Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

While diamonds are the most popular gemstone, they are also the most common engagement ring option. A Blue sapphire engagement ring is a booming alternative, as it instantly sets you apart from the crowd. Unlike diamonds, sapphires are particularly unique because of their wide range of colors. Beyond this, the outstanding prospect is that no two sapphires are ever the same, even if they are the same colour. These versatile gems can come in cool, warm, subtle, or saturated options.

Moreover, for decades, sapphires have symbolized faithfulness and sincerity. These "true blue" sapphires are the jewel of the soul, making them the perfect choice for your better half.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Trivia

For thousands of years, people in ancient Persia, the Roman Empire, and the Middle Ages valued sapphires as the most valuable jewels.

Corundum gives sapphires their signature color. Blue sapphires get their color from iron and titanium, whereas pink sapphires get their color from chromium. This transformation takes place due to an increase in chromium content.

In fact, Sapphires are incredibly long-lasting and hard, with a Mohs hardness scale value of 9. In contrast, long-lasting diamonds have a ranking of 10. A Blue sapphire engagement ring is perfect for everyday use due to its durability. Sapphires are scratch-resistant and can be struck without shattering.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Designs

Blue Sapphire engagement rings are designed in a unique way, making them everything you’ve been looking for. Complementing as a stone of sparkle, blue sapphire can beautify any setting of an engagement ring. Navratan brings a fabulous collection of engagement ring designs to nurture your enthusiasm for sapphires. We provide one-of-a-kind engagement rings, crafted with sumptuous, saturated-hue gemstones by skilled artists. We hope you find your perfect engagement ring, reflecting your unique and eternal love.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Let’s read more about the benefits of bespoke Blue sapphire Engagement rings:

  • Available in Amazing Color Options: Sapphires are not only available in white. This gemstone offers more diverse color options than diamonds, whose appealing possession is brilliance. Ranging from vibrant blues to deep greens, they seamlessly reflect every color spectrum.
  • More Affordable: The value of sapphire is determined by various factors like size, shape, color, variety, and origin. However, they are more affordable than diamonds with the same characteristics. They are the perfect budget-friendly option for couples who want a large center gemstone engagement ring but do not want diamonds. Sapphires carry more vintage appeal than any other cut and shaped gemstone.
  • An Ethical Choice: Most sapphires are mined by small families or communities. This money made from selling them may be plowed back into the people who need it most.
  • Inflaming Value: The cost can be attributed to the increased demand for sapphires as an option for engagement rings. Sales of natural sapphires, in particular, are on the rise as more people learn about their worth.
  • Rarer Than Diamonds: It's a shocking truth. Even diamonds aren't as uncommon as sapphires. However, among the four precious gemstones, diamonds are the most widely available. Like rubies and emeralds, sapphires are even more rare than diamonds. Padparadscha sapphires, both orange and pink, are extremely rare.

Cleaning & Caring Tips

The blue sapphire should be cleaned with a cotton cleaning cloth and gentle rinsing in warm, frothy water. Use a paintbrush to wipe down the jewelry's setting. The pavilion of the stone must be regularly polished to keep its lustre at its peak. Stone may be cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals. Sapphire is so hard that it can be polished to a mirror finish with just a simple wash in soapy water.


Sapphires are not certified like diamonds. However, sapphires are classified with a Colored Stone Report. We suggest you buy a blue sapphire with a genuine report from an authentic gem lab so that you understand what you are purchasing.

The Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, GIA, and the IGI are a few examples of trustworthy stone reports. At Navratan, we provide a unique certificate of origin, detail of the manufacturing journey, and the composition of ethical materials.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings Price

The beauty and worth of sapphire can sometimes be personalized. However, the following elements are taken into account when determining a sapphire's value:

  • Color: Without a doubt, the most crucial factor in how sapphire is graded is its color. A sapphire's value increases as its color, clarity, and saturation improve. If a blue sapphire is either too dark or too light in tone, its value may be affected. Color preference is ultimately subjective, and there is a wide price range of unheated and heated stones on the blue sapphire market that are available for various budgets.
  • Size: A sapphire's value is significantly affected by its size. The value of a sapphire increases with each additional carat.
  • Origin: The value of a blue sapphire depends not only on its color and clarity but also on where it was mined. The world's finest blue sapphires come from the mines of Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, the Kashmir region of India, and the western African countries of Sierra Leone and Ghana. The origin of a sapphire can have an effect on its color, clarity, and price.
  • Enhancements: Most sapphires today are heat treated to improve their color and clarity, which is general practice. Many of the world's most prestigious jewelry designers often source natural, heat-treated sapphires from mines. Untreated and natural sapphires are extremely valuable due to their scarcity.
  • Clarity: When compared to diamonds, the clarity of sapphire has less of an impact on its price. Sapphires form as a result of geological processes that take millions of years. Thus, it is common for sapphires to have minor flaws due to the presence of various mineral components, which diminish the gem's overall clarity.
  • Spark: The brilliance of sapphire is another indicator of its value. Brilliant and highly reflective sapphires command a higher price than their less reflective counterparts. Some stones may have a deeper colour and look duller than others.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Which is the most famous engagement ring ?

Ans. Way back to Princess Diana, who chose a most famous sapphire engagement ring, and after decades, the same ring was picked by Kate Middleton. It is determined to be a masterpiece of royal heirlooms, valued at £300,000. This ultimate 12 carats blue rings sapphire stags diamond and is shaped oval.

Q. Why are sapphires better than diamonds ?

Ans. Undeniably, Wearing a Neelam stone ring cut down your debts, regain lost wealth, and improve your financial condition by leaps and bounds. However, you have to wait for a particular time duration to witness the true impact of this revered gemstone.


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