Yaqoot Stone

Yaqoot Stone from the Corundum mineral family is known for its exquisite color. The color is the most highlighted part of this gemstone. The intensity of color of this incredible stone can range from blood-red to orange-red, purple-red, or pink-red. Despite possessing the most impressive color, this beautiful stone is also known for its hardness. It ranks nine on the Moh's Scale of Hardness and thus is a preferable gemstone for embracing any piece of jewelry. The red color of the Yaqoot Stone is due to Chromium in trace amount. The word Yakut (Yakoot) comes from the Urdu language. Apart from India and South Asia, these gemstones are mined in America and Europe.

Steps to wear Yaqoot Stone

  • Gold and silver are the suitable metals in which this red-colored stone can be embedded. Choosing the suitable metal ensures the wearer to extract maximum benefit.
  • The weight of the Yaqoot Stone should be between 3 and 6 carats.
  • Dip the stone in Ganga Jal or honey before wearing it. This process helps in energizing the stone, adding positivity.
  • The planet Sun is associated with this stone.Thus, one needs to burn five incense sticks and pray to God's Sun to get blessings from the same.
  • The benefits from stone are expected to be seen within 30 days once you wear it.
  • Seek advice from the astrologer for wearing the stone and the right finger it should be worn.

Benefits of wearing Yaqoot Stone

  • This red-colored stone promotes positivity in life. The wearer is benefited from increased concentration, creativity, and intellect.
  • This stone helps in building the charismatic personality of the wearer.
  • This beautiful stone helps improve the financial status of the wearer. Yaqoot Stone is the stone of royalty and authority and thus maintains the wearer's status.
  • Other benefits of this fantastic stone are improving communication and encouraging mind positivity.

Origin of Yaqoot Stone

This beautiful stone is found in countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Mozambique, Tanzania, Scotland, Australia, and the United States. The most extraordinary stones in terms of quality are from Burma mines. Yaqoot stones from Burmese mines are known for their intensive red color and sound clarity.

Pricing of Yaqoot Stone

The Yaqoot Stone price depends on the following factors:

Color: The most desirable Yaqoot stone showcases rich and intense color. The color is measured on three terms, namely hue, tone, and saturation. This stone displays different shades of red; the more vivid red, the more valuable it is. The finest quality stone falls between medium and medium dark tones. Lastly, the highly saturated stone makes the best of all the gems.

Clarity: The gemstones exhibit inclusion, and those in Yaqoot stone are called rutile needles. The stones with eye-clean inclusions have better clarity, which surges their prices.

Cut: The quality cut maximizes the intensity of color, resulting in a sparkling and brighter look.

Carat: The price of this red colored gemstone depends on its carat weight. The price will be higher if the gemstone is more prominent in size.

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