and astonishing belle that represent the enduring vision and everlasting enchantress of your relationship’s existence. 

              Natural colored gems have not only played legendary roles in Vedic astrological science and ancient human history but for antiquities, these stunning pieces of gemstones have the caliber to tempt even the strongest woman around there. When you give a precious stone to your girl, then every such gem has a beautiful and unique story aligned with it, which the girl remembers and keeps in her heart for the rest of her life. However, when it comes to searching and buying gifts for women, men always find themselves in an ordeal and plug along. So, if you are also planning to shop for a precious gemstone for your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife we are here to help you. Featuring here today is a comprehensive range of 4 phenomenal jewel gemstones that a man can consider buying for his partner. These are some of those classy pieces of precious gems that any woman will certainly fall for. Let us give it a look. 

  1. Ruby or Manik Gemstone 

When it comes to emotions, passion, and compassion, there is nothing that can beat a Natural Ruby. With its enigmatic charm, it has allured not only the royal emperors but the whole of mankind since times immemorial. Real Manik Ratan has been cherished as one of the most noble stones throughout history. Even today, this birthstone of July month is amongst one of the most desired gemstones by women. In fact, rich pigeon blood-red colored Burmesse rubies are far more valuable than a diamond. Owing to its mesmerizing beauty and amazing astrological benefits, no wonder, this beautiful red stone is rightly regarded as the king of the gems. So if you want to gift a truly royal present to your love, there is no other stone as elegant as ruby. 

  1. Panna or Emerald Stone 

Emerald gemstone, widely popular as Panna Ratan in Hindi, is a perfect harbinger of strength and harmony in any relationship. For ages, this gorgeous green stone is used to bring trust and stability in a person’s life or in a bond and thus is an extremely popular option for engagement ceremonies. It not only fetches love and peace in a relation, but also enhances the level of warmth and mutual understanding among couples. To gift a premium astrological stone, you can pick a clean piece of Colombian emerald. It is out of the finest quality emeralds present out there after Swat or Panjshir Emeralds. Although, they range quite higher when it comes to price in comparison to other varieties on the account of their impeccable quality with color and clarity. If your love of life is born in the month of May, there can be nothing as elegant as an emerald stone ring for her because Natural Panna is regarded as the birthstone for May month. You can simply go for this gorgeous green beauty without a second thought. 

  1. Padparadscha Sapphire 

Only those who love to sport rare beauty, know the value of rare gemstones as well. So, if your better half is also among those people; a natural Padparadscha stone can be the best gift for her. It is a rare and precious variety of the sapphire family, which arises with a brilliant and remarkable balance of pink and orange hue. On the ground of its unique color composition, this exclusive beauty is highly appreciated by gem lovers and jewelry designers throughout the globe. According to Vedic astrology, this sophisticated stone possesses various mystical properties that stimulate spirituality and mental peace in the life of its wearer. So if you are also done with all the outdated conservative gifts, pick a Padparadscha sapphire gem. For a beauty-appreciating girl, it is undoubtedly a perfect gift to gift. 

  1. Neelam or Blue Sapphire 

There are never enough splendid designs and natural colors to fit into every girl’s casket. Even the envision of a dazzling royal blue color is enough to allure a lapidary. Blue sapphire, aka Neelam Ratan, has always been out of the most popular and powerful gemstones ever known to human beings. Together with royalty, it brings in the purest attributes like trust, honesty, and endurance in any bond and maybe that’s the key reason why original blue sapphires gemstone is one of the prominent choices for engagement rings between couples. Besides adding on to the eternal grace, Kashmir Neelam Stone represents the element of love, loyalty, and commitment in a long-lasting relationship. So if you are also planning to tie a life-long knot with your soul mate, pick this blue beauty to propose to her, especially if she is a September born. Though for engagement purposes, blue sapphire rings generally grab the trend; you can also opt for a pendant, bracelet, or love band as per the liking or choice of your lady.

Point to be taken into consideration:- 

Since all the above-stated gemstones are strongly known for their cosmic vibes and supernatural energies, they should be worn only upon an expert astrologer’s recommendation as they do not suit and benefit every individual equally. 

The Conclusion Note:- 


On the account of their unblemished charm and aura, Natural gemstones are considered highly precious. Though, these magnificent gemstones are not confined to feminine charm; they can be a perfect gift to show your affection and tenderness towards your lady luck. Besides bestowing several astrological benefits, these stunning stones impart you with the ultimate beauty. More than anything else, when it comes to gifting something precious to your precious ones, it is highly essential that the gift is pure and original. So, in order to add to the style, resonate with the inner self, and ensure originality, prefer making your purchase only via a trusted gemstone store where you get a certificate of authenticity along with every piece of gem you buy. 

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