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"It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol." ~ Brené Brown

Sometimes, deep in our hearts, we know the actual situation but the mind takes a little more time to accept what the heart already knows. However, now it's high time, we should listen to our minds. For the next couple of days, weeks, or maybe months, we need to focus on our family, society, and ecosystem. Besides ourselves, we are equally responsible for our employees, colleagues, sales team, customer care executives, delivery personnel, and stock & warehouse management, and of course their families. It’s not just going to be on roll but also off the roll, including their vaccinations, recovery, and overall well-being. We can’t allow our employees at the office or at the storeroom to travel publically and expose themselves and their families to risk.

Out of the respect for our customers and stakeholders, we are open to trade and operating presently. So while we are here to serve you the best of gemstone quality like ever, we will encourage you to Browse, Wish list, Add to cart, and make an order like always. We will take your calls, accept orders, deliver packages, process refunds, but we will not penalize our delivery squad for a day of delayed delivery. We will not focus on the number of calls our team of customer care executives made, instead, we will focus on maintaining the legacy of trust and eminence. In this tough time of pandemic and endless uncertainties, we may sometimes not be able to provide you your desired gemstone in the usual time period but we will never disappoint you on the ground of quality and that’s certain. We hope you will understand our stance and stand with us, in case we slip on some of our delivery promises, someday.

 Once this crisis is under control, for sure we will work harder and raise the bars again to deliver the best-in-class customer service experience in the whole gemstone industry (in terms of quality products, call response, perfect packing, delivery time, quick returns and, so on). We appeal to all our associates to not lower down the expectations for the rest of the year. Today, the community takes precedence over commerce, 

It's time to Help and Heal

Team Navratan.


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