Yakut Stone

The gemstone of planet Sun, Yakut Stone is amongst the most desirable red-colored gemstones. This gemstone comes from the corundum family, considered the hardest mineral on the earth. This red stone is Saugandhit, Shonopal, Kuruvind, Ravi Ratna, Shonaratna, and Padmaranga in Sanskrit, Urdu, and Persian. It is commonly called Yakut. The stone displays a hardness of nine and the red color is the highlighted part that captivates the mind of the onlookers. These gemstones from Burma are considered the best and are famous for their beautiful hue.

History of Yakut Stone

This stone has a significant history where it has been mentioned four times in Bible. In Bible, this red stone is associated with beauty and wisdom. This stone is called ratnaraj in Sanskrit which means 'King of Precious Stones. The hardness and density of the stone get a special mention in the encyclopediac work of the Roman scholar, Pliny. The Yakut Stone were offered to Lord Krishna by ancient hindus asking for rebirth as kings. The people in ancient India considered these stones a symbol of peace. This beautiful stone was considered the most precious stones created by God. Medieval Europeans wore these stones to promote success, health, and wealth. One of the most coveted stone, this stone was traded along the North Silk Road in China. The Chinese aristocrats used to decorate their armors with Yakut Stone. It was believed that doing so protected them from any harm.

Origin of Yakut Stone

One of the oldest sources of this stone is the mines in Myanmar. The Mogok mines in Myanmar are known for producing the most sought-after gems. These stones are famous for their vibrant red hues and fewer inclusions. Other than this, Vietnam is also another source of this gemstone. The Yakut Stone from Luc Yen, Vietnam produces red to purplish red stones. Mozambique has now been the favorite destination producing quality red colored stones. Other significant producers include Madagascar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, and Afganistan.

Benefits of wearing Yakut Stone

  • This stone promotes positivity in life. The wearer is benefited from increased concentration, creativity, and wisdom.
  • This stone helps in personality development of the wearer. It helps in achieving a courageous attitude
  • This beautiful stone helps improve the financial status of the wearer. Yakut Stone is the stone of royalty and authority and thus maintains the wearer's status.
  • This stone helps in enhancing confidence in an individual.
  • It exhibits various health benefits. For instance, it helps strengthen the heart and detoxifies blood and lymph.
  • Other benefits of this fantastic stone are improving communication and encouraging positivity

    Pricing of Yakut Stone

    The Yakut Stone price depends on the following factors:

    Color: The most desirable Yakut stone showcases rich and intense color. The more vivid red hue, the more valuable the stone is. The finest quality stone falls between medium and medium dark tones. Lastly, the highly saturated stone makes the best of all the gems.

    Clarity: The stones with no or fewer inclusions have better clarity, which surges their prices. Cut: The quality cut maximizes the intensity of color, resulting in a sparkling and brighter look.

    Carat: The price of this red-colored gemstone depends on its carat weight. The price will be higher if the gemstone is more prominent in size.

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    Steps for Caring and Cleaning Yakut Stone

    • Use liquid soap or detergent and warm water to clean the stone.
    • Use a dry cloth to wipe the gemstone, avoiding any scratches.
    • Use jewelry pouches to store the gemstone.

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