Heart Shape Blue Sapphire

The Blue Sapphire Heart Gemstones add immense value to the life of the wearer as it is considered auspicious in Vedic Astrology. Consider factors like color, clarity, cut, and carat weight when selecting a heart cut blue sapphire. The ideal Heart-shaped blue sapphire has a rich, velvety blue shade with excellent clarity that reflects maximum light. Associated with wisdom, truth, and inner peace, heart-cut sapphires are loved both for their celestial beauty and astrological beauty. Crafting Heart sapphire jewelry is a meticulous process that requires exceptional skill and precision because of the symmetrical yet intricate design. Hence, the price of Heart-cut blue sapphire ranges between INR 50,000-1,00,000 per carat depending on the color, cut, clarity, carat weight, origin, treatments, and many other factors. For a clear idea, you can contact us at +919982805500.


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