9 Carat Red Coral

A red coral 9 carat weighs around 1.8 grams ( 1.62 grams for moonga 9 ratti) and is the gemstone for Mars worn to reduce the Mangal dosh and other malefic effects of this planet. It is also believed to improve blood circulation, strengthen bones, and develop confidence and willpower in an individual. The 9 ratti moonga price ranges from INR 15000-150000 and above depending on factors like color, clarity, cut, and origin, along with the weight. Hence, the Italian moonga 9 ratti price is higher than the other origins because of its exceptional quality, color, and clarity. The different types of cuts also determine the moonga stone price 9 ratti as a well-shaped cut gives good transparency enhancing the overall clarity of a red coral 9 carat.

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