Indraneelam Stone (Violet Blue Sapphire)

There is literally a plethora of classes of Blue Sapphire stone and out of them Indraneelam Stone  also known as the violet blue sapphire is the most exquisite one.

Indraneelam is one of the most predominant types of blue sapphire known for its alluring and incredible violet overtone which is rare to find in any other gemstone. Not only for its elegant violet overtone but also Indraneelam is revered highly for its gobsmacking Astrological and healing benefits. We will state all aspects of Indraneelam stone, from origin to quality, benefits, and price in the later sections.

Indraneelam Origin & History

Like other Blue Sapphires, Indraneelam gemstone, also known as violet blue sapphire, belongs to the corundum mineral family and can be acknowledged seamlessly by its vivacious and eyeballs-grabbing violet overtone with deep blue color.

Most people often get perplexed between Indraneelam and Khooni Neelam but there is a significant difference between them. While Indraneelam displays a stunning Violet overtone, Khooni Neelam shows a brilliant reddish overtone which is sufficient enough to distinguish between these two highly enchanting gemstones. Not much is known about the origin and history of Indraneelam, therefore, we are not going to dwell too much on that.

Indraneelam stone price

Numerous pivotal factors come into play in determining the Indraneelam gemstone price and we have already discussed the major ones above.

If we talk about the Indraneelam stone price in India, starts at 5000 INR per carat ($62 USD) to 10lakh INR per carat ($12225 USD). Moreover, the price can go up even higher with the increase in carat weight. These numbers are average figures.

As there are many deceptive dealers in the market who harness the popularity of this stone and sell fake or cheap quality substitutes to rake big bucks. You should avoid purchasing from such sources and entrust only certified and Trustworthy gemstone dealers like Navratan where you can the best value for your money.

Violet Blue Sapphire Quality

As we all are well-versed with the fact that Violet blue sapphire falls under the category of precious stone, its quality is exalted without any doubt. Apart from the principal factors that influence the quality of the Indraneelam store, its violet Overton also plays a gargantuan role in augmenting or dwindling the quality.

Color: When it comes to color factor, violet blue sapphire with mid to deep blue color with the perfect Overstone of violet is said to be of unrivaled quality.

Clarity: it wouldn’t be wrong to expect minimal inclusions in Indraneelam stone because as they are generally negligible to unaided eyes. However, the highest-quality of violet-blue sapphires barely have any inclusions.

Carat Weight: Indraneelam stones usually come up to a certain carat weight. You will rarely find a hefty violet-blue sapphire stone as they are rare in occurrence. But in general, the quality of this gemstone shoots up with the increase in carat weight.

Cut: Undeniably, a dexterously cut Indraneelam stone maintaining its glitter and inclusions invisible to unaided eyes is considered to be of top-notch quality. Blue sapphires of this category are highly durable as they have 8-9 numbers on the Mohs scale hardness. They are resistant to scratch and chipping.

Benefits of Wearing Indraneelam Stone

Indraneelam stone’s array of physical, spiritual, and astrological benefits are not hidden from anyone and its swift impact can make anyone fall in awe with this gorgeous gemstone. Let’s talk about all the major benefits that come with wearing the original Indraneelam stone.

If you are struggling terribly with financial conditions, Indraneelam is the stone that can change your situation miraculously.

Indraneelam stone has the enigmatic and beyond comprehension, powers to draw the fame and prosperity you covet. Violet blue sapphire is known for giving the proper reward for your hard work and years of hustle. Slowly and steadily, you will get the due recognition you deserve.

If the intervention of enemies in your life is bothering you greatly, wearing an Indraneelam gemstone can help you topple the biggest obstacles and ensure you emerge as a victor.

Negative energies can hamper anyone’s ability to utilize their full potential. Violet blue sapphire influential vibes are competent enough to block the most formidable negative energy and protect your positive mindset.

Wearing Indraneelam at the right time can also amplify your wealth unimaginably.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Who can wear Indraneelam stone ?

Ans. When Saturn is going through a major change in the horoscope, people with the Aries Zodiac sign should wear violet blue sapphire but only after consulting an experienced astrologer.

Q. What are the benefits of Indraneelam Stone ?

Ans. The benefits of wearing Indraneelam stone are umpteen. Some of the major ones are.

  • Increase in wealth and confidence.
  • Protection from negative energy
  • A sudden boost in fame and popularity.
  • Helps to topple obstructions in life.

Q. How to Wear Indraneelam Stone ?

Ans. Below, we have stated the rituals and other significant pointers you have to adhere to if you want to wear a Violet Blue Sapphire stone.

  • Stone Weight: It should be 1/10th or 1/12th of a person’s body weight.
  • Finger: Should be worn in the middle finger to incur maxim benefits.
  • Day: Saturday and early morning.
  • Metal: Silver is the most preferred metal to wear Indraneelam.
  • Color: Dark blue color stone with the perfect violet overtone is exemplary to wear.

Q. What is the Price of Indraneelam Stone in India ?

Ans. The price of violet blue sapphire commences at 5000 INR per carat ($62 USD) to 10lakh INR per carat ($12225 USD).


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