Pola Stone

Pola stone, also famous as red coral and moonga, is an organic gemstone made from the accumulation of Coral Polyps. It is used to improve blood circulation and address psychological issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. The lal pola stone benefits in reducing Mangal dosh as Planet Mars rules it and can acquire Martian energy. Thus, it brings perseverance, courage, and problem-solving abilities to the wearer. The lal pola stone price ranges between INR 2,000 ($24.50) to INR 10,000 ($122.510) per carat or above depending on factors like color, cut, clarity, carat weight, and origin. This is the reason why the red pola stone from Italy is higher priced than others. Similarly, ones with an orangish tint are more costly than ones with a yellowish tint.

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