White Moti

White Moti (commonly referred to as White Pearl) has long been celebrated and treasured for its radiant beauty and rich symbolism. Recognized for its pure white hue and smooth, lustrous surface, this timeless gemstone has long been appreciated for its grace and elegance. Crafted by nature itself in the depths of ocean waters, its elegant formation makes white moti an enchanting treasure indeed!

White moti is most known for its ability to decrease temper issues. Most astrologers recommend wearing natural white moti stone in their little finger to people who need emotional balance since the gemstone is connected to the Moon. Moti stone will bring the calmness and serenity of the Moon to its user. It regulates the hormones and helps the person control their anger and reduce their worries.

The gem helps the person feel relaxed as well as assists with better sleeping patterns. The benefits of Moti stone and the glorious beauty of the stones make it an exquisite and in-demand gem.

The price of White Moti stone starts around INR 500 to 3000 Per Carat in India, depending on its origins and quality factors. It is an evergreen gemstone with timeless appeal that will last generations, captivating jewellery enthusiasts, gemstone collectors, and spiritual seekers alike.

White Moti stone also known as Pearl around the world is a unique gem which is formed underwater, deep within oceans, in creatures called Oysters. They are organic, semi-precious gems that form inside living organisms molluscs.

Pretty pearls are found in many colors but the White Moti’s are loved the most Symbolizing purity and innocence. They are rarely found and because of their beauty and significance are cultivated as well.

Astrologically, the ruling planet of the white moti stone is the Moon. The gem connects the oceans to Moon, making the phases and energies positively affect your life. Indeed, the Moon, also known as Chandra Dev, is the planet of tranquillity, peace, romance, pleasure and smooth nights. The stone is the most beneficial to wear for the Cancer zodiac sign.

Pearl or Moti is also the June birthstone, perfectly aligning the energies of June borns. It assists their adaptable personality and their open minds to creativeness. Though, one has to take better care of pearls. The gem has a hardness of 2.5 only on Moh’s scale which means they can easily get scratched.

Benefits of White Moti

White Moti Stone is one of the Navratans, which astrologically makes it one of the nine most powerfully influencing gems in the world. In many cultures around the world, there are many beliefs on the various benefits of Moti stone. There are many metaphysical and healing properties of the gem. Read all the White Moti stone benefits here -

Brings Calmness - The gem is widely known for its comforting vibes. It reduces stress and worries in one’s life, creating an inner sense of serenity.

Anger Management - Moti balances emotions, it reduces anger so people who get very easily frustrated or irritated should wear this gem.

Mental Clarity - Benefits of White Moti include clearing your mind of obsessive or negative thoughts. You will feel more refreshed or lively. The gem will purify your mind and help you be more confident with your judgements.

Boosts Simplicity - Pearls bring a sense of purity and innocence. It helps with new beginnings as it will nurture you to be better and have a purposeful renewal of life.

Insightfulness - White Moti Mala or Gem is also known to enhance the intuition of its wearer. Boosting your insightfulness, the gemstone will heighten your awareness and deepen your spiritual connections.

Feminine energies - The Moon is always linked with feminine energies hence white Moti symbolize femininity as well. The stone is believed to enhance elegance and grace, celebrating the feminine aspects and womanhood.

Love in Relationships - Pearls also increase the flow of love in your life. The gem promotes harmonious relationships, fosters attraction, love, romance and pleasure and strengthens the love bonds.

Energy alignment - In many cultures, White Moti stones are trusted to align or balance bodily energies and auras. It creates a field of harmony and brings overall well-being.

Attracts Positivity - IT enhance personal magnetism and charisma, drawing positive energies, opportunities, and people into one's life while increasing confidence and strengthening social interactions.

Healing Properties - White moti helps with better digestion. It cures any skin conditions, alleviates headaches, and supports overall vitality. Individual experiences differ, so seeking professional medical advice for specific health concerns is always wise.

Quality of White Moti

For the quality of a white Moti, it is important to have a look at all the factors that affect the standards of a gem. While evaluating the quality, these aspects affect what you are looking for.

Some essential facets that contribute to the quality of white moti:

Shape: White moti stones are naturally found in various forms, sometimes perfectly round to sometimes no definitive shape. Other shapes are semi-round moti to oval buttons and drops, button pearls, and baroque gems. Round moti gems are regarded as the most valuable and desirable, while irregular-shaped ones typically fall below this benchmark in quality.

Size: Pearls are generally of smaller sizes only. Larger sizes of Moti’s are rarely found; sometimes, it is not easy to distinguish between natural and cultivated pearls. The quality can downslide with larger sizes since they can get scratched or damaged easily.

Surface: White moti may display various surface flaws such as spots, bumps, or ridges; higher-quality moti will have smooth surfaces with few visible imperfections, while lesser-quality varieties could contain noticeable defects.

Colour: White moti also comes in various shades of white that range from pinkish white, cream, off-white or silver undertones; pure white pearls that exhibit a uniform hue are highly valued, especially those that show even distribution throughout.

Origin: The source of moti can also influence their quality and value, with those hailing from certain areas such as the Persian Gulf, Japan, or Tahiti being prized for their excellence and unique characteristics.

The price of White Moti stone Per Ratti in India typically ranges between Rupees 500 to 3000. White Moti stone price in carats ranges from around $10 to $50. Lustre, shape and shade of white will highly affect the White Moti stone price.

Shape - Round shapes of Moti will always be of high value that have no dents, bents or irregular shapes. Semi-round Moti stones also come within a good price range. Mostly natural pearls have higher values than cultured pearls. The white pearls which are naturally found can even be sold for Lakhs of rupees.

Colour - The White Moti’s of the pure white hue will also always be in demand. Sometimes, it is also found in off-whites, cream and light pinkish white.

Lustre - The lustre or shine that the gem has will also contribute to the White Moti price.

Size - Size of the Moti stones also affects their value highly. Larger Pearls are not found easily, hence they sometimes can cost more.

Who Should Wear White Moti Gemstone?

In case, you are wearing the stone for its timeless beauty in the form of accessories like a White Moti Necklace, you can wear it directly. However, if you are planning on wearing a Moti because of its astrological benefits, you should ensure the suitability of the gemstone with your Kundli or birth chart.

As per Vedic astrology, White Moti Ratna or stone is in association with the Planet Moon aka Chandra Dev. When the Moon is in a negative position in anyone’s birth chart, they should wear an original white moti stone to remove its negative effect.

People with Cancer zodiac signs can wear a White pearl as per astrology. Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio sun signs can also wear the gem.

We highly suggest you get a proper consultation from an expert astrologer or Pandit before wearing a gemstone and ensure that the gem you want to wear is friendly with your birth chart and that you are wearing it with proper procedure.

How to Wear White Moti?

To wear a White Moti stone, you should purify the gemstone and then perform the Vedic pooja process to activate it.

Here are the major points to keep in mind while wearing Moti’s: -

Best Time & Day to Wear - The best day and time to wear a White moti is on a Monday morning of Shukla Paksha. Early morning hours are auspicious to perform the Pooja.

Metal - The best metal to wear a pearl or Moti stone is silver.

Form - You should wear a white moti ring, bracelet or pendant. This is so that the gem is always in contact with you and lets its energies flow through you.

Which finger to wear White Moti in? - As per expert astrologers, the Wihte Moti is to be worn in the little finger of the working hand.

Purification Method - To purify your white moti jewellery, take a metal bowl, and keep your gem in it. Now add the following ingredients: Raw milk, Ghee, Honey, Curd and Sugar. Add a few Tulsi leaves as well. Now leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it with Gangajal - the holy water of the river Ganga.

White Moti Stone Mantra (Mantra of the Moon) - Om Chandraya Naham

Activation or Energization of White Moti - To activate your Safed Moti stone, the first step is to purify the gemstone. On an auspicious day, take a bath and sit with your gem in your temple. Purify the stone, and pray to god with devotion and faith. Keep your intentions clear and clean, and with belief in the higher energies, chant the mantra of the white moti stone 108 times. While you are reciting the mantra for the last time, wear your White Moti.

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